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    Back in the late 60's and early 70's, when I first toked, we did try to read what we could about this wonderful herb, but there wasn't much to read. Somebody had a paperback copy of "A Children's Garden of Grass" that was read by about 15 people. I remember reading about Cannabis Sativa L. I took a long break through the 90's and only been back about a year and a half. But now they talk about the major strains being: Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. Is this correct?
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    Ahh! An easy one!
    Cannabis sativa (Linnaeus)... denotes the naturalist who recorded and named the species.
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    I googled and read and found the correct terminology. Cannabis Sativa L. is the major heading with Sativa and Indica as sub-species, and Ruderalis in there too.
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    Very cool. Linnaeus, wow, thanks. I havta look that dude up.
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    cool info ... I remember reading that book, when but a wee lad, but don't remember anything about it ... a casualty of the 60's :D
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    My memory from that era sorta flashes. I just remember just spotty things and certain instances. But I ain't really sure of any of those memories actually happened. Cool book though.
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    Stinkyattic nailed this one down. 100% correct.

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