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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Lemuel714, May 27, 2018.

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    Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions other than it's a sativa issue or don't grow sativas indoor? I've had this problem before with another sativa several years ago. This is a Super Silver Haze plant by the way. I've grown Super Silver Haze and Blue Dream without a hitch before. For some reason this one just spazzed out on me. And just a note of interest...the reason I stopped growing Super Silver Haze the last time was that during that time I was fighting a never ending battle with spider mites. At some point they took a liking to the Super Silver Haze plants. At the very end I had a half dozen plants mixed in with three or four other strains. They left the other strains alone to the point that I bagged up all the Super Silver Haze plants, got them out of there and did a little more maintenance and my spider mite problem was gone. Anyway, if anybody has any suggestions that might help before I try to flower the clones I took from this one, I would love to hear them.

    Thanx, Lemuel

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    I have used some leftover dry ice and a small garage can w/lid, to eliminate pests.. Keep the dry ice away from your clones.. As the dry ice sublimates it will fill the can with CO2, and a loose fitting lid will keep it in.....
    The CO2 wont hurt the plants, but it will kill any living things.. I've left clones in for 24 hours with no ill effects, except for a bunch of dead spider mites..
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    If you ask me, at first glance, that plant looks like it can't tell wether it's vegging or flowering. Stress. Light leak? Maybe not exactly dark at night? Little more info on the variables of your grow would be helpful for certain.

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    I like that...I've done something similar a couple times with a tent and a CO2 tank, once with a good deal of success and once not so much
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    I get what you're saying but I'm fairly certain it's not a light issue. I had 3 or 4 other strains (indicas and/or partial indicas) going which had no such issues. Also there was never a point at where the plant was reverting back to single blade leaves. For the first four weeks or so of flowering there was no "meat" growing on the calyx...literally only hairs.

    As far as variabes, they are in soil...a mixture of Happy Frog and Ocean Forest...under 1000 watt HPS 12 on 12 off with a modest regimen of Fox Farm nutes during flower. They're watered with tap water that sits for at least 24 hours before it is ph'd to 6.5. I'm not sure about the humidity but the temp has hovered up around eighty for pretty much the whole summer.

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