RUJU's First Grow - The Mini Jungle

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by RUJU, Oct 12, 2017.

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    Damn! Gonna be a lotta work getting all that new gear set up! Sounds like the mini jungle just got a sweet upgrade.
    I've been dealing with fungus gnats myself, and being a fully organic grow, I generally deal with them by putting out yellow sticky traps, watering in some beneficial nematodes and top dressing with neem meal (only during veg, neem can cause a weird flavor if used during flower). These things combined tend to keep the problem at a minimum, and since the gnats are more of a nuisance than anything, I don't let them worry me unless they get bad.

    Good luck with the grow.
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    Because when they "get bad" it signifies that the larvae in the soil are getting too crowded and are pupating pregnant flyers.

    Here's a tip that will serve you well.
    If you lay Kirkland dryer sheets on the soil surface, it breaks their life cycle.

    I will not use pesticides. And the smell of Neem is offensive to me.
    So prevention is advised.
    If you don't want F.G.s, don't get F.G.s. :)

    Letting the soil dry out decimates the present larvae and the sheets prevent flyer hatch and new egg lay.
    It has nothing to do with the scent. They add the perfume for us.( I won't use Bounce, they stink!)

    Dryer sheets contain a non=toxic, waxy substance that softens clothing and repels scent hunters like Fungus gnats and Thrips.
    I watched the first application closely and saw gnats approach, do a U-turn, and book. :)
    Been using them in the tropics ever since, indoors and out.
    Fungus gnats were my biggest problem 6 years ago. I use square pots that the sheets fit nicely and have not had gnats or thrips since I started with the sheets.
    They also repel yellow jackets, cockroaches and mosquitoes.

    Just lay them on the soil surface. Lift them to water and change them once a month.
    I toss a couple crumples sheet under the kitchen sink. It eliminated a German cockroach problem that I had been paying an exterminator to "control" for years.
    When I open a new bag of FF, I toss in a sheet to keep the whole bag clean to the last crumb.
    It is hard to find anything this cheap and easy that actually works.
    Don't take my word for it. Try it yourself.

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    Hey TLD420,
    Thanks, I’m excited for the new gear. Setup will be a bit tiring, but totally worth it for my girls. I think I’ll try your beneficial nematodes mix & already have some Neem oil just in case I ran into issues. Thanks for the advice & hopefully I’ll have my tents setup in the next few days. I’ll keep you posted.

    Hey Weeze,
    Thanks for the advice & insight as always. I just ordered some Kirkland Dryer sheets from Amazon so I’ll get them shortly. This is a great alternative since I find that Neem oil is pretty offensive as well. I visited a friend’s grow who was using Neem oil & the smell just lingers forever. Haha if this could get rid of German cockroaches I wonder if it would work against spider mites as well? Anyways, I’ll definitely be taking your advice & let you know if I have the same success.
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    I'll give that a try for sure! I remember hearing of that technique in the past, but I have never tried it. I'll be picking up some dryer sheets asap. Thanks for the tip Weezard!
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    Sadly, Spider mites are not impressed by dryer sheets.
    But, neither are their predators.

    Because I don't use poisons, the predator population is healthy so the S. M.s can't get a colony established.
    When I do see a leaf with telltale "mite bites", and flip it over9 times out of 10 they have already been a predator's lunch.
    Another tip, tiny whitefly do not like the smell of worm castings.

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    Vegetative Week 5 - Day 4

    Hey y'all,
    Apologies for disappearing. I just got back a week ago from a couple of company events in Vancouver & NYC, but am glad to be back in my garden! Over the past few days, I've been able to setup 2 of my grow tents, transplanting some plants, germinated a 10 new strains (& 2 old ones), and got my older plants moved into their new homes. It's been a tad hectic, but totally worth it for my girls since they're loving their new homes. That said, the plants were suffering from a bit of nutrient burn since it looks like my gf accidentally fed them too much while I was gone :(. They've been recovering nicely though since they were moved into the tents so nothing serious :doublethumbs:. I'll be adding CO2 tomorrow to my Indica tent since the all issues have been rectified and I've dialed in all the fans/exhaust/intake/timers to maintain a great environment with RH 45%-60% & temperatures between 72F-84F.

