Roots on top of soil?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by amdp, Mar 11, 2006.

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    first off, everyone here has been a great help with my first grow, and it's extremely appreciated. I've got roots that are growing on the top of the soil, not many, just a few. Is this normal or could this cause potential problems. If immidiate action is nessasary someone please let me know what to do.

    My plant is 35 days old and doing fine.

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    Show some soil on top of them and water ALOT once.. Let dry a bit, and then water again.. Don't water more than every second day..

    I think it's because you haven't been watering enough each time.. The bottom roots probably don't get enough water, thus growing upwards to reach the water.. Just water enough, and not as often..:)

    Did you get that?:)
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    thanks puff, I've been watering 1/2 gallon about every three days, I water until the water seeks out of the bottom of the pot. is this not enough water? I added the soil and just watered another 1/2 gallon. I watered earlier today, that's when I saw the roots.

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    amd - I used to water the same way you're watering now. Try not to water until you see excess leaking out of the bottom. If you soak the entire potted soil in water, you're not only going to choke off the roots of much needed oxygen, but you'll also rase the TDS at the bottom of the pot (or, total dissolved solids making the PH at the bottom of the pot more unstable than the PH towards the top).

    I don't know how big your pots are and that's also a factor, but I've learned pretty recently that you want to water when you can pick the pot up by just a few fingers. You also want to wait until the top most portion is dry and the bottom is just a little damp.

    Your goal is to have a constant flow of water flowing from the top to the bottom over a period of time but very consistantly. Also, try not to let the water run over the sides of the soil into the very bottom of the pot, this can also knock the ph balance off.

    Interestingly enough, I had a few roots on top of the soil the last time I transplanted which made me research the situation. :D

    I found out that some plants grow "air roots" when the bottom roots don't get enough oxygen. sometimes this can also be caused by transplanting a stretching seedling up to it's neck in soil, because new roots start devloping where the covered stem now is but they aren't as developed as the lower roots.

    How often are you watering? Do you have large enough drainage holes on your pots?

    To get oxygen to the bottom of my root system after I overwatered my babies, I used a few chopsticks and very slowly stuck them through my drainage holes (I had just transplanted so I didn't have to worry about penetrating any roots and snapping them) and made a cross shape so the tunnels I made meet eachother.

    Just a suggestion. :D

    I haven't ran into a pot that I haven't had to enlarge the drainage holes for oxygen.
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    thanks, grim. I went to check the drainage hole and the holes have roots growing out of them. the plant is 9 1/2 inches tall. Its in a 10 inch (I think its 3 gallons) pot.I'm one week from switching the light to 12/12. Should I transplant into a larger pot? if so can u please give advice. info such as, type of rooting hormone, size of pot to be used, a very brief synopsis of the process, would be very helpful

    thanks again
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    dude transplant now! dont wait till you flower, water from thr top till it comes out thr bottom
    i transplanted to 33 litern pots now im happy. was gonna flower in 15 liter pots but shit no room
    check out hard ons stresss free transplant, root powder if you want but the shape of your pot is the main thing
  7. The Grim Reefer

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  8. The Grim Reefer

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    And yes. Transplant right away! :D

    Your babies will be fine. Let them recover from the stress for a few days before you plan on flowering and all will be well.

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    Terrific guide. Thanks!

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