RUJU's First Grow - The Mini Jungle

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    Hi guys,
    I hope everyone's been enjoying their day so far!!!

    I'll be chronicling my first grow so I can share some pics & techniques I've been testing out on my mini jungle.
    I hope that we'll all be able to learn and grow together during the process so please feel free to chime in all you lovers & haters, growing gurus/novices, etc. I hope that the other novices on here will benefit from my successes/mistakes during this grow!

    Background: I'm a 29 yr old LA native & I'm semi-retired (aka I'm an angel investor). For the past 5 yrs I ran a large fashion company, working 80+ hrs/week without vacations, but quit in April 2017 to pursue my various passion projects (cannabis growing is one of them). I've been a frequent cannabis user for the past 6 yrs and I'd like to share my experiences and knowledge to those who're willing to seek out the truth with "eyes unclouded by hate" since the world governments, Big Pharma, & herd mentality have been trying to keep us in the dark for decades...

    In the past 3 yrs I've read & re-read Jorge Cervantes' Marijuana Grow Bible, lurked on various cannabis grow boards, finished an introduction to cannabis growing course on THCU, & am currently finishing up a Horticulture Specialist course. I'm a licensed medical card holder, indoor grower, etc. in the state of California.

    DISCLAIMER: I'm by NO means an expert & should NOT to be considered a viable source of knowledge. That said, many of the growing methods/technics utilized are readily found on cannabis grow boards or have been suggested by those around me who're running some of the world's largest indoor cannabis grow ops (50,000 sq ft - 1,500,000 sq ft facilities) located in Canada & the USA. I helped finance many of these companies that you may be familiarly with (if you follow the stock market) & am close with the owners, which is one of the reasons I am dabbling in the dark arts of cannabis growing! ;)

    Now that that's all out of the way, let's jump into the magical world of Cannabis. Thanks in advance for your comments, advice, & experiences as we begin this journey together!

    Northern Lights XTRM (seed - fem) -
    8 (Germinated 9/23/17 ; 2nd Week Veg)
    Blue Dream XTRM (seed - fem) - 4 (Germinated 9/23/17 ; 2nd Week Veg)
    Big Bud (seed - fem) - 1 (Germinated 9/23/17 ; 2nd Week Veg)
    OG Kush (seed - fem) - 3 (Germinated 9/23/17 ; 2nd Week Veg)
    420 Carat (seed - fem) - 5 (Germinated 9/29/17)
    Cheese Auto (seed - fem) - 7 (Germinated (9/29/17)
    Dream Queen (aka Green Crack) (Teen clone - fem) - 3 (Bought 10/7/17)
    Julius Caeasar (Teen clone - fem) - 7 (Bought 10/7/17)
    Orgasmic OG (clone - fem) - 5 (Bought 10/7/17)
    Gorilla Pineapple Express (clone - fem) - 5 (Bought 10/11/17)
    OG Kushbreath (clone - fem) - 5 (Bought 10/11/17)
    Obama OG (clone - fem) - 5 (Bought 10/11/17)
    Black Lavender (clone - fem) - 5 (Bought 10/11/17)
    Do-Si-Dos (clone - fem) - 5 (Bought 10/11/17)
    Pink Gorilla Glue (clone - fem) - 5 (Bought 10/11/17)
    Bruce Banner OG (clone - fem) - 5 (Bought 10/11/17)
    Bacio Gelato (clone - fem) - 5 (Bought 10/11/17)

    In the beginning... GERMINATION:

    Take 1: Standard Germination Process (9/21/17)
    I began the standard germination process for my seeds (listed above).
    1) Scarify seeds using some sand paper inside a matchbox & gently shake for ~30 seconds.
    2) Place scarified seeds in clear SOLO cups with RO water for 24-36 hours (or until seeds sink to bottom of cups). Soak Rapid Rooter plugs in RO water for 24 hours then gently wring out the water until damp (not soaking).
    3) Place seeds in moist paper towels inside 2 plates & leave in a dark, warm location (~75F). Tilt plates for excess water & discard before leaving the plates alone for 24-72 hours.
    4) After 24 hours, I checked seeds for taproots then used tweezers to carefully place seeds inside Rapid Rooter plugs (taproot growing down). Rapid Rooter plugs were placed in a germination tray on top of a heat pad with humidity dome about 6" under 6x T5 fluorescents for a 18/6 photoperiod. I also filled the germination tray with 1/4"-1/2" RO water to keep the environment moist.

