Saudi press said U.S. blew up World Trade center

Discussion in 'Politics' started by katsung47, Jul 6, 2016.

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    This is what happens when first exposed to internet...... Eventho I agree,, lots of slimy shit goes on!
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    I woke up about this in February 2003, I somehow knew the internet was getting ready to explode and the people would educate each other about this, it was only a matter of time, and here we are. The funny thing is, that in February of 2003, I still felt like I was the last one to know. How wrong I was.
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    A senior cyber space monitor?

    893. New secret deal(4/13/2015)

    Since China has joined the WTO, Its economy improves a lot. China quickly gets rich. The wealth also created a lot of corrupt officials. Many of them escaped to hide in US. That's a big headache for the Chinese government. For decade it has sought US government help to deport these fugitives but failed.The corrupt Chinese officials have brought a lot of wealth to the US and useful internal information as well which benefits US a lot.

    Last month, there was a dramatic turn around.

    It meant there was a secret negotiation in process. On 4/11/2015, a deal is reached. The fugitives will be handed over to Chinese authority as a payment.Be noticed that both sides are intelligence.

    Once again, China gets what it wanted. What is their return to US? A framed drug smuggling case like what they did in EP-3 spy plane's deal? Or illegal money laundry case When they arranged a "painting purchasing" by Bank of China in last month?(see #892) I think in following days or months, a framed case would apply on me and my family. My wife will go to China again on April 14. Like usual, it was arranged by the Feds. It's easy to murder or planting when someone is on a tour.
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    Building 7 is the evidence for dummies about 9/11. There are still a lot of dummies out there, but I don't think that they can be educated about this. They don't want to know and they don't want to talk about it. It's all about safety; If they don't believe it (you), then they maintain their position of being able to change their minds. If they believe it (you) and learn the truth, then there's no turning back. They will remain sitting upon the fence until they realize that they are in more danger of being hit by crossfire than choosing sides, and then they will choose the side that appears to be winning.
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    Now that survivors/victims can sue Saudi Arabia, it's all good. :S2:
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    World Trade Center was pulled down by mini nuke. When the government insider found too many people having cancer, they once planned to nuke the New York. so they could blame it the result of terror attack. I wrote it three years ago.

    763. Why select New York? (3/18/2013)

    Several years after 911 attack, people were rattled by unusual cancer case among first responders of ground zero. They started to think the WTC were pulled down by mini nukes.

    Then cancer caused death rapidly rose. 345 Ground Zero workers have died of various cancers as of June 2010.

    Now you should understand why Eric Holder announced to put "911 mastermind K.S.Mohammed " on trial in New York" in 2009. It was used to justify an "Al Qaida revenge attack for trial of their leader". The planned attack was a nuclear one, so they could blame the cancer were caused by Al Qaida terror attack. The purpose is to cover up the truth that in 911 attack, mini nukes were used. The similar tactic has been tried in 2007, when a B-52 flied over US continental with 6 loaded nuke missiles. New York must have been the target of these nuclear missiles. Of course, mainstream media beat the drum on 911 Master-mind trial?but rarely report the unusual cancer deaths of the first respondents of ground zero. Because that would expose who was the real Master-mind of 911 attack. Al Qaida has no nuclear bomb.
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    894. The reason why I don’t have a valid drive license (1) (4/20/2015)

    In late 1990s, the Feds intensified persecution on me with their high tech.EM wave weapons. I went to South East Asia to get rid of those radiation shooting. I drifted there from March 1999 to July 2000.

    In March 2000, I was in Thailand. I found the authority tried to frame me in a drug case. I was in horror. This was a very serious matter, so I sought asylum in Foreign Minister of Thailand. It was hard in a strange country if you were framed in such a case.
    (see ?9. Frame attempt?and ?0. Seeking asylum?

    In July 2000, I returned to US. The bitter experience of trying to frame me in alleged drug case alarmed me. I started to tell my story in Internet.

    On Nov. 12/2001, San Jose Mercury News had a whole page article “Killing Pablo? It said the “secret group killed 300 people. No one was ever prosecuted. (see #62. Plot) I had a feeling the Feds would carry out a big slaughter in US. That article “Killing Pablo?was to justify their action.

