Saunas?!?! Do they work?

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    I was wondering if suanas work at removing toxins (drugs/metabolites from drugs ) out of your system? i havnt read anything about sweating toxins out but ive heard that it works!!

    Also in the dilution methods i was wondering if your smaller/skinny does it matter how much you drink? could you drink less than the recomended?
    In my case i followed the dilution directions but had to wait an hour to take my Test! so about 20 minutes there i ended up peeing at the Testing Site and drank a few drinks of water outta the fountain and then took my UA about 40 minutes later.I voided atleast 5-6 times before my UA (piss test) , just wondering if i will be all good?
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    Supposedly saunas just make you sweat they don't sweat fat so they don't get rid of thc. They do feel nice after a bowl though.:pimp:


    supposedly huh!! Well its said that sitting in a sauna until you burn fat (which if you work out before the sauna you will already be in burning fat mode) that you will remove 10-15% of toxins in your body!!!

    Do the math that means that you can remove almost all the toxins in your body within 10 days!!!
    The key is to make sure you drink enough liquids after the sauna to remove the toxins that stay in the body!!

    Also massages will move toxins around and if you drink alot of water before and after massages you will piss and shit alot of the bad stuff out!!

    So why not hit the sauna every other day for 2 weeks and spend 50 bucks on a me with enough water intake and a good diet the longest it will take to get clean is 2 weeks..I dont care who you are!!

    plus atleast you will feel good and healthy!!
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    Can anyone actually verify this? FBR? Anyone else? Sounds good, but almost too good to be true.
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    Well that's just crazy talk. Sitting in a sauna doesn't burn any calories and THC metabolites are not "TOXINS". Why would you think saunas burn calories? First of all, if people could burn fat and loose weight, saunas would be the number one selling product in the U.S. with its obesity problem. Next, saunas would probably actually slow down your metabolism because part of your basal metabolic calorie usage is to maintain body temp of 98.6. If you are in a sauna your body doesn't need to spend so many calories staying warm. What would probably be more effective would be sitting in a walk in cooler. Colder environments supposedly causes a slight increase in calorie usage.

    More crazy talk. You can't rub things out of you body with massage. There are also plenty of people who take longer than 2 weeks to pass a test.

    Just because your sweating doesn't mean you are removing THC metabolites from you body. THC is eliminated mainly by your liver and kidneys. Very little if any is eliminated through sweat.

    In summary, Saunas, not very helpful.
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    Thanks FBR.........I figured the massage stuff was crap, but I really wondered about the sauna stuff. And yea, it would make a lot more sense to up your metabolism in the cold, since your body would have to "work harder" to maintain its normal temp.

    As always, many thanks, bro!!!!!!



    IF you guys want to believe everything FBR says be my guest.
    I dont think the guys is to wise.He found some info that has been out there for a while.Who doest know that aspirin messes with the emit test.but that has nothing to do with other tests that can be performed so .

    As far as the sauna he is completley wrong!!
    If anyone knows the correct way to use the sauna they know that you go for ten minute sessions atleast 4 times with a 5 minute cold shower between each session for a total of 60 minutes at the spa!!!

    Calories are not fat!!!
    read about calories...If it was all about removing all the calories out of your body you could just starve yourself and take fat burners.

    Massages do work to remove toxins!

    Here is my point!!
    even if saunas and massages dont remove thc as FBR claims that is is 100% correct since he is a scientist with a doctors degree.oh wait your just a pot head like the rest of us looking up info on the
    anyways the saunas and massages with alot of water drinking and a good diet will remove "other toxins" that the body stored!! That will give the body a chance to remove "THC" quicker since its not working as hard!!!

    But as far as saunas ,yes they do work and yes people have been using them for years to remove toxins,increase metabolism and burn fat.thats the reason why i mentioned them.You cant just sit in a sauna until you sweat and think you will burn fat but if you sit in there like i said with the 4 10 minute sessions with 4 5 minute showers between each session for an total of an hour of hot and cold therapy it will do you justice!! Massage yourself while your in the sauna and shower.Use albolene to sweat more !! it is like a parafin wax that boxers use to loose weight in the sauna!! Ive trained for boxing for years and ive lost 10 pounds in 2 days putting albolene on my body and sitting in the sauna for an hour! going back and forth from hot to cold. I agree subbing is the best but if you can stop for 2 weeks and do this you should be good!!

    Im sure if yall are reading these threads you are looking for information! So look saunas up!
    And if you really think that massages have no benefit you should stop smoking whatever it is your smoking because it obviously not green!!

    You cant be right all the time!!