    The Northern Lights, Blue Dream, & OG Kush germinated within 2 days while the Big Bud & 420 Carat showed no signs of development. I placed all of the seeds into the Rapid Rooter plugs & called upon Gaia (Mother Earth) to bless my Big Bud & 420 Carat seeds. She didn't...

    I was a bit overzealous in my watering and found that while most of the seeds (NL, BD, OGK) germinated properly, the Big Bud & 420 Carat strains did not. Big Bud & 420 Carat were overcome by a green mold/algae on the top of their plugs & never cracked their shells. I'm unsure if the seeds were duds or if it was due to the green algae(?), but I gave them an extra 14 days before trashing them.

    After the 2nd set of true leaves appeared on the NL, BD, & OGK, I transplanted them into 18oz SOLO cups filled with Happy Frog Potting Soil for seedlings. I fed them plain RO water until the soil was moist, then misted their leaves with RO water & placed misted clear plastic SOLO cups on top to maintain a high humidity environment (80%-95% RH).

    Take 2: Aerated Germination Process (9/28/17)
    I was researching DWC grows & I decided to test out a germination process with the same concept along with some mild nutrients. It worked really well & was a few days faster overall.

    1) Scarify seeds using some sand paper inside a matchbox & gently shake for ~30 seconds.
    2) Placed scarified seeds in clear SOLO cups with RO water with a 1 drop of SuperThrive for 24-36 hours. Soaked Rapid Rooter plugs in 1 gallon of RO water mixed with 1/8th tsp SuperThrive & 0.5 Tbs of Molasses.
    3) Place seeds inside Rapid Rooter plugs with tweezers (pointy seed end down) & place inside my enhanced germination tray setup. I modified my germination tray by placing 4x airstones underneath the plug holder tray to increase airflow at the root base. The heat pad & humidity dome were also incorporated as usual to keep RH at 80%-95%.
    4) This new aerated germination setup was then placed under T5 fluorescents ~18" away. <- This was a mistake & I lost 4 seedlings due to them & collapsing under their own weight due to the extreme stretching... Lesson learned... I now keep them ~6"-8" from the lights & they're happy.

    All of the seeds (NL, BD, OGK, & Cheese Auto) germinated within 12 hours & began their seedling phase after 1 day. Only 2 of each of my Big Bud & 420 Carat seeds germinated (after 2 days). I reached out to the seed seller (Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds) & detailed my germination methods & success with with all the strains except Big Bud & 420 Carat. They were easy to talk to and quickly resolved the issue by reshipping those 2 strains to me. I hope these new seeds will be viable & germinate quickly!

    HELP!: Can anyone help explain how to upload files here? I've tried to upload a few pics (~2.2Mb or less), but I keep getting an error message that the file size (2.2Mb) is too large for the server to process...

    -Stay ahead of the herd... because herd mentality is fucking terrifying...
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    So I figured out how to upload... just had to resize my photos super small before attempting to upload...

    Here's a look at the aerated germination tray I made. I'm going to continue using the setup except I'll be drilling holes into the bottom side of the tray so there are any tubes over the germination area.
    Aerated Germination Setup (10.3.17) copy.jpg

    Here's a look at some seedlings (Blue Dream in the pic) that I transplanted on 10/9/17 into SOLO cups with air holes.
    BD Seedlings Aerated Germination (10.11.17) copy.jpg

    I had to moved to a big house since my LA loft didn't seem suitable for a grow. I transported my NL, BD, OG Kush, Big Bud, & 420 Carat in these amazon boxes. Keeping them under a 2 ft length - 4x T5 fluorescents. I'll be transplanting them shortly into ~2 gallon pots.
    Seedlings&Veg (Moving 10.1.17) copy.jpg
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    10/7/17: I was looking for some clones & found a cool lady in Riverside that sells nice well-rooted clones. She had just started a batch of new clones so I ended up picking up 10 teens (Julius Caesar - 7, Dream Queen - 3) & 5 clones (Orgasmic OG) to add to my collection.

