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    Okay so I've been looking around trying some new stuff out trying to find something that more focuses my stomach pains and cramps, and one of my local guys offered me a RSO capsule saying his are mixed with Coconut oil, Hash and pot. And that these are strong and super clean made with 95% everclear(this is Oregon) claiming they're as strong as Oxys but without the narcotics. See hearing something like that makes me hesitate cause I don't know anything about this product and just hearing the word Oxy pretty much scares me after seeing other patients suffering drug addictions to it. Can anyone give me some light on this stuff, would it help someone with stomach pains and cramps? Can it really be as strong as he claims? It sounded pretty much like a tincture to me but just capsule form now so thought I'd ask the experts
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    well i cant speak directly to rso but i do know hash oil and its potential. it absolutely is as strong as he claims but dont misunderstand when he says as strong as oxy. he means its ability to relieve pain is that potent. cannabis is not known to be "addictive". it can produce a psychological dependancy but the 2 terms are NOT interchangeable as the "officials" would try to have those uneducated about cannabis' possibilities believe. it should do wonders for stomach cramps and the pain related to them. not everyone is the same obviously and our bodies react differently so maybe it might or might not help you but id say its worth a shot. try to talk to hempgoddess or painretreat they can give you better info.
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    rso is made with naptha or alcohols. Not coconut oil.the final product, can be mixed with coconut oil. This does not sound like rso. You will need to learn how it is made.

    Some of this depends on your medical problems. Here is a video about rso, I believe Rick Simpsons', "Run from The Cure Video, is in the following thread or Skip the first 2.5 minutes.. [video=youtube;0psJhQHk_GI][/video]
    Click on this highlighted parts.
    My experience with tinctures is, it takes a long time to get results and dose is often unknown. Tinctures tend to creep up on you, over days even weeks, and we often have little data to know what quantity or dose received. I am currently on a tincture made with rso extract. With a thc/cbd ratio of 1:1 (experimental).

    Now to try to answer the question...
    Some of this depends on your medical problems. Those capsules, most likely will, give you the relief you seek. As far as, addiction/dependency...that would not be my first concern. It has more to do with having an 'addictive' personality, noting: IF there is a dependency, Withdrawal from rso or any mmj, is very slight and much easier than prescription drugs!

    I would be a bit more concerned of the cost, if you are unable to grow.

    First, do you trust your buddy with your life? If not, you will want to make your own rso, even if you have to buy the bud to do it. RSO is something I reserved for the 'sick' and dying. However, your buddy is correct, the proper dose of rso will help your pain and spasms. It may not take your symptoms away immediately, however, the continued dose over time, should.

    I would like to brag, I took rso for awhile and my pain was no longer an issue. And remained that way, for about 2 months, after stopping the oil. If you are taking it for disease...I again would like to stress, take rso and expect a cure or controlling your symptoms, at the very least.

    Brownies might give you relief, as well.

    I have a tincture made from rso. The oil was made first, then coconut oil added or manipulation for the final product, to desired use. Check out this link:
    Medical Marijuana - Crohn's Disease


    The following is a copy and paste, the rules do not allow me to post the link, so here it is:
    RSO/hemp oil works well for Crohn's. There use to be a few members here, that treated theirs with it! Happy Medicating! pr
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    Well I know its been a few weeks since i've came back to let ya all know my results, I decided to stay away from the RSO capsules since im not able to make it myself right now(not a good location). I do use Indica strains more for my pain and cramps tho and lately I've just been making some vac purged BHO and take 1 dab a morning to make my pain controllable which lasts all day(THANK GOD!!!!) so yeah I've actually been pain free and cramp free now for a couple of weeks and couldn't be happier. And I don't suffer from Crohns but similar in its effects, I was giving a antibotic for a surgery which ended up destroying all my healthy bacteria in my stomach which led to paralyzing of my intestines and eventually having to be admitted to the hospital and the side effects I suffer from now could be for life or until my stomach decides to rejuvenate itself, amazing what hell a pill can cause -sigh- haha
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