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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by turksteelman, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. turksteelman

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    I have never grown out sativas before, always indica. I usually run 30 days veg and then 2 mo flower give or take. Do you folks that run sativas lst or scrog them or what to control the heighth? How high will they get in 30 days of veg? They will run inside. Any help is appreciated.
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    I tend to have quite a few sativas in my garden because personally I like the high better than sleepy high of the indica strains(and I have depression so the stimulating effects help give me energy). JUST AS A WARNING IN SOME SATIVAS BE PREPARED TO GET A VERY SMALL YIELD OF FLUFFY BUDS. ALSO BE PREPARED TO WAIT 9-13 WEEKS FOR MATURITY. I harvested my whole crop a week and a half ago, but my sativa strains are still not ready and probably wont be that way till week 11 or twelve. The buds are premium quality but some strains dont give you veryy much.

    for me its not that they grow really tall in veg, its that they stretch like a motherfucker when in flower. To combat this I FIM(topping) mine a couple weeks before i flower. If you have the space though I wouldn't top. I presonally love the giant top colas that not topped plants produce
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    Yes some dont give good amounts but worth it for quality for sure!!!!
  4. turksteelman

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    Cool. thanks for the responses. I think the sativa will be fun to run.
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    Good luck and let us know how it goes! My only experience with mostly sativas was outside with a 5 month veg and those things I ended up having to top and scrog and they still came out over 8' tall when straightened out. Freaking beasts!
  6. turksteelman

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    Longer veg and flower times, possible low yield, tendancy of them being a beast and stretching like mad, don't like cerebral high.... I think I'll just order some new Indica beans. Back to the Hashberry!

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