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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by dsmdavid, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. dsmdavid

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    alright i have a saliva drug test tomorrow morning at 10am for publix. i smoked last night and have recently become a frequent smoker. i wasnt expecting a saliva test and am very confused on what to do. i have been doing a little reading and im hearing a bunch of random stuff about what to do. herd using mouth wash and that it gets out of your system in about 24-48 hours. it will be before 48 hours since the last time i smoked. im about 5"6 170lbs and work out 5 days a week hardcore if that helps with anything.

    any advice would be appreciated
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    I don't know how much truth there is to taking sucking on altoid mints before going in along with making sure you brush especially the gum areas as a way to deter THC metabolites from being swabbed. If you do try the mints DON'T mentioned anything when/if they ask. I do know that swab test are a way to help determine recent use...not so much long term use.
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    thanks for the advise. i just picked up a at home test and the results came up negitive but i have been smashing the water in the last few hours. after reading for a few hours now i found out thats not going to help a saliva test anyways. from my reading i have herd that the saliva tests are not that accurate and you should use mouth wash, floss, and brush your teeth before you go. i plan on waking up and flossing again, brushing my teeth, and using the mouth wash before i go. when i get their ill probably use some more mouth wash and pop some mints in.

    ill let you guys know how it goes tomorrow after the test.
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    One last pointer....when you brush your teeth before test make sure you SCRUB the daylights out of your tougue, gums AND inside cheeks. Don't let ANY part of your mouth go without a COMPLETE scrubbing. Make sure the mints you use are altoids and whatever you do DO NOT let on that you have used any mints or mouthwash. Spit the mint out right before walking in to take test. With it being a swab test I would almost bet they will ask. Let me know by chance if they do ask about mints.
  5. dsmdavid

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    thanks for the advise. pretty much did everything stated above. i brushed the shit out of my teeth and used mouth wash before i left the house (for about a min). i then poped altoids in my mouth the whole car ride their (30 mins). before i went in i stuck an altoid under my tongue and when they said anything about a drug test i started sucking on it. right before she came in i quickly chewed it up then stuffed the altoids in the cheek i was going to stick the tester in. it disolved and i had to leave it in for 3 mins where i continually sucked the fluids out of my mouth.

    i will let you guys know if i passed or failed. it was approx 34 hours since the last time i smoked before i took the test...

    thanks again for the advise.
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    ^ you didnt keep your word dave..

    they're looking for THC not metabolites on the swab test.
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    Since they're looking for THC, would it be harder to test positive if you use a bong instead of a rolling papers?

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