Saudi press said U.S. blew up World Trade center

Discussion in 'Politics' started by katsung47, Jul 6, 2016.

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    Not seen in Mainstream media report.

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    that explains the high cost of eggs, too
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    Catch me on the day when we have developed free energy and made oil worthless... that day when you will find me smiling ear to ear knowing that I was a part of taking them down. That day is not far off actually, and when it happens, these arrogant opportunists in the middle east will quickly return to being as poor as their desert sand, finding that their oil riches only benefitted them for about a century, until the world moved on and no longer needed what they were selling. I am happy to report that soon their backwards civilization will fade back into the medieval obscurity that they rose from on the backs of our ingenuity, and it will be that same genius and innovation that will put them back into their rightful place on this planet.
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    ...............The EU says otherwise...........
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    It is questionable as to "who" in the US blew up the two trade centers and caused Tower #7 to fall on the same day, but they are otherwise correct to claim that the U.S. masterminded the terror attacks as a means of creating a nebulous “enemy” in order garner public support for a global war on terror.
    And actually, 911 was done to garner public support of going to war in Iraq.

    It certainly wasn't a man living in a cave in Afghanistan. There is so much one can study on 911, there's a number of 911 truth organizations ... if one is interested, try starting with the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.
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    perfect collapse without being HIT
  7. katsung47

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    D.O.D. and D.O.J. .

    Though it's hard to believe,911 attack was a just a sub plan from a main secret deal.

    The main deal was made by the Feds (FBI and DEA) and Chinese secret police. China created a drug smuggling case, the payment were: the hosting of 2008 Summer Olympic Game and the membership of WTO.

    Pentagon created an incident for the Feds to justify the huge payment to the China (which at last pushed China becoming the No.2 of world economic power). That was EP-3 spy plane's incident. As a payback, the D.O.J.(The Feds) created 911 attack for the D.O.D..

    A secret deal between the Feds (FBI and DEA) and Chinese secret police in 2001.

    4/1/2001 EP-3 collided with a Chinese military jet and landed in Hainan Island, China.

    O.O.D. created EP-3 spy plane event for the D.O.J..

    4/11 The crew of EP-3 was released. Skolnick wrote article, " Red Chinese get big bucks in Secret hostage deals " D.O.J. got the drug smuggling case from Chinese secret police.

    4/26/2001 Silverstein was given the lease of WTC.

    In March, I received my drive license renewal letter which would expire on 5/25.

    5/11 The day of breaking out of the drug case. It was also the original planed execution date of Timothy McVeigh which was used to distract the case of killing of Kat H.Sung. Anyhow, I didn't mail the drive license renewal letter. So the Feds delayed the execution of McVeigh.

    6/11 McVeigh executed. My drive license expired on 5/25. Knowing I wouldn't renew my drive license, the Feds had to finish their plot. The planned drug case didn't break out. Former FBI director Louis Freeh resigned to take the responsibility.

    5/2 WASHINGTON, May 1— Director Louis J. Freeh of the F.B.I. said today that he would resign in June after an eight-year tenure

    7/13 China got the host of 2008 Summer Olympic. Payment to China for the secret deal.

    9/11 WTC collapsed. A payback from D.O.J. to Pentagon. (for starting war in Mid-east) Atta's drive license was used as evidence.

    9/17 China got the membership of WTO. Payment to China for the secret deal.…
  8. EvilCartman

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    Any timeline that omits the "fudge-pop" incident, is just ludicrous. :rolleyes:

    The real questions remain... Are we all driving legally? Where are the popsicle sticks? :p
  9. katsung47

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    Typical Chinese secret deal (2/24/2015)

    The Feds used to make a secret deal with a hostile country to frame a case. The advantage is nobody can investigate the case in a hostile country. People also tend to believe the framed case, rarely they will think of that a hostile country would cooperate with the US intelligence.

    In my case, the Feds used to bribe N. Korea. N. Korea is small and weak country, the payment it demanded is less expensive than the China. See #879 to #883.

    The typical Chinese one is much bigger.

    That was EP-3 spy plane hostage case took place in early April 2001. I then found an article in internet.

    Though the article was vague and confuse as a cover up misinformation, I still extract some information from this passage.

    It was a secret deal between US intelligence and Chinese secret police. The signatory and guarantor are agents of DEA and FBI.

    Chinese secret police was to provide a smuggling case of Heroin “China White?so they need a news censorship for the reputation of China.

    So said mainstream media is under control of the Feds. They can guarantee what news be released or not.
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    Conspiracy theorists are out there, just ask Agent Mulder.
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  11. katsung47

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    885. Huge payment to China and internet harassment (2/28/2015)

    On April 1, 2001, an US EP-3 spy plane collided with a Chinese fighter jet and landed in Hainan Island. 24 crew members were released on April 11, 2001.

    On same day, Mr. Sherman H. Skolnick wrote an article "RED CHINESE GET BIG BUCKS IN SECRET HOSTAGE DEALS". He revealed a huge ransom has been paid to China by the US.

    Obviously S.SKOLNICK was an insider of the intelligence so he could quickly access to the internal information. Of course he could not release the truth of the deal and had to pack it with a lot of unrelated material and cover up information to confuse the outsiders. It took me years to find the truth. Skolnick was dead five years later in 2006. I think he was murdered for that article even though he was an insider. This article now was not available in Internet as it was in earlier years. I was lucky to save it in my memory.

    Three days ago, when I wrote #884 to quote the content of that article, the window became blank and the USB lost its function. The agent who monitor on my computer disabled it. I had to use another computer (not accessed to internet) to unload the USB, then copy it word by word. When I wrote this article(#885), the window system is harassed again and I have to re-write it in notebook. It only proves my analysis on Skolnick's article is very correct, the Feds are afraid of it.
  12. EvilCartman

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    Troubling times. Hostage values have really tanked, in recent years. :( Damn Somali pirates...

