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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by kully, Jan 3, 2007.

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    rolling thunder sucks

    I have seen it in action and the barrel warps because it is welded. Then your leaf wont reach the blades. It is poorly designed. The only trimmer that really works and is actually worth the money is the Tumbleweed. It is also called the Samurai.
    YouTube - Samurai Power Trimmer
    I have seen this machine do 8 lbs of purple in an hour.
    The local dealer in Humboldt is Trim Scene Solutions 707-223-3873 They are the local experts on these machines. They can get you anyone you want but they only recommend the Tumbleweed. They have seen them all and this is the one they recommend and rent out.
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    The Twister

    The Rolling Thunder basically looks like a knockoff of the Tumbleweed/Samurai. I'm with the company that manufactures The Twister Machine, so I just wanted to throw it out there as an alternative to the other leaf trimming machines.
    belt side final.jpg machine with vac final.jpg
    We think our trimmer is better built and more reliable than any leaf trimmer on the market. Here's a video that shows what it can do. If you guys have any questions, let me know here or on our site. Thx.
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    these trimmers are all pretty epic. i didn't realize they existed, but i guess it makes sense. are there other uses for these trimmers other than trimming meds?
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    Not sure about the others, but the Twister is designed for meds
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    The Twister is pretty awesome. I am getting one and selling my Tumbleweed. They have really designed a much better machine. The Tumbleweed works okay till your blades get dull and then it doesn't work at all. The Twister has self sharpening blades that will never go dull.
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    I've always enjoyed trimming's a very peaceful activity to do..without a machine
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    Take it from someone with personal experience..someone who has dropped 15k...the twister just like the rests of those beasts is pure junk.

    Waste of money.

    Save your money and save your buds the termoil.

    Your harvests will be heavier and higher quality if you dont get lazy.

    I could go on and on..but just take my word...there are a couple company manufacturers hyping these things on the forums..and they all suck.
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    If anyone wants to buy used twister trimmer CT110 (latest version) cheap by the way message me.

    I got it in store right now trying to sell on consignment.

    Worthless junk.

    But if anyone really wants one contact me first for one used only a few times.

    You need to be really huge 100s of acres type to put all the work into your crop and then run it through this at the end just to be lazy.

    You will see all bud bits in collection ben when your done.

    And you will still need to do bunches of finish work on your buds to make them look descent and club worthy..doesnt save that much time.

    Good for canada guys where trim quality doesnt seem to matter...leave those beasts in canada...

    Plus promote american economy by giving good ole american boys trim work.
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    What did you pay for your machine? Where did you buy it? What do you want for it? Did you follow the instructions posted on the Twisters blog about how to get the best results from the machine? I know that if I feed the Tumbleweed too fast the trim job is very poor. Also if If I don't big leaf enough before it goes in, I end up having to do a lot of cleanup after it comes through. I would not reccomend this kind of machine for any one with a small grow. There is a learning curve with these kinds of machines and I was very frustrated the first time I used it too. It has it's limits and yes, you won't trim 10lbs per hour unless you have BC Bud that can look like shit. But we are able to get 2-3 lbs per hour with 4 people big leafing and get it to look as good as hand trimmed. Of course it needs a little clean up after it is dry but we are talking about a couple minutes to clean up a lb vs a whole day. What do you want for your machine? I am not able to send private messages.
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    You will see all bud bits in collection ben when your done.

    What do you mean by this comment? Are you talking about in the collection bag on the vacuum? It really shreds the shake up but I don't think I am losing any buds into there because the machine trims a lot smaller buds than most hand trimmers would bother with. That seems to be one of the things it does best on is the very small buds.
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    What store is it in? How much? I already own a thunder and want a second machine. Would be happy to take it off your hands for cheap. Took me awhile to figure it out, but now I will never go back.

    Where? How much?
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    And what comes with it?
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    How do you like your Rolling Thunder? Do you have one of the old blue ones or the new red one? I have been using a Tumbleweed for a while and I am getting a Twister in a couple weeks. It also took me a while to get used to the new process but like you said, You can never go back.:)
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    i don't understand why you guys can't send me a private message if your really interested in buying my machine...get your messaging ability banned somehow? If your interested in my twister message me with an offer 12k or higher and i will consider it. Greensticks where did you come from all of a sudden?