    Strains in Vegetative Phase:
    1. Northern Lights - Seeds
    2. Cheese Auto - Seeds
    3. Big Bud - Seeds
    4. Blue Dream - Seeds
    5. OG Kush - Seeds
    6. 420 Carat - Seeds
    7. Julius Caesar - Clones
    8. Green Crack - Clones
    9. Orgasmic OG Kush - Clones
    10. Gorilla Pineapple Express - Clones
    11. OGKB (aka OGKushBreath) - Clones
    12. Obama OG - Clones
    13. Black Lavender - Clones
    14. Do-Si-Dos - Clones
    15. Pink Gorilla Glue - Clones
    16. Bruce Banner OG - Clones
    17. Gelato - Clones
    New Strains: 11/2/17 Seeds Planted
    1. Triangle Kush - Seeds
    2. Sunset Sherbet - Seeds
    3. Lost Coast OG (Emerald Triangle Seeds) - Seeds
    4. Fire OG BX3 (Dr. Frost) - Seeds
    5. Midnight Fantasy F2 (Farmhouse Genetics) - Seeds
    6. Light Pink (THC Development) - Seeds
    7. Lemon Sage OG (3RED 3Y 42) - Seeds Freebie
    8. Dragons Hashplant F1 (Dragons Flame Genetics) - Seeds Freebie
    9. Alpha Omega (Swamp Boys) - Seeds
    10. Legend of Nigeria (Swamp Boys) - Seeds
    Total = 27 Strains

    All the NL, BD, OG Kush, 420 Carat, & Big Bud that I've started from seed are growing a bit all over the place... some are tall & bushy (22"), some are mid-sized with fewer leaves (18"), & some are squat (14"-15"). In comparison, the clones that I've bought are all growing pretty uniform (14"-16"). I think this is due to the genetics, but possibly due to my growing skills (or lack thereof). Anyways, the new seeds I ordered awhile back were from some reputable breeders so we'll see how they grow in comparison.

    Indica Dominant Strains -
    Pretty uneven growth, but I believe this is due to the genetics since I've been feeding them the same nutrients with the same frequency. The other possibility is that the garage wasn't a great environment for the plants & some of the plants on the edges didn't get adequate lighting.
    Side View Indicas.JPG

    Top View - Northern Lights & Blue Dream
    - Pretty uneven growth, but I'm hoping with the CO2 & new growing environment the shorties will grow a bit faster.
    Top View NL & BD.JPG

    Northern Lights - Mother: This is the original Northern Lights plant that I was considering for a Mother candidate & is now the official NL Mother I'll use for clones (a few more weeks before I can take cuttings)! She's continued to surpass the other NL plants (all plants really) in height (22"), bushiness, new growth sites, thickness, recovery from FIM/nutrient problems, etc. That said, it's showing more Sativa phenotypes (seen in the long thin leaves & height) compared to her sisters.
    Mother Northern Lights.JPG
    Top View NL.JPG

    NL Mother Sativa Leaves - As you can see the leaves are large & thin with 11 leaf tips, which are characteristics of a Sativa.
    Mother NL Leaf Comparison.JPG

    Overview of Clones: All of these clones have been growing quite uniform even though there are 8 strains in this tent. While the Indica strains (shown above) suffered from mild nutrient burn, these girls were perfectly healthy & I haven't run into any issues so far. These girls are all ~14"-16" tall with the exception of the Dream Queen (aka Green Crack) in the corner right which is ~22" tall.
    Overview Sativas.JPG Side View Sativas.JPG
    Top View Sativas.JPG
    Top View Sativas 2.JPG

    New Strains Germinating: I popped these seeds into Rapid Rooters on 11/2/17 & they're growing steadily. I'll be transplanting them shortly. The top portion of the picture without sprouted seeds are 420 Carat & Lost Coast OG from Emerald Triangle Seeds. I had issues with 420 Carat seeds before so I won't be using that seed bank again & the Lost Coast OG I think are either old seeds or duds. Still 0/12 on the Lost Coast OG is pretty awful... Any suggestions or tips for dealing with old seeds? I don't think I'll be buying Emerald Triangle Seeds again after this, but it could also be the seed bank problem. Anyways, don't want to chance it since I spent $125 on those seeds.
    New Germinated Seeds.JPG
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  7. Wagonweed

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    It all looks awesome!
    Some of those strains have exploded. Nice vigor.
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    Thanks, they’re coming along & enjoying the new environment. I’m looking forward to getting some cuttings so I’ll have more uniform strains, but need a few more weeks.
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