Same question as everyone here. Naturally anxious & would love some assurance.

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by SneakyMcgee, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. SneakyMcgee

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    Well, here's another "will I pass" thread from a scared former smoker. I feel like I shouldn't be as nervous as I am about this, being clean for so long, but you go on these forums and read stories of people coming up positive after months and it's freaking me out that I might be one of those unlucky anomalies. I would LOVE an actual person with experience and knowledge to tell me to chill about it, rather than keep searching the web and reading these threads that just jack my anxiety even worse.

    My history:
    Smoked daily for about 3-4 years. Had used medical-grade flowers, even occasionally concentrates and oils in that time, and my tolerance exceeded most of my stoner friends.
    Began to taper in October of this year, getting down to a maybe a bowl every 2 days, with some homegrown bush weed (much lower quality than I was accustomed to).
    My last day using was 53 days ago, I've been squeaky clean since.

    My person:
    Mid-30s, overweight (5'10", ~210lb) male, average to below-average metabolism most likely. I do walk almost everywhere, probably a minimum of 2 miles per day, and considerably more on the weekends. Inconsistent diet -- sometimes junk food, sometimes reasonably healthy. Marijuana is the only drug I'm concerned about, I've never used anything else. No prescription meds, I drink at least a pot of coffee every morning, almost never take OTC drugs (like aspirin, ibuprofen, nsaids etc) either.

    My test:
    Pre-employment. My dream job. I'm moving across the country for it, so obviously I've got a lot at risk here. It's a standard urine 12-panel drug screen as far as I've been told. Onsite at a healthcare provider. I don't have to take it until mid-February, so I'll be adding on the full month of Jan and probably over half of Feb to my already 53 days clean. I have no cravings, I need this job, I'm definitely not going to use in that time. It should be around or over 100 days clean total by the time I have to submit.

    Home testing:
    I've been using the Easy@home urine dip tests from Amazon. First attempt at about 30 days clean, tested negative with a faint (but not ghostly) line. Have been consistently testing negative (checking every 4-7 days) up through today. Tried a first-void test this morning.. negative (fainter line than usual lately, but it's clearly there). In general, the lines don't seem quite as faint as the photos people post on these forums who're questioning their results, they do seem to be a little darker than those to me. Always fainter than the control line, but I understand that's common. Mid-day test a few days ago was probably about half as dark as the control line.

    So, experienced, knowledgeable people. Should I be worried? I'm concerned because I was definitely a daily user before I started tapering, and I do have a high body fat %, which are two things I know aren't in my favor. But I've been able to abstain for 53 days, am probably only about halfway through the detox period that I'll have before the test, and am consistently testing negative on the home strips, which feels like it should give me confidence. Would trying to burn off some fat during January be helpful?

    Thanks so much for reading. Sorry it's so long, just wanted to make sure y'all had all the details.
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    Hey! So from my experience I was about 50 days clean last week. Still testing positive. I went the dilution route (pinned on here) and that got me to two at home negatives. I went and took my pre-employment screen with that method and passed. Just got my offer letter today! But all in all from what everybody says...a line is a line. Plus you still have like 30+ days till test time. I think you’ll be ok. Again basing solely on my experience only, hopefully you can get some piece of mind. Good luck!
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    Hey JotS, Thanks for your reply. I read your other thread before posting this one, and it sounded to me like your tests weren't clearly positive initially, maybe borderline? I definitely smoked less than you towards the tail end of my using -- there was once a time when I was 2-3 bowls / night + very often about a half bowl in the AM, but during the last month or so that I was using I was definitely only on about a bowl every couple of days (new gf, didn't smoke around her), and with considerably lower strength flowers than I'd been using before. I know everyone's experience is different, and everyone's body is different; but you smoked more, had a fainter line around the same number of days and I haven't taken any efforts (yet) to dilute my urine before testing myself, so your story definitely does give me some confidence.
  4. SneakyMcgee

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    Here are a couple of my tests from the last 24 hours.

