Discussion in 'California (CA)' started by Twitch420, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Twitch420

    Twitch420 Registered

    whos from San Diego, i wanna smoke with someone some time:thumbsup:
  2. Storm Crow

    Storm Crow Registered+

    I'm from SD, but left over 30 years ago! Sorry, man!- Granny
  3. youngster420

    youngster420 Registered+

    im in san diego
  4. YotaBoy

    YotaBoy Registered+

    Same here, jsut a 1/3 of the time ago.

    FUNKNUGGET Registered+

    all of san diego is smoking right now, and not pot...
  6. theguitarhero

    theguitarhero Banned

    haha good one..
    but yeah
    guys im in san diego right now

    hit me up with a pm if you ever wanna chill
  7. boybuds

    boybuds Registered

    San Diego!!

    Hey, What's Up!

    I live in San Diego also, and am looking for folk to party with, and network also!

    I smoke *a lot* both for medical, and recreational. Until recently, I had a card, but they shut down the dispensaries, leaving me High and Dry (I'd MUCH rather be Dry, and High though!) :thumbsup:

    Anyway, we should all hook up somewhere! Maybe we can plan a party, just chat on-line, or share hang-spots, parties, and wisdom

    Be Revolutionary!

    Cheers, and good wishes!



    "Love, and peace will follow."
  8. yiGity

    yiGity Registered+

    SD in the house... smoke a blunt when it stops raining

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