rolling a joint with alternative paper

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by puff themagic dragon, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. puff themagic dragon

    puff themagic dragon Registered+

    so i cant buy any rolling paper, so im using reciept paper...i heard it works really well. but i dont know how to seal it like rolling paper would with the does any1 have any suggestions to me?
  2. smoke-bud

    smoke-bud Registered


    dont do that dude thats fucking retarded
  3. Alejo

    Alejo Registered+

    Use bible pages.
  4. puff themagic dragon

    puff themagic dragon Registered+ not gona rip a bible to do that!...and the reciept doesnt have any writing on its fine

    GRASSMASTA Registered+

    eww recipt paper has that shitty texture that would make me wary of using it... like that plastic-like feel
  6. LuckyG

    LuckyG Registered+

    It depends where you got the receipt from.

    Doesn't it work to just lick it? Your saliva should hold reasonably well, I would think.
  7. SirReal

    SirReal Registered+

    Check to see if it is heat/pressure activated ink receipt paper. take a quarter, press down on the paper and rub back and forth, if you see a black line DO NOT USE THE PAPER. That's my two cents, although I have smoked through some retarded shit myself I hate to see others making stupid mistakes.
  8. ntcrawler

    ntcrawler Registered+

    Worse alt paper I've used has been tampon paper wrapper.
  9. Unknownfigure

    Unknownfigure Registered+

    I've used shoebox paper before, as well as the sides of paper bags I get from the pharmacy. Haven't had to use any alternative papes recently though, I just bought a shitload of Zag's, the entire flavor collection. (I'm using the Blueberry papes now. I love zags.)
  10. WeedyBoyWonder

    WeedyBoyWonder Registered+

    Go and buy some papers dude...
  11. puff themagic dragon

    puff themagic dragon Registered+

    weedyboywonder....i cant buy any papers....and thats y i asked my question....and im looking for an answer to my question, not to go do what i already said i couldnt do
  12. How old are u puff? why cant you buy papers?
  13. puff themagic dragon

    puff themagic dragon Registered+

    im 18...but my parents took away my licsence and all forms of identification....and all my friends think they're funny, so they wont buy it for me either
  14. exoticnoise

    exoticnoise Registered+

    if you have the right kind of receipt paper, like actual paper not that glossy shit, just like it alot when you wanna seal it. get it really wet on the edge it should hold.
  15. puff themagic dragon

    puff themagic dragon Registered+

    its regular what can i use for the roach then?
  16. OLDE ENGLISH '800

    OLDE ENGLISH '800 Registered+

    i dont see how your 18 you get your licsense taken away and you cant buy papers come on i was buying papers when i was 14
  17. exoticnoise

    exoticnoise Registered+

    just smoke the damn thing man. get high, mellow out man, weeds not supposed to be so complicated.. roll up a peice of cardboard and shove it in there or something.
  18. weedmant

    weedmant Registered+

    take a drink bottle, poke a hole in the side, stick in a straw. tape around straw so no smoke escapes. make a bowl out of alluminum foil. poke small holes in the "bowl" with a mechanical pencil. stick the bowl on the top of the drink bottle where you drink out of. put weed in bowl. take lighter and light that shit up. damn!

    not a joint but who cares u can get high as fuck!
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  19. TheGanjaKing420

    TheGanjaKing420 Registered+

    if you are 18, your parents can't take your licenses away from you. You could report them as stolen, because thats what they are. Stolen.
  20. ntcrawler

    ntcrawler Registered+

    Yea but if he still needs their support then thats not some thing smart to do.

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