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    A little over a month ago I discovered I had root aphids. Tried to battle them and lost. My crop just finished, but it turns out they're all in the buds and who wants to smoke bud with bugs in it? Basically my whole grow area is infested and I'm throwing out EVERYTHING. DAMN SHAME! :( Never discovered the source, but it was either from the clones I received or Happy Frog soil that I use. I've read on other forums that Happy Frog and Fox Farms have been known/suspected to be tainted with root aphids. I am in Seattle and root aphids are not native to this area, so they had to have come from somewhere. Apparently they have become an epidemic here (as well as Colorado I hear) over the past year due to contaminated clones/soil from California according to my local grow shop.

    My question can I avoid these in the future? I know I need to bomb and sterilize my grow area now, but I need some product recommendations and info. Can somebody tell me:

    1. How long can root aphids survive without a food source?
    2. What bug bombs are reputable?
    3. What's a good product to use on the soil for regular preventative measures? And how often?

    Thanks for your time.
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    This is what happens when root aphids start having babies on your plants. Just trashed 30 plants that I was supposed to be cropping this weekend... FML :mad:

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