    Vegetative Growth - Week 1 (10/7/17)

    I transplanted my Northern Lights, Blue Dream, & OG Kush along with my new clone teens (Julius Caesar & Dream Queen) from their SOLO cups into ~2 gallon pots. Afterward, I fed them with the suggested 5ml for Week 1 of Vegetative amounts of Nemo Nutrients (Grow, Micro, VeloKelp, MagNiFiCal, & Nature's Candy) along 1 Tbs Sucanat & 1 Tbs Molasses, 1/4th tsp SuperThrive, 0.5 tsp Great White, & a dash of Citric Acid to bring the pH down to 6.3 with a gallon of tap water. I originally used RO water for the seedlings, however, I've decided to test out my tap water (~7.8 pH, 230 ppm). After mixing all the parts in the nutrient mix was 6.3 pH & 830 ppm.

    My new clones/teens:
    JC, GC, Orgasmic clones (10.7.17) copy.jpg
    Orgasmic Clone (10.7.17) copy.jpg
    Orgasmic Clone Roots (10.7.17) copy.jpg

    After transplant for Dream Queen, Julius Caesar, Northern Lights, Blue Dream, OG Kush, Big Bud.
    Week 1 Veg (10.7.17) copy.jpg

    10/9/17: I FIM'd a few of my Northern Lights when they showed 4-6 nodes. Will wait to see how long until they start growing bushier. The nutrients seem to be working well so far, however, I think there may be some issues with pH fluctuations/other nutrient deficiency. Next watering I will be adding Dolomite lime (0.5 Tbs dusted on top of planters & fed with nutrients). I'm adding a small amount to test the waters, which I probably should've done with the Remo nutrient mix.
    Week 1 Veg Fim Tech (10.8.17) copy.jpg
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    10/12/17: Nearing End of 1st Week of Vegetative Growth
    The Northern Lights, Blue Dream, OG Kush, & Big Bud seem to be enjoying the REMO nutrients along with Sucanat, Molasses, SuperThrive, Great White, & Citric Acid. They all appear to be Indica dominant strains just from looking at their growth characteristics - short bushy plants, with short internodes, & round stocky leaf formations. These strains have also grown well with the FIM technique as you can see in the new odd growth. They've also begun to grow quite a bit bushier on the underside. I don't believe I'll need to change their regiment since they appear to be able to handle the nutrients properly. BTW, I'm using ViparSpectra 1200w LEDs & will eventually throw them into a grow tent to get the most out of my lighting & space. Vegetative Week 1 (10.12.17) copy.JPG
    NL & BD Veg (10.12.17) copy.JPG

    FIM Technique:
    Here's a little diagram from that I found on the FIM technique. I followed these instructions so hopefully I'll end up with 4+ main colas~
    FIM Tech by

    10/12/17: Nutrient Deficiency or pH Fluctuation Issues

    Overnight I've begun to see several issues with my Dream Queen & Julius Caesar teen clones (Sativa dominant). I believe the issues are a Calcium deficiency along with nutrient burn. I'll be keeping an eye on them for the next few days to see if I'll need to flush them a bit or if I can get away with just lowering the dosage for the next feeding.

    I believe the picture below is indicative of a Calcium deficiency (may be Manganese deficiency?). I watered & foliar fed them with 1 gal of RO water mixed with a CalMag nutrient today & am hoping this will solve the issue. Any advice would be helpful from the advanced growers on this forum.
    Julius Caesar Veg Wk 1 Calcium Deficiency (10.12.17) copy.JPG
    I'm having trouble identifying this issue below, but I believe it's due to nutrient burn (otherwise pH fluctuations due to the soil). I'll be lowering the nutrient dosage from 5ml to 2.5ml on the next feeding. I hope this will clear up the issue. Any help is much appreciated.
    Julius Caesar Veg Wk 1 Nutrient Issues (10.12.17) copy.JPG
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    10/13/17: Last Day of Week 1
    I checked my plants a few times today and I've been seeing more growth from where I FIM'd the NL, BD, OG Kush, & Big Bud. NL & BD are definitely progressing the best, but I'm not exactly sure what to make of the new growth. I was expecting multiple main colas to sprout, but a lot of it simply looks like new fan leaves? Haha maybe I fucked up the FIM technique? Any clarification would be much appreciated.

