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    alrite peeps, whilst reading on UKCIA - UK Cannabis Internet Activists - Legalise Cannabis! a wikid uk cannabis activist site i came across this type of cannabis plant, Ruderalis. well the name at least. it said cannabis plants can be divided into sativa indica and Ruderalis as its three main subtypes of thc proucing plants.

    i was just wondering if anyone new anythign about these types of the plants and wether any strains where commercially produced from its category, becuase up until a few days i had never even heard of it and have never seen it cited in any of the seed catalogues i have viewed.

    any info would be mint.


  2. from what i remember, ruderalis is used mainly just for hemp products
  3. LIP

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    Ruderalis is just autoflowering. It doesnt release the flowering hormone judging the dark cycle, instead it judges it's own age and flowers as soon as it's old enough to.

    Ruderalis strains are crossed with indicas/sativas for autoflowering plants. [better for beginners]

    Eg - Lowryder is an obvious one with Mexican Ruderalis in it.
    Some of the skunk strains have ruderalis in them and flower automatically.

    Infact, Ruderalis makes growing ALOT easier.
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    Ruderalis lines come from the far north, where extremely long summer days that shorten fast before and early first frost make the long-flowering and photoperiod-sensitive habits of the indicas and sativas a death sentence. They produce trace amounts of psychoactive chemicals and aren't worth growing for anything but hemp, but as breeders they have more value. These Siberian ruderalis lines have been bred into more traditional 'drug' lines to introduce the autoflowering trait, and then stabilized into the lines we know as Lowryders.
    Under very specific circumstances, autoflowering is very desirable- for example, if you live in the very high latitudes, or if you would like to run a perpetual crop but only have a single room in your house to do so, or if you want to start them indoors in February and have a harvest in by May, and run 2 or even 3 crops per growing season, depending on its length.
    In general, however, the very limited variety of auto strains, and the fact that you can't propagate them asexually, makes me not like them.
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    you guys rock. so in essence ruderalis is like the embryos used for stem cell research. only good for their genes.

    rep to u both.


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    R.I.P red rum

  7. ok if ruderalis isn't used for hemp products, which plant is...

    i remember it being a certain type..
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    Ruderalis is used for that too I believe. It's just that the genes of certain ruderalis and indica's have been crossed to make a stabalized ruderalis/indica hybrid. So it has the features of the indica and the autoflowering of the ruderalis.
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    Damn, I knew the answer to this... but LIP and Stinky beat me too it! Oh well my knowledge can be saved for a later time..
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    Techno techno techno techno!

    Im sitting here fucking RAVING!
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    Yeah, I'm really interested in trying some autoflowering experiments, but the fact you can't clone them makes me want to cry. I don't know if i can be bothered with lots of seeds...
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    Ruderalis has low THC content compared to Indica/Sativa which is why it's not used on its own. Crossing it for autoflowering undoubtedly dilutes the potency of the offspring
  13. LIP

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    Not that much. Infact, hradly at all, in my own experience.

    My own strain - ruderalis skunk and some unkown sativa isnt stable, some seeds are displaying autoflowering, some arnt, some are more indica than sativa and some are more sativa, but the autoflowering ones arnt any less potent. Just smaller. I need to get round to crossing and crossing and try to stabalise it. It's nice to have a 80% sativa somtimes condiering the amount of indicas i tend to toke on.
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    reading a bit of some botany book that was 'way over my head', it denied Ruderalis is even a cannabis strain ... evidently has been a point of contention among botanists for years ... I guess them dirty-handed scientists like to 'throw down' and argue, too ... :D
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    Ruderalis varieties are far too small to be used for hemp; they usually don't get much taller than a foot. Hemp varieties are nearly always monoecious (having one sex) sativa. They grow fast and tall. They're also bunched together when they're grown, so they don't branch out much, and get really tall. Hemp plants are typically grown to a height of 6-12 feet.

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