    How bout this...
    Drink all the water you can consume the day of your test and piss as much as you can .Add aspirin ,salt and calcium (which is what tums/rolaids is) take a multi-vitamin and go take the test!!!
    Wow now i feel like FBR!! To bad people have been doing that since the



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    I corrected the spelling in your title, Mr. Manana. Somehow, I'll believe the evidence presented to me by FBR, who's had four years of college science followed by four years of medical school and further years or residency, over someone who can't spell "sauna" and wants to tout the advantages of massage for detoxification. Massage can indeed move fluid around and out of muscle tissues and help empty it into the lymphatic system, but it can't do the job of the liver and kidneys in metabolizing and excreting drug metabolites from the system. You could learn a lot from listening to concrete scientific and lab-testing expertise instead of encourage people to grasp onto detoxification folklore. FBR very much knows what he's talking about and has the education to back that up.
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    Ok Manana check this out.

    From 10-17-2007 at 23:33

    So on 10-17-2007 you must not have known the answer because you asked the question.

    From 10-21-2007 at 02:20

    Still doesn't sound like you have the answer yet.

    Suddenly 15 hours later you have the answer? Well why did you ask everyone else for the answer if you knew it all along? Because you don't really know.

    BTW, about the aspirin, not many know that. Also, what difference does it make about the other tests if you pass EMIT? If your immunoassay portion of the test is the EMIT brand of immunoassay testing and you pass it, do you think they are going to run GC/MS on a negative sample? No, only non-negatives get further testing.

    I understand in some states there are sauna police and if you don't follow this "the correct way to use a sauna" then it is punishable by 5 years in prison and or a $50,000 fine. When I think of sauna I think of a dry sauna with the wood and sometimes the rocks you pour water on. I don't know how many people out there can stay in a sauna for 40 minutes out of 60 but I can't nor would I want to stay in it that long.

    Calories are not fat but FAT IS STORED CALORIES and we are talking about fat, not calories so thanks for making that one easy. See, it is like the rectangle/square thing. If someone starved themselves they would loose weight, there is no doubt about it. Let's define starving as not eating anything and let's see how many people who don't eat for a week loose weight. Do you want to argue that one? I also take it that you wouldn't be talking about the fat in the omentum that is used to protect organs, would you?

    Do you have any proof? I read the links but nothing scientific or concrete was contained in those links to the web (More on "to the web" in a moment. This one will be good)

    Didn't you post a bunch of links to internet website, 2 of which are wikipedia, the internet encyclopedia, and 1 for freewebs? Who is the one getting their information from the web skipper? If you would read my posts you would see I get my information for many solid sources from personal knowledge to experience to information from those in the industry to the little green men that visit me on even numbered months that end with a full moon.

    Sorry but all those links in your post before Birdgirl's are pretty useless. You included very biased websites, such as a maker of saunas!!! That's like saying "Hershey's chocolate is the best, look right there on their website, it says it right there." I want to see scientific proof, not a bunch of BS advertising and self-promotion. How about something from an independent party.

    Also about the sauna maker you linked, you never said infra red saunas. That does actually make a slight difference. Why, well let me tell you.

    There are some machines used in cosmetic skin care that use infra red, radio energy, suction, and rollers (all in combination together) to treat cellulite. However, clinical trials have not shown that these machines burn fat or stored calories. So if these machines that are FDA approved for removal of cellulite and are marketed as such and charge people a good bit of scratch for these procedures haven't been shown to burn fat then I doubt an infra red sauna missing the other 3 modalites is going to do it. No, I don't believe everything from the FDA but they are pretty solid. Again, I want scientific proof about saunas and burning fat and not the website of a sauna maunfactor advertising that you burn fat without any solid data.

    Also, in one of your links it talks about how fat melts at 110 degrees. Listen skipper, if your body got to 110 degrees guess what the fuck is going to happen? You're going to die before you melt the fat. I don't think that is the desired outcome.

    Again, THC metabolites are not toxins and show me how excess water is going increase the GFR of THC.

    That will give the body a chance to remove "THC" quicker since its not working as hard!!!

    Then why did you ask if you know the answer???

    I'm sure just about everyone on this website has undergone rapid water weight loss from a combination of heat and limited fluid intake. That's not headline news there.

    You're right about that but I am right a lot of the time when it comes to drug testing. Look at how many people ask for my advice by name and how many people reference my answers. Look at how many people pass when they listen to me. I'm just trying to stick it to the bladder cops and if you can't get down with that then good for you. I'm not going to let you marsh my mellow.

    Yeah, people have been diluting for many years. I gave that up years ago because I can do what I do, smoke, and pass my test without going to saunas and getting massages, drinking lots of fluid, taking Tums, aspirin, and multivitamins. Wow, that was a chore just typing all that out while it is a breeze to sub. Did you even read any of my posts in this section before you tried to bash me for being right? Also, the dilution method isn't drink as much water as you can. It is called dilution and not "the method where I make as little urine as possible while passing as much water as possible. Water isn't the preferred fluid anyway. Can you also say negative dilute?

    Still waiting for proof on the water, sauna, and massage. You copied me with the fiber BTW, which you should have said soluble fiber.

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    Its a boxing match

    I see your persitant in saying that there is no way to remove THC out of your system quicker!!

    The headline "DO saunas work" was just to catch attention!!

    I was just wondering if they worked for other people besides me!!