    The problem I had is when you research one of these large rotary trimmers on the web you cant get any honest feedback..and the feedback you do get on these forums seems to come from those who make the machines or those who sell them.

    So thats how i ended up buying a machine based on forum hype that did not live up to expectations...all these machines...rolling thunder, samurai, twister, centurion, green machine, etc all seem to have copied the same design. THe problem is the design eats the nodes off the buds and tumbles the buds around thousands of times destroying crystals and does not even deliver a nice finished product. Imagine sticking your buds in a large rock tumbler...and let them circle around that for a few minutes banging around the cylinder. The collector bag on the vacum assembly is where i found bud well as along side the blades and on the floor under the machine. Its obvious this machine is not good for strains with humboltlocal said...good for large grows...and probably outdoor.

    And the claims that all the big growers in humbolt etc is using these rotary machines is BS...these machines have been around for years and i bet not many people on these boards have ever seen see trim pros everywhere..and everyone knows that trimpros do a mediocre job..but atleast they dont cost 15k. I think it would be fair if only people who have bought and used these machines review them on these forums..otherwise we obv get a biased review. I think its obv that most of the reviewers on the various forums out there are selling the machines...they are building a web presence..but when is high times or some reputable reviewer going to review one of these? Why havent we seen a write up if the machine is so revolutionary and has been around 3 years? If the only thing you can dig up when you research is forum can fall into a twisted and turning trap...and come out mangled. :Rasta:
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    No offence Bro, but you joined the same day I did and your post total isn't that substantial.

    I don't usually frequent the forums but I was interested in this topic. I tried to pm you but it keeps giving me a error that I needed to fill in the body of the message (which I did of course). Your right, this style can trim the nodes sometimes on certain strains but I am not too concerned with that. I have had hand trimmers who were more abusive. I am seriously interested in buying it. What area is it in and what comes with it?

    Humboldt local.... I have the Red Thunder and it is working good now. I had several problems with it in the beginning but they fixed them for me. I am scared to touch any of the adjustments now that it is working.
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    What kinds of problems have you had with the Rolling Thunder? I had heard of the earlier machines barrels warping.
    I don't know where to go to send a private message. I thought I didn't have enough posts to send a PM. That is how it is on other forums.
    I agree that you would have to have a strain with lots of nodes sticking out to get your buds that hacked. I have run a lot of purple through the machine with great results but it is a very round, uniform strain with a high calyx to leaf ratio. The best info there is on how to run your trim machine is on the Twisters blog.
    Tips on How Best to Use a Leaf Trimming Machine | The Twister Blog
    By following those instructions we have had very good results. Before we read that we had a hard time with the machine. Some of the mistakes we were making were, harvesting and letting the weed sit around for hours before running it through the machine and running the weed through the machine too quick.
    These machines are not a miracle cure for trimmers but with a little clean up after it is dry you cant tell the difference between hand trimmed and machine. The only way I have done any damage to any of the weed I have run through is by spraying too much pam on the blades and having a little get on some of the buds.
    No offense to anyone on this forum but it seems to be made up of a lot of small growers and people just getting their feet wet. All of the forums seem this way. How many big growers actually post their shit on here. I know many growers here in Humboldt that are using these machines and most of them don't own a computer and would never look at or post on a site like this if they did. The big timers are working not surfing the web.
    Like I said before these machines are not for small timers. But plenty of people do have the demand for this. Any one that has ever run a big trim party knows that it is not a party at all.
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    I too can not pm. I tried to follow some users profiles outside the forum to send them a message but it would not work. Maybe someone can shed some light.

    If it works better for you "allinat420", PM me and we can talk.

    One other thing...... If you hate the machine so much....why are you bad mouthing it and then trying to sell it. Not much of a sales pitch!

    As for my thunder problems.... It came to us making a loud racket. Got it fixed. Then we took it apart to clean it and the noise came back. We tried adjusting it but it was a pain so we had it fixed again. I know what you are talking about with the blue machines. A friend had one and it was brutal. Well, it worked to some degree but had some major design flaws. Its kind of like a Pinto compared to some of the new ones.
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