Rusty brown spots and yellowing leaves

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by mrfantastic, Jan 27, 2007.

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    I have been all kinds of plants for years but have come accross a problem and i cant find out the cure.

    I am using Bio Bizz Allmix compost, Biobizz grow and bloom feeds , and i am using rainwater, the ph is about 6 but i get this problem.

    Can anyone help? im really stuck? there are no pests, no mites, i have predatored the lot, i think its a nutrient or ph problem, it occurs on small and large plants.
    Too acidic, ? too Alkaline?


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    nothin to do with ph but it couldbe a little higher (6.8) but it looks nute burn flush, and foliar feed at 1/4 strength util it gets healthy then go back to soil feed ing, but if u cant find whats wrong flush as a last resort. becuz it strips the plants of nutrients and after feed at 1/4 strenghth ti ll conditions get better .
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    you know what it was?

    the ph was too high, needs correcting with ph down to about 5.8

    then everything was fine:)
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    i had the same problem, lower ur nutes way down. go with 1/2 str on ur nute's.. rember less is better.. keep a eye on ur ph and ppm..

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