    The Organization loves Windows. Always keep a hard copy of important documents, preferably in blue Crayola.
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  13. katsung47

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    The real payment is to be member of WTO (3/7/2015)

    At first, I was puzzled at Skolnick’s quotation of payment - 40 Billion dollars in U.S. credits, assets, gold bullion, and currencies, both U.S. and foreign. It was more like a looting list of how the FBI and DEA rob people then a payment in secret deal. It was until several years later when the economy of China had a big leap forward. When the news reported its GDP passed over German, then passed over Japan? Now becomes the second economic power of the world.I realized the real payment China demanded in that deal was to be the host of 2008 Olympic Game and the membership of the WTO.

    I was also puzzled by this statement in article for some time. EP-3 spy plane case was a sheer business between China and US. Why other intelligence were involved? Now I know, to complete Chinese demand, US needed votes in Olympic Game Commission as well in organization of WTO.

    Probably for this reason, Skolnick wrote this article. They could not seal the black box because too many countries joined the case. We outsiders thus know there was a secret deal.
  14. surejam123

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    "4/26/2001 Silverstein was given the lease of WTC." And insured it for 27 billion $ s Just two weeks befor 9/11
  15. katsung47

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    Interest exchange(3/11/2015)

    When I first read Skolnick’s article, two things were very evident for me.1. The prominent role of US side was D.O.J. (FBI and DEA were the signatory and guarantor of the deal) not D.O.D., although the hostage was the crew of spy plane. 2. The core thing was around a drug case - smuggling of China White to United States. Why D.O.D. made such a big sacrifice? Chinese dismantled that EP-3 spy plane to get all the secret of it. The later development proved there was an interest exchange between D.O.D. and D.O.J..

    4/1/2001 to 4/11, EP-3 spy plane crashed with Chinese fighter jet, landed in Hainan Island. The crew members were released ten days later under a secret deal. Pentagon created a platform for D.O.J. to pay China to frame a drug case for it.

    4/26/2001, Silverstein was given the lease of WTC.

    D.O.J. created a platform for Pentagon to get a “terror attack?it needed. FBI controls domestic security so it also controls the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

    D.O.D. got the war it wanted and D.O.J. got a drug case it wanted. Four months later we saw 911 bombing.
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  16. Vape

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    of course they said that lol
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  17. katsung47

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    888. The first payment for the drug case (3/18/2015)

    It took two months (4/11 to 6/11) for the Feds and Chinese secret police to arrange a drug case ?to smuggle heroine from south west China to US.

    6/9/2001 I received warnings from the Feds.

    6/11/2001 The day of Timothy McVeigh's execution. He was accused for Oklahoma bombing. Since then I learned the feds used to create a big event to distract public’s attention from a small case ?the murder of Kat Sung.

    For something unknown, the designated drug case hadn’t broken up. The Chinese secret police must have completed their duty of the secret deal. The US had to pay for it. That’s a big loss of US international interest. Someone had to take the responsibility. FBI director Louis Freeh had to resign from his post in June, 2001 when the Feds planned drug case ended.

    Next month, the big winner, China, got its first payment.

  18. katsung47

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    889. Second payment of the secret deal (3/22/2015)

    The first stage of the secret deal was marked by: Timothy McVeigh’sexecution and former FBI Chief Louis Freeh’s resignation in June and China’s awarding to host 2008 Olympic Games in July. Then the next stage started at same time.

    On July 23, Larry Silverstein took over the control of WTC complex. It took seven weeks for them to prepare for the controlled demolition of WTC building1,2 and 7. It was a big job to install something to dismantle three giant buildings.

    The Feds knew the coming “terror attack?would come with “hijacked commercial airplanes? So they prevented the “threat?in advance for their master.

    Less than a week after the 911 attack, China was affirmed for its second payment.

  19. katsung47

    katsung47 Registered+

    891. Time table of huge payment to China (4/2/2015)

    4/1/2001 EP-3 spy plane landed in Hainan Island.
    4/11 Crew of EP-3 were released. Skolnick posted an article article "RED CHINESE GET BIG BUCKS IN SECRET HOSTAGE DEALS".

    4/26/2001 Silverstein was given the lease of WTC.

    That was an interest exchange. D.o.D. created a case so that D.o.J. could made a secret deal with China secret police to create a drug smuggling case. D.o.J.helped D.o.D. to get the 911 bombing case.

    5/11/2001 Timothy McVeigh’s first planned execution date but delayed 30 days.

    6/11/ Timothy McVeigh executed.

    These two days were originally planned for the break out of the framed drug case and the murder of Kat Sung. The attempt failed. I’ll tell the story later.

    June/2011 FBI Chief Louis Freeh resigned to take the responsibility for the secret deal with China.

    9/11 WTC bombing

    7/13/2001 China awarded to host 2008 Summer Olympic Game.

    9/7 China was affirmed the entry of WTO.

    China got its payment of the secret deal.

    Skolnick never mentioned that the payment was Olympic hosting and the membership of WTO. But one sentence revealed something. “The principal financial terms of the hostage release are not to be publicized for at least until after Red China successfully arranges hosting the International Olympics…… according to European and non-European intelligence sources.?

    Until 4/11/2001, China had never had chance to host Olympic Game, let alone to be the member of WTO. Why Skolnick used that event as a reference? Unless he knew it’s a deal had to pay.

    Now we know why China could get that “narrow and unexpected?Olympic Game hosting in July and didn’t have to wait “long and painful?procedure to the WTO any longer in September that year.
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    Still at it, eh Katsung? I remember you from the long defunct LF. :D

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