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    hey all, i'm 3wks in to bloom, and with a magnifying glass i see lil white bugs crawling on my roots.. :(:(:( HAS ANYBODY GOT ANY ADVICE FOR ME ???? recirculating DWC. I WILL GIVE DETAILS IF NECESSARY ... i just wonder who else out there has had this experience.. thanks...
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    duhh. %#@& !!!

    . . i just remembered. . . these were originally rooted in soil. . . ffuck. . remeMber, i said this is a "RECIRC" DWC. . . luckily,not too many o'dem lil buggers were able to travel through (or under) water , because i believe they were restricted to the one (weak) plant of the four. . here's some pics if you're interested.. i'll show a good root ball and topside; and the one i've since removed. . . i'd like to hear if somebody has seen this before.. if you look really close you'll see a few bugs(i can anyway, and i fukn hayt 'em) , but you will see 'quite' the difference in rootage.:wtf:..

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    help. i got bugs !

    is there anything i can use to kill these bugs in the root zone??
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    I can't say for sure on DWC type grows. I hand water, but I've added 30ml of pyrethins (sp)concentrate per gal of water and it kills gnats etc... with no harm to plants as it's a natural insecticide from flowers.

    I haven't done your type of grow method but I can assure you this will kill them. I added once a week for 4 weeks (depending on the life cycle of the bug you're killing) to be sure no larvae can hatch.
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    thanks.. i believe they are "ROOT APHIDS" :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

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