    Currently the RH is holding steady around 70% & in just the past few hours the plants have grown a bit more. Hoping this humidity continues to help them grow since the garage is starting to feel like a mini jungle! I think the Northern Lights, Blue Dream, OG Kush, & Big Bud will need to be transplanted, but I'm going to wait til Week 3 of Vegetative growth to move them into 3 gallon buckets.

    Another thing... I've yet to see any issues with pests or mold in the grow room, however, I'll be keeping a close eye on the grow to make sure I can nip them in the bud if they do appear. I've hung up yellow sticky traps for flying pests, but they've yet to catch anything, which I'll take as a good sign. I've also been regularly sweeping my garage so it's clean & I previously sprayed it down with water & some hydrogen peroxide to keep things clean. A little bit of prevention goes a long way (I hope). If you have any particular organic pest prevention methods please share!

    Top Growth of FIM'd Northern Lights

    NL FIM Tech End Week 1 (10.13.17) copy.JPG

    Top Growth of FIM'd Blue Dream
    BD FIM Tech End of Week 1 (10.13.17) copy.JPG

    Top View of the FIM'd Northern Lights, Blue Dream, OG Kush, & Big Bud.
    Top View End of Week 1 (10.13.17) copy.JPG
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    10/13/17: Last Day of Week 1 - Dream Queen (aka Green Crack) & Julius Caesar

    I've been keeping a close eye on my Dream Queen & Julius Caesar & luckily the nutrient burn & calcium deficiency haven't progressed any further. I hope that spraying them with CalMag nutrients have solved the issue, but I'll know in about a week or so. Instead of flushing the plants with nutrient burn, I'm simply planning on feeding them with plain RO water tomorrow & hope that will solve the nutrient burn issues shortly. If anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with either of these issues please let me know. I'm all ears!

    Side View of Dream Queen & Julius Caesar - End of Week 1

    Despite the Cal deficiency & nutrient burn, the plants are looking bushier & filling out a bit more compared to when I got the clones a week ago (on 10/7/17). I'm hoping they'll continue to fill out & eventually explode with new growth, but we'll see how things go after I've solved those issues.
    JC & DQ (Side) End of Week 1 (10.13.17) copy.JPG

    Calcium Deficiency
    issue hasn't progressed & is remaining in the same areas they were when they began. The CalMag nutrient spray seems to be working, however, I'll have a better idea on the how well its worked by the end of Week 2 (10/20-21/17). Again please share any tips you use for solving this issue since it's sad to see the damage I've caused to the little ones.
    JC Cal Def End of Week 1 (10.13.17) copy.JPG
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    10/14/17: Start of Vegetative Week 2 & Transplanting

    A bit late on the update, but yesterday I ended up transplanting all my NL, BD, OG Kush, Big Bud, Julius Caesar, & Dream Queen from their ~1.5 gallon square pots into black 3 gallon pots. I found that several of the plants were about to be root bound in just one week. I'm not sure if this is typical, however, I believe the extensive root growth is in large part due to feeding my plants Great White with Sucanat & Molasses for the shark to munch on. I got this tip from a grower on when I was lurking on their Grow Logs, however, I can't remember who it was. Anyways, it's been working like crazy & am very happy with the robust & healthy roots my babies have putting down.

    Overview of the transplanted plants in their new 3 gallon pots with some added T5's to see how they like the extra light.
    Veg Week 2 (10.14.17) copy.JPG

    Overview of Julius Caesar & Dream Queen strains after Transplant.

    I fed the Julius Caesar & Dream Queen strains with just RO water & am waiting to see what effects, if any, this will have on their growth. I hope this will help clear up the Calcium deficiency (I sprayed with CalMag nutes a few days ago) & the possible nutrient burn issues (I'm beginning to think it's actually a Potassium deficiency due to the yellowing in between the leaf veins).
    JC & GC Week 2 (10.14.17) copy.JPG

    Northern Lights after Transplant
    NL Week 2 (10.14.17) copy.JPG

    I also transplanted some of my Orgasmic OG seeedlings into ~1.5 gallon square pots.

    Orgasmic OG Veg Week 1 (10.14.17) copy.JPG
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    10/15/17: Vegetative Week 2 - Day 2

    I'm pretty baked from some White Fire OG so apologies in advance for mistakes &/or ramblings...

