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    My plant is four weeks old and a day ago my roots were white, and today they are a brown color and look weak. The sides of my container are slimey, so i took the plants out and put them in another PH balanced container (just water NO nutrients), and im cleaning my original container. my plant is still green but it is wilping and looking sad, the leaves are green but are starting to brittle (there are no yellow or brown leaves so i dont think it is nutrient burn), and also i have just been using regular faucet water with PH Down and keep my PH level at 5.5-6.0, could faucet water be the problem? can someone please help me out asap

    thnks, mj420:jointsmile:
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    There is a product called Pythof. It worked great for me. It is an anti fungacide.
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    You said slimey. Sounds like algae. I had slimey clear goo in my buckets before.
    The brown could be from nutrients, I use thrive alive and all my roots are brown.

    When I got slimed, I transferred to a new container. I used 10ml/gal of h202. This should help, unless you have an infestation of slime.
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    you can use Organic Gem a product that is all organic and will not burn the roots if you follow the directions on the bottle. Its pretty cheap 1 qt will make 32 gallons of fert. It increases sugars in the plant, which in turn makes the plants healthier and less susceptible to disease and insect damage. It has all kinds of good things like vitamins, amino acids and enzymes and growth hormones which make the herbs taste better. If you know what i mean.:stoned::D
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    This sounds good. You should also make sure that the container being used is completely light proof. This was the main cause to my DWC slime.

    Some nutes/additives can attribute to slime too - especially organics
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    Yes, light leaks and certain nutrients.
    I noticed whenever I used superthrive I would get algae, they seem to love that stuff. That is why I switched to thrive alive b-1.

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