    This first is one taken mid-day yesterday (clean day 55), around 3pm, after drinking 2 large cups of coffee at around 10-11, having a couple pieces of toast around that time, doing some light walking in the early afternoon, and then drinking maybe 20-24 oz of water (the first glass with Metamucil) beginning around 1:30-2. Had pigged out a bit the night before and drank plenty of alcohol (new years'). Mid-stream collection. Pee was rather clear, which I felt was weird because I didn't drink inordinate volumes of liquid to try to make it more dilute. The line is nice and solid, appeared immediately, and I was pretty pleased when I saw it.

    This second one is first morning void from today (clean day 56), around 7:30am. Nothing consumed since about 9-10 the night before, and even that was just another regular sized glass of water with Metamucil. Dinner last night was mostly beans and corn. Mid-stream collection. Urine was dark yellow and pungent, almost borderline brownish. T line is much fainter, but definitely present and not ghostly faint like many of the others that get posted here.

    I still have exactly 7 weeks (I think) to go until I have to test. I've been trying to up my amount of exercise, but I've got mild joint issues that I don't want to aggravate by running. I walk almost everywhere anyhow, and it sucks to have to do it in this frigid cold but I'm taking every opportunity to walk instead of drive and plan to do so for all of January. I'm trying to eat better too, mostly cutting out alcohol during the week, adding the Metamucil, staying well hydrated (not because I really think it'll flush me out, but I feel fuller), and eating lots of veggies.

    As far as I know, this is just a standard urine screen I'm prepping for. This is for a large healthcare org (1000s of employees) that also screens all the rotating students, interns, contractors, volunteers, as well as all of its new hires on-site, so I'm thinking they probably don't have the time to do anything non-standard like send the samples straight to GC/MS. Still, I've got some 20ng/mL strips on the way (as well as 50ng/mL strips from another manufacturer) and will update with results.

    Somebody please tell me I'm fine!?
  5. Weezard

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    You are fine! :)

    Seriously, from the present test results, and the time remaining, you have nothing to worry about.

    Wee 'zard
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  6. SneakyMcgee

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    So, some weird results from this week.

    Picked up some 12-panel tests because that's apparently the test I'll be taking. Wanted to make 100% sure I was good with lines all the way across, even though I've never used anything besides MJ, and wasn't going to throw up any false positives or red flags that would elicit closer scrutiny.

    None of these are first void. None are heavily diluted; a couple beers, but nothing major.

    Top test was the first test I took. Was slightly distressed by the appearance of the THC line in comparison to the other drugs. Everything else on the card (back side not shown) was nice and solid.
    So I tried another of the same card with my next pee, about an hour later. That's the 2nd one from the top. Wanted to make sure the first wasn't just a bad strip or something like that. Results look almost exactly the same.

    Then I tried a couple of the single-panel dips in the same cup of urine that I used to do that 2nd multi-panel test. 3rd from the top is the Easy@home (same brand as the multi, which in that case had the THC on the same strip as another drug) and it gave me a nice solid line. Last one is the 2ong/mL UTest brand, which gave a slightly faded line but a line that's very clearly there (I understand that's typical for these low cutoff tests).

    Can anyone account for why the results might be so different?? All of these tests were purchased from Amazon (says "sold by Easy@home, fulfilled by Amazon")

    71 days clean and I still have about 32 days to go before I have to submit. Am I freaking out over nothing?
  7. IgotQuestions

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    You'll be fine and could pass today, but an extra month is just icing on the cake for near certainty.
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  8. IgotQuestions

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    Test without beer or caffeine for more accurate results, as they inhibit the anti duiretic hormone and can cause a potential negative dilute through increased urination.

    That is likely not going to change your testing negative, as it seems given your statement and tests and especially with a month to go. It is just some food for thought to take into consideration.
  9. SneakyMcgee

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    Thanks a lot for your input by the way, Igot & Weez. Really appreciate it. I realize it's exceptionally rare for someone to test positive after so long, and in the cases where that's happened the subject has actually been testing positive continuously all up through that point, but I just worry about somehow leeching out THC just before test day or attracting scrutiny due to a faint line or something else. I had been a pretty chronic user up until the beginning of October or so, after I finally ditched the pen and began to taper down to about around a bowl every day or two. Even had a couple weekends clean before November, and absolutely zero consumption since 11/6. I had been using concentrates fairly consistently as late as this Summer though, and am a bit pudgy, so it's hard not to focus on the factors that could be working against me, despite clearly testing negative.