    Earlier in the afternoon I checked up on my plants (transplanted yesterday) & I was surprised to see how much some of them have grown in just half a day (Northern Lights pics from yesterday & today below). Except for Julius Caesar & Dream Queen strains, I fed the girls a solution of 1 gallon tap water, 5ml of Remo nutrients, 1 tsp Great White, 1 Tbs Sucanat, 1 Tbs Molasses, ~2 tsp Cannazym, & 1/4 tsp SuperThrive (Total Nutrient Mix pH @ 6.5; 815 ppm) & kept them under 24/0 photoperiod (as usual except a 16/8 for germination & seedlings). They seem to be enjoying the additional fluorescents I've thrown into the mix & the temperature's hovering around 75F-80F with RH at ~60%. This new growth has got me hopeful that in the coming weeks the plants will begin stretching & filling out more drastically, but we'll see what happens.

    I'm planning on vegging for ~2 months (or until my plants are ~3.5 ft tall) before I flip to 12/12 photoperiod. I know this may be difficult/impossible in that time frame for some strains, but I want some big indoor plants! I saw this in a dream last year where I was standing in a huge room filled with huge 25 ft flowering cannabis plants that were basking in light emanating from the floor, walls, & ceiling. And in between each row of trees there were crystals refracting light to every inch of the plants. That image has been stuck in my head, but I think most growers dream of having their own cannabis forest/room/field/etc. Anyways, if that doesn't work this time around I'll start a new batch & veg them much longer.

    Northern Lights Yesterday after Transplanting (10/14/17)
    NL Week 2 (10.14.17) copy.JPG

    Northern Lights Today (10/15/17) -
    The top has begun to stretch & grow quite a bit compared to yesterday.
    NL Day 2 After Transplant (10.15.17) copy.JPG

    LST (Low Stress Training): Today I began LST for the Julius Caesars & Dream Queens & will continue to do so since I'm trying to keep height similar to the indica dominant strains.
    JC & DQ Day 2 LST (10.15.17) copy.JPG

    Overview of Vegging Plants
    - RH dropped down to 49% while recirculating fresh air into the garage, but it's currently back up to ~60%. I'll need to LST a few more of those back JC & DQ plants, but some branches can't be pulled lower & 2 look like lollipops w/ stunted leaf growth so I'd have to bend the entire plant. Any thoughts?
    Overview - Day 2 (10.15.17) copy.JPG
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    If the new growth shows no sign of deficiency you got it corrected.

    The stretch will matter on how big you veg them. My Tutankhamon stretches easily 100% or more. 3.5ft and it would be close to 7ft. That's why i trip
    at 1.5ft but i only have 4ft headroom lol.
    Looks like you got mostly heavy indicas so stretch for sure wont be too intense.

    Ladies looking good. Are you gonna clone anyone, find the best?
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    Looking Good! And talk about a detailed grow log...This thing reads like a novel...I'll be following along for sure!
    Good luck!
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    Hey Wagonweed,

    Thanks for following my grow log & for your insight! There hasn’t been any apparent signs of deficiencies in the new growth so I think I’m in the clear. I’ll need to do a better job of pic documenting each plant for comparisons to make sure in the future. Btw your Tutankhamon grow's looking great & hopefully it tastes just as good after you harvest & cure. I’ve never seen that strain before, but am adding it to my list of strains to try. If I find some seeds/clones I'll try growing as well since the reviews on Leafly look outstanding.

    Like you mentioned, I'll be expecting ~100% increase in height for Sativa dominant strains & am expecting ~50% increase in height for Indica dominant strains. Haha I would grow mine out to 1.5' too if my grow space was limited 4'. My garage is currently ~30' long x 20' wide x 9.5' high so I have a bit more room to play with, but also have another 3 bedrooms (~10' long x 10' wide x 9' high) that can be used for additional plants.

    Thanks, my ladies are looking happier today and grew ~1". I'm still waiting to see which plants are superior in their strain groups, but am planning to save 1-2 mothers from each group for clones & breeding purposes. I'll also be planning to use colloidal silver solution to foliar feed a few plants so I can create some feminized seeds, but I'll need to do a bit more research on the best practices.
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    Hey TLD420,

    Thanks for checking out my grow log & you can expect some interesting pics as I experiment with different techniques after I've chosen mothers (~1.5 months) & pulled some clones. I'm going for a perpetual harvest (harvest every ~2 months) so I'm expecting this log to be quite lengthy, but hopefully we'll be able to debunk a few myths & see what actually works (like does 48 hour darkness right before harvesting actually increase bud potency & weight?). I just need my mother's to commence the tests since many of my plants are grown from seed so there are too many unknown variables.

