root rot?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by jondoe67, Feb 14, 2008.

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    I purchased a very small 10 gal. dwc system, does anybody know if this is root rot ? 1 plant already died, I tried giving multiple warm nutrient baths but it doesnt seem to be helping. I read an article that said to add pure un-sulfered and un-salted molasses to your nutrients. mabey the water is too cold and the molasses solidified on the roots?.

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    ideally the roots should be white, no matter the medium. brown roots cant be good.

    also, if the water is cold enough to cause molassas problems (doubt possible), its probably too cold in the first place. the water should be room temp.
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    I purchased a very small dwc tub system and the plants are dying. Iv'e tried multiple warm nutrient baths, peroxide and several flushes and nothing seems to be helping. I dont have enoufgh power to run multiple aquarium heaters, so the water temp. is a little cold. I made a 30gal. version of the tub system and there all doing excellent. I recently added some un-sulfered and un-salted molasses to the tubs so mabey the molasses solidified? or is this simply root rot?

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    i answered this in another forum, so stop multiposting
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    root rot ver. 2

    Is this root rot?.

    -water temp avg. 60deg.
    -molassas added 5 days ago
    -Soil pH
    -Water source/ distilled
    -Water pH 6.8 apx.
    -Age of plant /3+ mon.
    -Type of fertilizer/ flora series -- gro, micro and bloom- non organic
    -Rate of application/ per instructions for 6 gal. water
    -Lighting source and distance from plant? 2 1000watters one hal. one sod. apx. 3ft. from light.
    -Temperature/ day 70 night 55
    -% Relative humidity/ 65%
    -Lighting schedule 12/12
    -Type of ventilation your room has/not very close to ocean, open window.

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  6. gainesvillegreen

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    Roots won't always be white. The use of organic nutrients and additives will usually cause browning of the roots and this is no problem; however, the roots in the picture are not in good shape.

    Molasses is very likely the culprit here. On these boards, I know of two people who have posted about molasses use in DWC: Weedhound and myself. Both of these attempts were met with horrid results. This is a picture of mine after molasses (note the resemblance?) and here is Weedhound's post. I don't think there is much you can do for them at this point; they'll either grow new roots... or they won't. I stopped using molasses (obviously) and started using Botanicare's Hydroguard. Instead of molasses, pick another carbohydrate supply, I'm using Botanicare's Sweet. It's more expensive than molasses, but it doesn't F%#* my stuff up :)

    You need to drop your pH in a hydroponic setup to circa 5.8 (+/- 0.2). The temperatures are probably not a problem. Cooler water will hold more oxygen, providing a better atmosphere for the roots. Obviously you can go too cold, but I stay around 65degF.
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    Making 3 threads on the same topic is very poor form :wtf:
    I have merged them so that all answers will be in the same place.
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    sorry for the multiple posts

    I apoligize fot the multiple posts, I'm new. I'll pay more attention next time, thanks for your patience.
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    Thank-you for the info. Someone suggested SM90 for the rot/fungus so I think i'll try that.
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    root rot 2+

    I know your not supose to post twice, but we've lost 3 more plants and I've tried everything that has been sugested. Original post is under root rot 2.......thanks
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    I've heard of people being able to tame root-rot and subsequent slime with Hygrozyme (or Hydrozyme - I can't remember exactly) and hydrogen peroxide. As for application rates and methods, I have no earthly idea... I know very little about hydro setups. But maybe this will help, or prevent it from happening again in your next grow. Sorry I couldn't offer more assistance, I'm just now starting to learn more about hydroponics.
  12. gainesvillegreen

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    I'll reiterate:

    Remove any highly damaged areas carefully and then sit them in a tub with no nutrients, only a pHed solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. Hydroguard and hygrozyme are great products, but work primarily as a preventative measure , they aren't as great for fixing severe problems. H2O2 is great for the plants and will kill just about everything else in there.

    Use some of the 35% hydrogen peroxide if you can because the 3% usually has additives. You want 5ml per gallon of 35%, or about 50ml per gallon of 3%. Still keep the stone bubbling in the solution and change the entire solution out about each 24 hours with fresh H2O2 and water.

    Try it for a couple of days and see if you discern a difference.

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