    I guess going online to do all this fishing for peace of mind is doing the exact opposite for me.
  10. Weezard

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    "I guess going online to do all this fishing for peace of mind is doing the exact opposite for me."

    So it seems. :)
    It's a month away and you are testing negative already.
    Let it go, have some fun.
    If you simply must worry, wait until it's two days away, then obsess.
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  11. SneakyMcgee

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    Inconsistency... it's driving me nuts.

    I bought a package of Easy@home tests direct from their website (instead of Amazon, where I got my earlier box), and the packages and diagram looked exactly the same. For reference, see leaperleah's posts regarding the differences between the Easy@home tests she bought on EBay vs the ones she bought from the website. ( I wouldn't be surprised at all if some of the tests being sold on EBay are counterfeit, but I would hesitate to make that call solely based on the package and pos/neg diagram appearance based on my experience receiving the strips from Amazon and now direct from their website.

    So these are from the same sample this morning, first void of the day. Urine was dark yellow and pungent.

    On the right is an easy@home strip ordered direct from their website (50ng/mL)

    On the left is a UTest strip with a 20ng/mL cutoff

    Now, I want to believe if I'm passing a 20ng/mL strip with a first morning void, that should inspire a lot of confidence that I'm good. The line is faint, but it's clearly there (I'd actually say the photo under-represents the intensity of both test lines a tiny bit) and that's not uncommon with low-cutoff tests. But the inconsistency between the tests I've been taking -- the fact that the 50ng/mL easy@home test line is perhaps even FAINTER than the 20ng/mL line with the same urine sample -- is driving me crazy. Lines like this are fairly typical for me with dark yellow urine; and after fluids and later in the day, when my urine is clearer and lighter yellow, the lines are considerably stronger.

    Any thoughts?
  12. OneFunGuy

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    I think you're golden!

    My test is in 5 days, and I don't even get a ghost of a line.. so, I'm probably gonna have to go the substitution route. A line is a line, it may arouse suspicion if it's faint but as long as it's there I think you're good!
  13. surfing1

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    I don’t see what the problem is I clearly see lines on both tests. Let it go your good, quit stressing over the color of the lines, they are clearly there. Good luck
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  14. IgotQuestions

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    Even clean urine can and will show faint lines. If it were positive, there would be no question as it would be totally blank.
  15. SneakyMcgee

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    Well, I passed.

    I guess I didn't really have anything to worry about, but I had everything on the line, most factors not in my favor for quick clearance, and wasn't 100% sure how stringent the test was going to be.

    In the end, it was a LabCorp test. I figured since this was for a job in a healthcare setting they might do them in-house, but no. The test codes on the form were custom tests; there were 3 checkboxes to choose from (pre-employment, return-to-duty, and reasonable cause) and none of them came up in LC's online catalog. So I still have no idea whether it was the standard 50ng or not. It would have been trivially easy to sub if I'd needed to -- pockets were emptied but they didn't check.

    Test was mid-afternoon, stayed well hydrated but tried not to overdo it. Several voids throughout the day. Test pee was pale yellow and clearish -- the sort of appearance that gave me the strongest lines on the home tests. Result came back in about exactly 24 hours. Let me tell you how good it felt to have months of stress wiped away instantly as soon as I saw that email.

    I moved across country for this job, it's a six-figure salary and I feel like I'd be putting too much at risk if I started toking up again. So the test was around a month ago; I'm still squeaky clean and plan to stay that way. I'll miss the friendly herb but not enough to be willing to ever put myself through that anxiety again.
  16. RonFromSichuan

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    Glad to hear you passed man! Sucks that you can't smoke anymore though. I know someone who works in the healthcare smoking and he can't smoke because he gets tested monthly. I don't know if it's the same at your place, but like you said I wouldn't risk it, especially with the salary you have.

    I recommend looking into CBD if you are looking for a way to unwind after a stressful day at work.

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