    Anyways, stay tuned over the months & we'll all benefit from the additional data that comes out of this grow log. I'm off to transplant 43 clones so I'll check in a bit later tonight. Take care.
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    It's great there's some more traffic on the site!
    Thanks for sharing.

    The Tutankhamon is by Pyramid seeds. They say it can hit 33% thc so we had to give it a go. Origins are a selected AK47 cut. But the Tut has a few variations.

    I want to do some seed runs with the silver too. Group of friends share our genetics but not one person has everything so potential to lose a strain. Would be much easier keeping seeds then live plants all the time. Situation like im in now where im shutting down and gave a friend 8 strains between 14 plants. Saying you better clone everything that we dont already have. Gave them my cloner too so no excuses lol.
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    I just looked up the Tutankhamon on Pyramid seeds & they look great! Seems to be a high yielding strain so am definitely interested in how much you'll pull from you plants in the coming weeks.

    Nice, let me know how your seed runs go with your friends. Haha I want some grower friends to trade seeds/breed new strains with too. I completely know where you're coming from since there's always a chance that those clone only strains will someday vanish/get taken & should be bred to ensure their survival. Also wouldn't hurt to just have a huge stockpile of seeds for the future.
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    Been tied up with some new company deals & have been reading/researching/crunching #s all night so a bit late, but here's my update.

    10/16/17: New Clone Transplants & Additional Fluorescents

    Today I transplanted a few clones & added a few new strains (Pink Gorilla, Obama OG, Black Lavender, & OGKB aka OGKushbreath) to the vegetative phase of growth. I was originally planning on transplanting 43 clones, but only added 23 since I think the rest need a bit more TLC. Nothing major to report on the clones except that they're looking very light green so I've fed some a nutrient mix with some additional Nitrogen, check run-off water pH (6.0), & am hoping the strong lights will revitalize them. I'll update once there's something decent/interesting to who.

    I've also added a few more fluorescent lights to my setup so each plant will get a bit more light. I read on High Times that supplementing your main lights (I currently use ViparSpectra's 1200w) with fluorescents is helpful in covering more areas of growth, particularly middle growth) & also serves as a healthy light spectrum for the plants. Here's the High Times article CLICK HERE.

    New Clones & Fluorescents Light Setup

    Overview New Setup (10.16.17) copy.JPG

    Orgasmic OG - this clone has been growing like crazy. It's grown by ~50% in the past 3 days! I'll be keeping a close eye on this one since it's been growing faster than its sisters & the majority of my strains. Hopefully this will become a mother candidate.
    Orgasmic OG (10.16.17) copy.JPG

    OGKB (aka OGKushbreath) - I got my hands on this strain on 10/11/17 & after doing a bit of research I got excited since according to several articles this strain is rare. Not sure if it's still considered rare now since information is a bit hard to come by on this strain & it's not listed on Leafly. Either way, I'll be keeping a close eye on this strain (being a GSC fan) & hopefully I'll find another strain that will be suitable to cross breed with OGKB.
    OGKB Transplant (10.16.17) copy.JPG
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    Quite impressive.
    Welcome to the cdot.

  17. RUJU

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    Thanks Weeze!
  18. RUJU

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    10/17/17: Week 2 - Day 4

    Here's a brief update... I just checked my Indica dominant girls and there's definite signs of growth, but not as much height increase as I'd like. That said, some of them are growing much bushier & filling out their 3 gallon pots quite nicely.

    Top View of NL, BD, & OG Kush - a few are growing much bushier after adding the fluorescent lights.
    Top View (10.17.17) copy.JPG

    Recently Transplanted Clones - they look pale green, but I'm hoping the nutrient mix (a bit higher in Nitrogen) will rectify this issue & promote growth in the next few days. Any tips or tricks for clones are much appreciated. My Julius Caesar & Dream Queen clones are filling out & getting a bit bushier as well (in the back). They've taken well to the LST & I'm wondering if I should try to FIM/top them. Any suggestions?
    Clones (10.17.17) copy.JPG

