Rust spots and leaves curling under

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by stinkbudd, Nov 1, 2006.

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    Just came back from a short 3 day trip and noticed that all my leaves are literally covered with little rust spots and they are beginning to curl under like a claw (just a bit). The leaves are a dark green and there is no sign of yellowing.
    The roots are massive and completely snow white.
    The pH was about 6.1. She was in a 3 gallon bubbler bucket with tiger bloom solution at the rate of 3 tsp per gallon.. Today is week 5 of flowering. Buds are very big and will be needing some support soon so at least this problem is not effecting the buds.....yet.
    Right now I have her in plain water at pH 6.2. I thought it might be some sort of nute burn so that's why I put her in plain water. So far there is no change. Does anyone know what could be causing all these rust spots?
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    im having the same problem with no reply to my post.....good luck, if you find a solution please post a follow up.....thank you
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    Fungus... No fix. no worries.
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    Well, after endless searching on this site, I think I found something. Check this out thegreen1"RUST+SPOTS"

    The first picture that twilightatwelve posted looks alot like my leaves. Zandor said it is most likely mag def. Tomorrow I'll start treatment and see if it works.

    I'm posting a pic of my leaf incase someone thinks it could be somthin else

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  6. stinkbudd

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    Scratch that out. I have a parasite or gnat fungi problem in my resivoir and all through her roots. Crap!
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    but your roots are snow white??
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    Yes they are all white. That's why I missed it the first time around. When I went to change the water out of my bubbler bucket (which I do once a week) I noticed that there was something in the water. It looked kinda like black pepper. I took a water sample under the microscope and saw a bunch of nasty lookin wormy parasite thingies. I checked the roots more carefully and saw them in there too. They're so tiny. Took my sample down to my hyro grow shop guy to tell me what exactly these things were and he hooked me up with some gnatrol.

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