    On January 16, 2001 the Federal Bureau of Prisons set May 16, 2001 asMcVeigh's execution date.

    The Feds must have my personal information. May 16, 2001 was carefully selected. My drive license was expired on May 24, 2001. I had to renew my drive license before that date. The Feds was sure that they could intercept my license renewal mail and using it as hard evidence in coming “big drug case?

    Anyhow, I hesitated to mail the license renewal form.

    On Apr. 11, Skolnick wrote his “RED CHINESE GET BIG BUCKS IN SECRET HOSTAGE DEALS? I found it was about to frame a “Heroin smuggling case? not for hostage releasing. Combined with the article “killing Pablo? I thought the Feds must have plotted a big drug case on me.

    5/11/2001 The original planned execution date of Timothy McViegh. I didn’t mail the renewal form, that interrupted the plan of the Feds. They had to extend the execution date.

    5/12/2001 The Mercury News had a brief news which proves my suspicion was very accurate, I wouldn’t renew my drive license. (see ?4. My brother in law was targetted? Even if it causes so much trouble in my life.

    6/11/2001 McVeigh was executed.
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    898. why I don’t have a valid drive license (2) (5/5/2015)

    In March 2001, I received a drive license renewal notice from DMV. The old license would expire on May 24,2001. I hesitated to mail the renewal form to DMV because there was an event at that time trying to get my signature on a blank paper. It alarmed me that the Feds was organizing a plot.

    4/11/2001, Skolnick's article revealed there was a secret deal made between Chinese secret police and the Feds. The deal was to create a drug smuggling case from China to US.

    5/11/2001, Timothy McVeigh's excution date. It was delayed. I think it was because I didn't mail my drive license renewal form to DMV. The Feds need my drive license as evidence in their framed case.

    5/12/2001, a brief news in Mercury News said there was a malfunction in machine which issuing renewal drive license in Sacramento DMV office. It caused a lot of renewal drive license sent to wrong addresses. It justified why my drive license would be in wrong hand if I had mailed renewal form. The news issuing date was well planned. The action day of the Feds was 5/11. The execution of McVeigh was used to distract public's attention from a framed drug case. The victim would have no chance to read the news of malfunction machine of DMV next day.

    6/11/2001, McVeigh executed. The Feds knew that I wouldn't renew my drive license any more. Their plan failed. But I since lost the chance to drive.

    9/11/2001, the promised deal to Pentagon still had to pay. Besides, the Feds had to get the Patriot Act to keep their target under surveillance. The news after 911 attack proved my allegation was very correct. The Feds used victime's drive license as their evidence.

    See all articles at:
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    895. New plot is similar to the 2001 one (4/24/2015)

    In early May 2001, the resignation of the Heads of FBI and DEA also indicates something big would take place.

    Those heads used to step down with crime their department committed. At that time, it was for a framing drug case and attempt murder planned to happen several days later (originally for May 11, 2001 then extended to June 11 but went soured)

    Now they repeat that old tactic again.


    Another two resignations of D.o.J. which means the Feds plot a new drug case ( DEA involved) and will commit a murder crime so they step down in advance to take the responsibility. Everything is similar to the EP-3 spy case of 2001 while secret deal with China has been made. (see "893. New secret deal (4/13/2015)") It could happen as early as tomorrow- Apr.25/2015 - my wife’s return date from her Chinese trip which was arranged by the Feds.
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    896. Still the F.I.S.A. Court (5/5/2015)

    In "893. New secret deal(4/13/2015)" and "895. New plot is similar to the 2001 one (4/24/2015)", I said the old tactic repeated. The Feds have a new plot with the help of Chinese secret police. My wife had been arranged a Chinese trip from 4/14 to 4/25. After her return from China, C.Y.- an alleged Chinese double agent has visited my house three times in latest week.(see C.Y. at #668,669 and 724)

    C.Y.'s son works in an American company. A sub-division of that company in China has organized the Chinese staff to have a meeting in America recently. C.Y. asks my wife to arrange a US tour for those Chinese staff.

    I think it's part of this new plot. The purpose is to link us to a Chinese spy group and cover us under a F.I.S.A. warrant. (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act)
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    897. Computer trap (5/5/2015)

    On 4/26, one day after my wife's return, the screen of my computer blacked out.

