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    Hello, I have a few questions regarding the making of Rick Simpson Oil as my batch tonight did not produce much of a yield.

    I will explain the method I used to make my batch tonight so hopefully someone can assist with my questions

    Strain: Rise Up (CBD Hemp Flower from Tweedle Farm)
    Amount: 14.0 Grams Flower
    Solvent: 40% Alcohol Vodka (may be this is where I went wrong)

    I've attempted Rick Simpson Oil for 4-5 times and each time am experiencing something when mixing the solvent with the flower material. Once they are mixed and strained, I end up with a pink (yes, pink) color alcohol. It has come out this color with ever type of cbd flower I have used. When I watch people making it on YouTube there solvent is dark green after mixing. So this is issue #1.

    I ignored this occurrence once again, expecting to see a better yield from the increase in flower material that I used for my batch thinking that was where I went wrong. The second issue is that after evaporation was completed I end up with less than 1 gram of oil. It was .6 to be exact.

    I'd really like to know why after mixing I am getting a pink color and not dark green. Also I need to produce more than 1 gram for my personal use if I want to continue using RSO.

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    80 proof Vodka is not a good solvent.
    Even 180 proof Everclear was disappointing.

    Did some research and found that Isopropyl alcohol is much less toxic than I had been led to believe. Only slightly more so than Ethanol.
    Have used several solvents over the years and find 100% isopropyl to be the most efficient and easiest to work with.
    It's hard to find, and expensive, yes. But it is the easiest to use.
    Second choice is 91%.

    With high quality buds, it can yield 23% by weight. With larf and shake quite a bit less.

    If you freeze the buds and chill the alcohol to below freezing, your product should be a golden honey oil. Dark green is caused by water soluble components, mostly chlorophyll. But the water also extracts starches and sugars that you don't need if you do the soak at room temperature.

    Pink? Have yet to see that .
    My buds never get sprayed with anything so most peoples mileage will vary.
    Switch to iso, if you still get pink, there is something very wrong with that bud.

    Wee 'zard
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