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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by jackdoobie, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. jackdoobie

    jackdoobie Registered

    im looking for help on rolling these things

    i can roll joints, bats, blunts and all that
    but i cant roll with the natural leaf

    does anybody have any tips on rolling with these?

    ive managed to roll poor looking doobs, only 2 of em ended up being smokable
    cuz i ruined the rest by ripping the leaf

    i had the strawberry flavoured one, and for the 2 that i did smoke, it was a pretty good smoke, very flavourfull

    if anybody`s got any tips, please share, it would be appreciated

  2. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Well I really don't understand your question because if you look at any description on a blunt wrap or on a cigar pack they always claim it to be "predominantly natural tobacco" so all blunts are natural tobacco just different companies. I don't really have any tips. Just watch people roll 'em and keep trying until you feel you're doing it right.
  3. funfubarman

    funfubarman Registered+

    are they moist
  4. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Blunt wraps are very moist and have a different moisture to them than actual cigars. I really hate to keep saying the same thing over and over because people already know that I'm going to..but I'd recommend just using some cigarillos from Swisher Incorporated, best brand to use and very easy to roll since it doesn't require a lot of weed to roll it's very easy to fill it and since it's already curved in shape all you have to do is play with it a bit and get a perfect roll..and uh yeah lol.
  5. RedLocks

    RedLocks Registered+

    ya talking about those ones that are like a roll of leaf? my friend got them one day and i got a different brand, didn't touch his wraps but they reminded me of backwoods

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