    Overview of Girls in Veg - Just wanted to show another angle for my plants in veg. There are a total of 54, but I have some more clones & seedlings that will be ready to transplant in a few days to a week. In the bottom of the pic you'll see my Vornado humidifier that's been working beautifully to keep my garage (30' length x 20' width x 9.5' height) at 60%-65% RH & only needs to be filled every 2-3 days after running 24 hrs a day! I've also got 3 fans constantly blowing air on the girls, but will need to look into getting a more effective oscillating fan.
    Overview Setup (10.17.17) copy.JPG
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    This is going to be an epic log!
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    10/22/17: Vegetative Week 3 - Day 2

    So yesterday was Vegetative phase Week 3 Day 1 & I've been busy with closing a few deals AND BUYING NEW GROW GEAR! I'm pretty excited since I bought 10x ViparSpectra 1200w LEDs, 4x grow tents (10'x5'x6.5'), 650x pots (1 gal, 2 gal, 5 gal, & 8 gal), 40x T5 LED lamps for Veg & Flower phases along with ballasts & sockets (no idea how to put it together, but I'll figure it out), 2x rolling shelves for my seedlings & clones setup, & various other knick-knacks for my grow. Also my brother & his gf came to hang out last night & he brought me 20 seeds (2 strains - Triangle Kush & Sunset Sherbet) from a big grow op so those will be a welcome addition to my mini jungle. I think I'll begin germinating sometime in the next few days.

    Anyways, yesterday I also began brewing some compost tea for my plants & just finished foliar feeding them the mix. Hopefully this will make my girls stronger since I've noticed a few pests (small black flying ones & an earwig). I believe one of them ate part of the leaves off of one of my OGKushBreath clones, but I've looked around & haven't found anything capable of that type of damage. The small flying pests haven't caused any recognizable damage & I've only caught 4 of them so far in my yellow sticky traps. I hope they aren't fungus gnats since I've been very careful about watering & keeping the soil dry before watering. I'll pick up some diatomaceous earth to sprinkle over the soil just in case though. I also found 1 earwig while watering the plants & promptly sent it to the other side. The earwig's the only pest I've seen that could've damaged my OGKB clone so much, but all the information I've seen on various boards say they prey on other pests & rarely cause damage to cannabis plants. Anyways, I'll be keeping a look out & hopefully this doesn't become a much bigger issue.

    OGKB Leaf Damage: Can anyone identify the pest(s) responsible for the damage & any tips for sending them to the other side? I've checked all my other plants and can't find any damage that looks like this.
    OGKB Pests (10.21.17) copy.JPG

    Seedlings to Transplant: These seedlings will be ready to transplant sometime in the next few days. They are grown from seed & are NL, BD, OG Kush, 420 Carat, Big Bud, & Cheese Auto.
    Seedlings to Transplant (10.22.17) copy.JPG

    Overview of Vegetative Plants: My vegging girls are doing very well at the moment & I just foliar sprayed them with a compost tea mix I've been brewing for the past 24 hrs. In the past few days, they've been growing taller (~2") & quite a bit bushier so they fill out their pots much nicer. I'm excited to see how they'll look after another 1-1.5 months.
    Overview Front (10.22.17) copy.JPG
    Overview (10.22.17) copy.JPG

    Northern Lights - Mother Candidate: This girl has grown very fast from seed & is by far the tallest & bushiest of my Indica dominant strains. Northern Lights is suppose to be a 95% Indica & 5% Sativa, but this particular plant is exhibiting more Sativa dominant traits than its sisters (as shown in the large thin leaves). I wonder if this will affect the final bud attributes, but will need to see once I take clones.
    NL Mother Candidate (10.22.17) copy.JPG

    Clones: The clones are looking much happier since I transplanted them. They had me worried for awhile, but the color's slowly coming back to them. They're drooping a bit because I just doused them in a compost tea mix, but I expect them to prop back up in a few hours.
    Overview Clones (10.22.17) copy.JPG
    Clones Side (10.21.17) copy.JPG

    Julius Caesar & Dream Queen Clones: The girls are coming along nicely albeit stretching a bit to get in the light. Once I have all the plants in their new grow tents this shouldn't be a problem since the light will be dispersed evenly around all the plants (aka no more stretching to find more light).
    Overview JC & DQ (10.21.17) copy.JPG
    Overview JC & DQ (10.22.17) copy.JPG

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