Rolling: A Tutorial

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Binzhoubum, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. g_dogg

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    We make secret agents a different and extremely harder way lol,

    we had quite a bit of weed left the other week and only had ciggies, no papers or anythin

    we had 2 very carefuly push all the backy out of the ciggies then push the filter out with the bottom of a pencil, rolled a roach for it

    mixed the weed with the backy then carefully poured the mixture back in

    it was proper shit lol only lasted for about 1-2mins cos it wasnt tight enough
  2. Binzhoubum

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    I promised a video a long time about this time last year, and I should follow through on my promise. Expect one soon as I am not too stoned to actually make one, which, may be a couple of weeks.

    Keep smoking!
  3. bartmanuk

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    nice one nightrafe, good to see the flaming backflip on there, ive been rolling like this for about 15 years, yet not many people seem to know this method.

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  4. FreshNugz

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    Well, i have a video camera, and although i'm sure there are others better at it, I roll a pretty nice joint.
    Prob is if i made the vid i dunno how to get it onto my pc and available for you guys to watch
    If someone knows how to, by all means let me know. I'll film that shit tonight :thumbsup:
  5. maxsuperdanks

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    If people are rolling Secret agents, make sure to get that fuckin filter out of there.

    Filters will make damn sure you don't get high.
  6. SunnyD

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    What is it about the filters that ensure that you don't get high?

    Do they trap the THC in the smoke?
  7. SunnyD

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    Hey, do you think you could film it, put it on youtube, then send us the link?

    That should work shouldn't it?
  8. ExxxTACY

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  9. Unknownfigure

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    In that picture, does that happen to be that familiar Texas weed going around right now? I've seen the same shit just the other day.
  10. chadmorison

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  11. TTR700

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    Not so im not bragging or anything! But i rolled my first jay and it was perfercto ...okay maybe i am bragging .I do give thanks to beginners luck;)

    Do you weed smokers all add tobbaco to your joint.?
  12. Hypomaniac

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    Its the best way to smoke.

    I used to love waking up with fresh tobaco a bit of pot papers and a bit of thin cardboard and a hot cup of tea with cream and sugar. And do the morning ritual. Very nicely done.
  13. codyggg

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    I totally agree, when i first started rolling I was terrible. After many broken and loose joints I can now roll good tight joints.
  14. Cool

    Shit, I never knew there was a whole science on rolling, but when you break it down like that... you did nice job. There real art of rolling comes in when you're rolling a joint and still driving, now that's skill, (and stupid) but skill.:jointsmile:

    420 College
  15. TeeRev

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    Hey man thats a nice joint you rolled! : D
    I've known someone who has been smoking for about 19 years and rolls a joint that makes you have a nerdgasm in your pants. It really looks like a cigarette. Practice makes perfect and she has had plenty.
  16. WeayLay

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    Honestly, practice is perfect. Rolling to me is an Art, and I only use natural papers, such as RAWs or Elements. I use filters/roach, does anyone roll without one when there isn't much time to roll?
  17. tomwright97

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    that joint looks packed man. would love to spark it up. im a bong type of person rarely have spliffs but this kinda makes me want one :( :p :jointsmile:
  18. GetThisOrDie

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    No offense to anyone but I would never taint my cannabis with tobbaco...


    When I was in high school we had a friend who was much older than us (cant remember age) and when we would have a gathering, usually poker games, he would roll for us. He would be holding his cards or a beer in one hand and work the extra large papers in the other. Were great rolled one hand masterpieces...

    Unfortunately he passed away in a car accident.
  19. kushkid

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    rollin just takes practice, so keep rollin yall
  20. smokealot123

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    thats the same joint i smoked 1 time.. someone rolled 2 of those with grapefruit kush weed and it got all 6 of us plasterd, like i dont even know another term for how baked i got.. same as you said but i could feel my whole body from head to toe tingling for a long time.. woke up baked !

    oh and i can give a simple tip to noobie rollers, i even do this from time to time and it does make the joint burn longer than normal.. just crinkle up your paper into a small ball *do it backwards so you dont rip the paper with the stickie* what you are left with is a tiny ball, then un-crinkle the paper and what you should have is a wrinkled up paper, dont throw it away lol.. roll your weed or hash in it and it is like 10 times easier than trying to get the skin to roll out of the package and it will burn evenly and alot slower..
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