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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by AngryFish, Feb 4, 2009.

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    Hello guys,

    It's been a while since I last visited these forums. I've found here a lot of answers to my questions, therefor, I hope I will have some answers this time too. Recently, I managed to find an indoor spot where I could realize my growing plans. But the problem for me is finding the right strain which would fit my needs. What I am looking for is a Sativa-based-high strain. I feel kinda tired with smoking Indica, being body-stoned is not what I am looking for. Also, what problems could I face when growing Sativa indoors? I know the first concern is height, the spot I have for growing is allowing a maximum of 1.5m for the plant to grow, so I don't need anything really taller than that. I've also heard that flowering takes a lot longer than for Indicas, I wonder how much of that is truth, or is it just a myth? Also, another day I was checking those popular seeds banks, some hybrids looked nice, Haze 19x Skunk and similar.
    Also, I will be growing under a 400w HPS if that changes anything.
    I will appreciate any kind of information which could somehow help me. Thanks.
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    Especially under a light that has the penetrating power of a 400w (read: not all that much), look for good short plants. Skunks originate in sativa lines and are nice and zippy for a plant that stays relatively short even through flower, as long as you manage it right, of course. Also, c99 hybrids are real winners.
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    Thanks for the input. I'll keep that in mind. As I understand getting the benefits of "Indica" (relatively short height) and having the effects of Sativa is not so easily connected, I'll see if I can find some more hybrids.
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    sativas can always be put in bondage....I have an Arjans Ultra Haze #1 plant that is about 4 feet tall after the top 4 feet has been tied over. Its under CFLs, and has been in flower since Dec 6th. I expect that it will be finished around mid March. I started a NCDG plant at the same time, both were put into flower at the same time, and the NCDG went into the cure jars last week.
    It really depends on the strain... most seed banks will tell you what the flowering time is.

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    I was looking for a nice sativa grow in my space. I bought AK-47, Neville's Haze and got free SweetBud.
    The Neville's Haze was nothing like the sattiva it's supposed to be. Some experienced NH growers doubted if there is any NH in those plants.
    The AK-47 has been reworked by the seed breeders and it is now mostly indica acting.
    The SweetBuds were definetly sativa. They were stretching for the roof and had beautiful pointy 11 fingered leaves...until they both showed stamen (oh balls!).

    So, the herbs are cured and are very stoney. I still do not have the sativa smoke I was looking for. Boo discount seed house.

    My queue is Blueberry, Mazar and Super Silver Haze. Two indica doms and a sat. The SSH should be very sativa but I have my doubts now. :(

    Needed (still), good sativa seeds that can grow under a 400W HID system.
  6. Mississippi Steve

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    Try one of these.....

    Arjans Ultra Haze #1

    Sugar Haze

    White Weed

    Marijuana Cannabis seeds at Hemp Depot Shipped Worldwide

    I am growing them under CFLs, and they are coming out real well

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