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Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by Dr. Bloor, Sep 1, 2007.

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    I just read an article in the WSJ today about large pumpkin growers. There latest thing is to use aspirin. Salicyliac acid on there plants to prevent disease. They say that a couple of aspirins crushed into a gallon of water and then sprayed onto their plants helps to prevent disease. These guys are real serious growers of huge squash. Like 1500 pounds. It may be something to think about. Has anyone else heard of this?
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    No, sorry.
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    Stinkyattic : Have you read of this?
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    Now wouldn't that be something strange that might be something...good or just something strange.

    Looked around...
    seems like this may have more benefit for fighting disease and tolerance.

    The hypothesis that physiologically activeconcentrations of salicylic acid (SA) and itsderivatives can confer stress tolerance in plants wasevaluated using bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) andtomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.). Plantsgrown from seeds imbibed in aqueous solutions (0.1--0.5 mM) of salicylic acid or acetyl salicylic acid(ASA) displayed enhanced tolerance to heat, chillingand drought stresses. Seedlings acquired similarstress tolerance when SA or ASA treatments wereapplied as soil drenches. The fact that seedimbibition with SA or ASA confers stress tolerance inplants is more consistent with a signaling role ofthese molecules, leading to the expression oftolerance rather than a direct effect. Induction ofmultiple stress tolerance in plants by exogenousapplication of SA and its derivatives may have asignificant practical application in agriculture,horticulture and forestry.

    Aspirin for plants - research finding of the century??
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    Nice ref- Thank you
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    well thats just the first search i found
    it seems there is some merit to it just not sure if it relates to cannabis, but the New Zealand team did use tomatoes which I have always assumed was close.

    there is another subject on this too which has to do with gene expression
    cant find much on it though
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    For a completely pointless add on.....I know when I buy flowers (already cut) sometimes the directions talk about adding an aspirin to the water. They say it helps keep the flowers from wilting.......

    I said it was pointless at the beginning.... :D
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    I don't think that's completely pointless. It's probably very relavent.

    I must be, because I was going to say that.

    Hey Weedhound, what is that dog in your avitar? Is it full grown? I want one, I think.
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    That was way more than I was looking for. However I do think there may be something to think about here, I do know some serious growers that use it.
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    What that essentially says is yes it may be something to do. Asa may be a good thing to do on theses plants. It is used in the Central valley on many plant it seems. I think I will try that on the next crop. Thanks GG
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    That was a bit of good information, thankxs!
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  13. Dr. Bloor

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    I am doing it on my next grow. Dr. Bloor
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    When I used to grow (a few years ago) I heard you could use 1-2 aspirin (uncoated-caffeine free) per gallon of water (3 applications in a row) to stress a female into forcing male flowers. So I tried.
    Seemed to work ok on (firmly rooted) female clones, but took too long for newly-sexed adolescents. (At least for that harvest. Females would be ready just before pollen sacs would open) Resultant pollen produced about to 80% or so fem seeds. Did this for the Swazi, C-99xSweet Tooth, and Shiskaberry I had seeds for. No later hermie problems, that I noticed.

    Anyone else try this?

    p.s. I used to grow in soil, and don't know of usage in hydro...
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    That is interesting.

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