rolling with notebook paper

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by StarcommanderX, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. I dont have any rolling papers, and i was wondering if rolling a joint using notebook paper is safe??
  2. puffiepuffiepass

    puffiepuffiepass Registered+

    i think it taste like shit tho
  3. juggalo420

    juggalo420 Registered+

    when i was younger i tried notebook paper . it sux cause it burns the weed too fast and it tastes very harsh. im sure its not bad for your health but i would recommend a bowl rather than notebook paper.
  4. no the ink on the paper (the blue lines and stuff) put off toxic chemicals.....
  5. Das

    Das Registered+

    LOL, that's funny, but you know what that really brought back memories for me, in the Solomon Islands, they roll tobacco in notebook paper.

    I was there for like 2 months, and when I first arrived there, and was out running around, when I went into stores, I noticed they had notebook paper laying out loose behind the counter, and I thought, WOW how poor these people must be that they have to buy paper one sheet at a time.

    The locals told, me no, people roll tobacco in it. :)

    Cough Cough
  6. Shadow Smoke

    Shadow Smoke Registered+

    NOOOO notebook paper sucks balls man! your shit will hit the floor and it will waste.

    just make a pipe out of foil
  7. BUZz UK

    BUZz UK Registered+

    ffs! don't use foil! read the FOIL! thread
  8. excite

    excite Registered

    Chlorine is used to make white papers, and the inks are pretty harmful too.
  9. sugarmagnolia

    sugarmagnolia Registered+

    u could always get a normal vase and light the weed and throw it in there. that would be an intersting thing to try
  10. cracksack

    cracksack Registered

    you could get a ciggie- empty out the shit and pack in the weed, you gotta have gentle hands though kinda cuz if your too antsy to get blazed while you;re doing it you could rip it and get a lapful of shimmery dust, i dont know, is that too hard of a process?
  11. well i went on a road trip and i wanted to smoke and drive at the same time, and i finally decided to use a page from the dictionary, which worked okay, not very well
  12. KennabisCranium

    KennabisCranium Registered+

    do you feel smarter?
  13. Buck268

    Buck268 Registered+

    I cannot imagine how foul typical notbook or book paper must taste...
  14. psychonaut

    psychonaut Registered+

    Well if you dont mind a poor rolling job (cause it wont stik) and the taste of burnt ink your mouth to burn a joint....go for it
  15. THC4UandME

    THC4UandME Registered+

    foil thread? where is that?
  16. ermitonto

    ermitonto Banned

    If you have absolutely nothing and you're considering regular paper, just make yourself an apple pipe (or a potato pipe, or watermelon pipe, or whatever). They're real simple to make and don't taste like shit.
  17. PurpnCoke34

    PurpnCoke34 Registered+

    how hard?

    How hard would it be to go to the gas station and get a single cigarello for like 40 cents? :confused:
  18. Eli420

    Eli420 Registered+

    if you dont find it anti-religious a regular bible paper with no ink(writing) on it is actually the same paper as job rolling papers, well a little bit thinker, most bibles ive seen the paper is like this it works great if you roll it tight if not it will burn like shit.
  19. kokoyo112

    kokoyo112 Registered

    Don't use notebook paper.... It suks hardcore... Taste so gross... I need to try the bible paper.
  20. Questionable

    Questionable Registered

    try any type of rice paper, if it's nearby, or thin bible paper, like the man said. but not notebook paper, it's HELLA gross, and twists your lungs in a fuckin knot.

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