    When my wife saw my conputer was out of order, she said, "Don't touch my computer". She has a notebook computer but she rarely use it. She plays iPad.

    The notebook was given by her boss, said for business material storage. I never touch it before. My wife was a toll of the Feds. I am afraid the computer is full of virus or illegal material-in another word, it might be a planting.

    On 5/3, she suddenly changed her attitude to allow me to use the notebook. For one week I couldn't go internet. So I used it right away.

    I used to post with window Word Process. It doesn't work in that notebook. A frame instracts: "

    Activation Wizard

    Your beta software has expired.
    Use Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel to remove the beta software from your computer."

    My wife said beta software might be downloaded by her boss or someone else.

    The wizard suggested to go through a list of programs. I was scared. If the Feds hid a malicious worm program and I could touch it off by just a click, then the computer could become a virus source. It thus gives the Feds the excuse of search and arrest they have sought for such a long time.

    I think it's a trap that the Feds set up. They sabotaged my computer with some back door system, just like what they did in MH370 (with hidden auto pilot system) and drove me to another computer they prepared.
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    899. April plot (3/29/2016)

    A secret deal between the Feds (FBI and DEA) and Chinese secret police in 2001.

    4/1/2001 EP-3 collided with a Chinese military jet and landed in Hainan Island, China.
    D.O.D. created EP-3 spy plane event for the D.O.J..

    4/11 The crew of EP-3 was released. Skolnick wrote article, " Red Chinese get big bucks in Secret hostage deals " D.O.J. got the drug smuggling case from Chinese secret police.

    5/11 original planed execution date of Timothy McVeigh. It was used to distract the case of killing of Kat H.Sung. Anyhow, I didn't mail the drive license renewal letter. So the Feds delayed the execution of McVeigh.

    6/11 McVeigh executed. My drive license expired on 5/25. Knowing I wouldn't renew my drive license, the Feds had to finish their plot. The planned drug case didn't break off. Former FBI director Louis Freeh resigned to take the responsibility.

    7/13 China got the host of 2008 Summer Olympic. Payment to China for the secret deal.

    9/11 WTC collapsed. A payback from D.O.J. to Pentagon. (for starting war in Mid-east) Atta's drive license was used as evidence.

    9/17 China got the membership of WTO. Payment to China for the secret deal.

    A new secret deal between the Feds and Chinese secret police in 2016. China will play the role to kill my family members when they are arranged for trips there.

    My wife will have a trip to China from 4/3/2016 to 4/17.

    Something big will happen in April to distract the murder case - either a natural disaster, epidemic, terror attack, or all of them if I would be murdered in their plot.
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    900. Murder in jail (4/2/2016)

    How would they murder Kat Sung? Find an excuse to arrest him then killing him in the jail. They performed this action 6 months ago.

    I live in San Jose. If I were arrested, Santa Clara county jail will be the place to detain me. The sheriffs obviously were hinted that the target the feds wanted to kill was a psycho. Michael Tyree, unfortunately was a mentally ill inmate, was mistakened as the target and became the victim.

    I used to be tarnished as insane by the cyberspace team agents. The following quote of a reply from fourpart Currently may well indicate my foresight and their elimination skill.

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    903. Room vacated for years (5/15/2016)

    Feng L. Sung is my young sister. She lives in San Francisco. The ground floor of her house was reformed to a two bed room in law for rent. The tenant is Mr. Jin.

    Mr. Jin's grandmother had worked as a maid with my family for decades. She had no children. She adopted a son. That's Mr. Jin's father - a school teacher. My father abominated him, said that he was a government informant. My grandfather was a celebrate who went abroad when the Communist Party took over the China. It was natural that the government set an eye on our family.

    As I know, Mr. Jin was a tax collector when he was in China. Several years ago, he rented a bedroom from my sister. The odd thing is that he doesn't allow my sister to rent off the other vacant room. This behave becomes a talking issue in our friends circle. Why he wants to keep an empty room there? It's strange that my sister tolerates his bully action. For me, this is very clear. Mr. Jin, likes his father, works as snitch for Chinese government. When the Feds have a deal with Chinese secret police, China sends many agents here to monitor my family. e.g.: G-man and C.Lady worked as colleagues with my wife, C.Y. and W.S. bought the house in my neighborhood.(see #635,643,644, 584) Mr.Jin, moved into my sister's house. The vacant room is obviously a trap, to link the new tenant to a F.I.S.A. warrant.

