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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Binzhoubum, Aug 20, 2006.

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    first of all to the starte of this thread nice joint and nice philosophy. i too agree that joints are about rolling and aesthetics. it also seem to me a perfectly coned and prepared joint, burns more smothely and evenly, and can leave an impressive amount of ash in a block.

    to the dude wanting to put thin hash strips, do this it is sick if you put a few in and pack it with rolling baccy you can blow the baccy ash away and keep the hash strips.

    to all you practisng keep on your joints will improve.

    to the nob end pen rollers. a packed joint burns the worst way imaginable. theres no consistency and they take so much longer to make.

    to the dude who said well alcohol is poured into bottles. well yeah great. but cigars are rolled and you dont wrap a present by sticking the paper first.

    you good sir are a tit

    to the machine rollers. way to tight. best thing you can do is rip out the plastic and use your fingers as the rollers. just pinch the paper and medium together with the plastic and roll it back and forth, its a good way to learn

    to all the shit hot rollers out there peace.

    ill post up one of my beauts wheni get a chance


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    Is it me that's a tit? Lol, after reading my posts while of normal mind I realize it was compleeeetely whack. But I think if you follow it you will get a smoke from a roller, so it's not completely worthless. Hehehe.
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    oh oh, heres another one.if your fingers are too dry, or wont grip the paper, lick them and then rub them on your jeans ( pants? )
  4. Binzhoubum

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    Good to see people are still reading this!

    Haha...glad to see you are all still learning from my tutorial! Keep it up! :Rasta:
  5. I stick to my rolling machines, 8 bucks and its never failed me yet.
  6. CheeseOnToast

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    And another one. its 6 rizzla stuck together, 2x3.
    Would have been perfect if i had blueskins :(

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  7. texas grass

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    i havent burned a 6pj in along time
    their the best and burn for a long time
  8. daffygremli

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    whats the best kind of rolling paper for a beginner. I know they sell them at 7/11. Any place else.
  9. joetwitch

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    man thats a crazy looking joints here and canada ours r way differnt looking< instead of licking the glue people should jus wet there bottom lip and pull the joint threw works way better< i never thought of usin a brace probly would have help me learn
  10. ChiefSmokesAlot

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    Not on the EastCoast. :pimp: :jointsmile:
  11. Nightrafe

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    Here are a few tutorials, I hope you enjoy them

    Cannabis Cigar:
    ~> tutorial <~
    Three way heaven!
    ~> tutorial <~
    ~> tutorial <~
    Flaming Backflip:
    ~> tutorial <~
    Tulip: (good one, the first time it is a bit difficult to make, but you will learn for the future. If it is really tight and good secured it's the best)
    ~> tutorial <~
  12. Nightrafe

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  13. Nightrafe

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    ~> Tutorial <~
    The Joker:
    ~> Tutorial <~
    The Roach (for the noobs: this is just the tip of the joint):
    ~> Tutorial <~

    Maybe it's the best if you try it the first time with just tobacco, so you don't spill any of your cannabis
  14. bumclot

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    The name for this one needs to be changed I think. If I hear cannabis cigar I think blunt, which isn't nearly as involved as that.
  15. Nightrafe

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    yes, I understand, but I don't know what other name you can give to it. Cuz this one is of the leaf of the cigar and not with a blunt wrap.
    Give a suggestion if you know something better :)
  16. WaZ

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    I was dead set on smoking a joint last night, and my roommate took his roller home for the weekend, so I gave the hand roll a try. Bottom one was the first, you can see a blue cardboard roach peeking out because I used tobacco to test so didn't care (about inked paper, wasn't planning to smoke all the way through). Top one came next, and is herb. I think the first rolled one probably came out better, shape-wise (which is second in the pic)... They're about the length of a Bic. Smoked fine, too.

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  17. absurdity...

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    Ack I have so much trouble with joints. You'd think after so much time smoking, I'd be able to do it. BUT NO. I have an essential tremor and my hands barely work. But I feel like I absolutely HAVE to be able to roll a joint or else I won't be a real smoker. I've tried practicing with tobacco a lot. If I roll with my thumbs on the ends, the middle ends up being waaaayyy too loose. If I try to roll the whole thing with my fingers, it all falls out of the ends. I have rolled some of the crappiest joints I have ever seen. I thought maybe putting in the roach/filter dealie would help but really, I think I'm hopeless. I want to be able to roll a joint without a machine. this is ridiculous.
  18. erock0609

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    Nice job!:thumbsup: Ive always liked teaching people to role. You should ask people to photograph a joint rolled after reading your tutorial:jointsmile:
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    whats goin on fuka..hows the grow season your way goin?
  20. g_dogg

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    there's loadsa reasons why europeans put tobacco in with the weed, you onli need a small amount of THC to get you high, why roll a spliff with more weed than you need to?

    The tobacco also makes the spliff last longer, i always put tobacco in with mine, and they usuly last about 5mins. I've smoked spliffs with just weed in them and they taste harsher and last no where near as long

    i'm into slowboats at the moment, makes it last even longer

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