    Last week, I learned the emptied room for years now is rented off. The new tenant is my daughter. She doesn't want to take too much commute to San Francisco. A new plot starts in the end of May and June.

    905. June plot (5/25/2016)

    Ben Gu is my brother in law. His wife is my youngest sister. Ben Gu is a successful business man. He now owns several houses in San Francisco. He also is a target of the Feds. (see# 64. My Brother in law was targeted.)

    Ben Gu has an eld brother lives in Shanghai. Ben often helps him in finance. Now his niece live in his house in San Francisco. Strange enough, Ben's niece has a theory that Ben's wealth should belong to her father's. Her reason is, three decades ago, when her great Aunt sponsored one to the States, it ought to be her father not Ben because her father was the old brother, should have the privilege.

    My relative told me this story. "Ben earns his wealth with his hard working. It's absurd to have such an opinion". She said resentfully.

    I have different view. It's a typical evil tactic of the intelligence. They used to provoke family conflict with jealousy.

    What alarms me is Ben's niece will go home next month. I allege Ben's niece and Mr. Jin both work for the intelligence and are planted in my sisters house. A framed case may break out in June. Likely a drug case from China. Ben Gu imported merchandise from China. It's easy to plant something in shipment.

    To plant in garbage can is also a tactic the Feds used to use. (see # 689. Plant in garbage can and 6/10/2011 case (10/17/2011)). Coincidence is there is a notice from city of San Jose:
    "Free Neighborhood Cleanup Event
    Garbage collect day: Saturday, June 4, 2016"

    June, is obviously a month of plot.
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    906. Effort to link me to F.I.S.A. (6/1/2016)

    On 5/30, my wife told me Mr. yao and his family will come to U.S. on 6/3 (Friday) and visit me right on the same day. Mr. Yao was my classmate of Junior middle school. We know each other for more than 50 years.

    The last time I saw him was 21 years ago when I was in China. The sudden visit is not a coincidence. It is arranged by the Feds and Chinese secret police. It's obvious. I just talked about they have planted two informants into my sisters' houses. Now they directly send one to me to link me to the Chinese intelligence. It's easy to recruit ordinary people to be an informant.

    So many events squeeze together in this month. It's for one purpose - the Federal Reserve is eager to raise the prime rate. The world is watching every movement of the Fed Reserve. But it has to obey the order of the Feds.(FBI and DEA) The Feds hold a large quantity of the houses in Bay Area - not only for the convenience of framing a case (they put their informants in targets' neighborhood, in banks, stores, and working place the targets go, but also a method of making money. Normally, it works. But this case lasts too long, more than 20 years. Too many real estates are held. A tiny rate upwards will cause a big cost, let alone there may be a risk to break up a balloon.

    That's why so many efforts to frame a case in this month.

    907.The Feds control the internet (6/7/2016)

    On 6/5, Sunday, I joined two two groups in Facebook. One is "9/11 Truth Movement - All Theories Welcomed", the other one is "911 questions". I posted a news "Saudi Press: U.S. Blew Up World Trade Center To Create ‘War On Terror?
    ". Then I started to post my theory "The origin of 911 attack" in "9/11 Truth Movement". Soon I received a note from the group host.

    Norma Rae 11:58am Jun 5
    I leave it alone because my theory is 9/11 related. Then I found my postings started disappeared from the page. I went to the other group"911 questions", found a message was waiting for me:

    Ray Kraaijenhagen

    To my astonishment was that I even hadn't started to post "The origin of 911 attack". How did Kraaijenhagen know what I was going to do next and threatened to "they will be deleted."?

    I reviewed that site, found many unrelated messages (such like passed away Boxing star Muhammad Ali...)

    The odd story indicts that: 1. I am under the surveillance by the Feds cyberspace team all the time. The response is instant. All happens in minutes.

    2. Those groups are set up by the Feds, are traps to net those who don't believe the lies of government.

    3. My analysis (The origin of 911 attack) is very correct. They are afraid of it.

    Judge it by yourself if my "The origin of 911 attack" is 9/11 related.

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