    I see you righted all my wrongs. But unfortunatley doctors aint the smartest people. they are just the ones who took the time to go to
    so congradulations on being educated on selling/perscribing legal drugs to people and killing cancer patients who would probably live longer with out the treatment of doctors.

    Im wondering why people even made saunas in the 1st place..
    And i know this is gonna sound messed up but i believe i read somewhere that more THC is excreted in feces than urine.if that is true why do they test piss in the 1st place?
    I never said that i was right. But i challenge people to take the info and try it.if im wrong im wrong!!
    Most people can be clean after smoking for several days within several days (3-10 days) but the problem is compounding/compacting more and more thc in a toxin infested body!
    Every one even pot smokers should detox! For one thing it will make your highs more intense. DETOX for a week and smoke and you'll see you wont need to smoke blunts. You will get high like you did the 1st time you smoked.

    Since your the man in this field how about shedding some light on all of us on the best way to detox!!

    For everyone out there SAUNA up baby and you'll thank me for it... If you cant sit in a sauna for 10 minutes take a cold shower for 5 minutes and get back in the sauna for 10 minutes /5 min shower....ect for a the length of an hour you are a pussy!!
    sorry to say!!

    And drugs legal and illegal can be found in sweat!!
    That is a fact!
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    Mr. Tomorrow, every time you hit they keybord with your fingers and further display your illiteracy, you ensure that you'll be even less credible than before.

    Doctors have a heck of a lot more physiology and biochemistry than you realize--and a lot more smarts than you can comprehend. You clearly didn't take the time to go to college, much less be selected for medical school. And you have no idea just how many lives cancer treatment saves every year. We get people like you periodically here who want to take hope away from cancer patients pursuing--and achieving cures with--traditional anti-cancer therapies. I always give these jokers the same advice: you need to read a heck of a lot more about cancer, cancer therapies, and the ever-increasing cure rates we achieve each year. Stop blasting treatment modalities you obviously don't have the faintest idea about it. We have people here on these boards who've achieved successful cancer cures, and I won't have some scientifically clueless noob detracting from their successes or shaking the faith of those who may face that battle in the future.

    FBR is a lot more tolerant of you than I am. If I were you, I'd back way off. I'm not going to be as patient with you as he has been.
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    Yet the first part of your post is this:

    So not only is it your title but the content of thread.

    Well I would trust a doctor to understant human physiology over a mechanic or IT officer.

    That makes a lot of sense. :rolleyes:

    Maybe because of the relaxing feeling one gets from a hot sauna and not to remove toxins.
    That is so easy it only takes common sense. Who wants to collect feces and test feces? How many times a day do you urinate and how many times do you go to the bathroom for a bowel movement? How many people can produce a bowel movement in a short time as opposed to urinate with or without the assistance of drinking water? THey do test feces, in infants and newborns. When you become an adult and you aren't making bowel movements every few hours, they tend to collect urine instead. I know many people who don't have a bowel movement for days. Also, they are usually testing for more than THC metabolites. Not everything can be found easily in feces.

    What are you trying to say there?
    That's not detoxing because the metabolites aren't psychoactive. That is called a lose of tolerance which is much different.

    I post this all the time. Search and ye shall find.

    That's called calibrating results to correlate to body levels. Just because you can find THC metabolites in sweat doesn't mean that increasing how much you sweat will result in a statistically significant reduction in THC metabolites. Also, now you are hung up on sweating. What happened to burning fat with high temperatures? What about massage?

    Birdgirl, the only reason why am more patient or tolerant of him is because it is people who post such bad info like this that allows me to show tried and true methods of beating a drug test while dispelling false theories like this.

    If this really is a boxing match then the ref just stopped the fight to give you a standing 8 count. Watch out for the knockout. All you have to do to save this match is post a solid scientific study with a large study size showing saunas decrease the time needed to pass a drug test. I'm waiting.

    Finally, you may want to watch how you throw around the cancer references. There are many members here who been affected by cancer in their lives or those close to them. Show some tact.
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    Alright everyone. I own an infrared sauna that I keep at my house. I've been clean for a month until yesterday at 11:59 am-ish. I've purchased three yes or no ua tests for tonight (as I slept all day) to verify I'm positive and ten more coming that each have multiple cut off levels. Increasing you're heart rate, metabolism, and blood flow via sauna especially infrared will result in an increased detox rate for THC. Also consider saunas do aid the kidneys and liver which by that will result in a more efficient detox rate. Especially when I start working out before hand.

    I'm 5'11 and weigh 153.2 lbs.

    I will be taking a level specific ua before and after each sauna session once received same day shipping tomorrow.
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    Kidneys rely on water to operate. Thats why alcoholics have trashed kidneys/liver issues. Because the alcohol dehydrates them. Now I will say doing nothing and drinking lots of water wont do a lot to detox, but being dehydrated would definitely be a bad idea.

    To me saying that is the equivalent of saying giving that plant plenty of sunlight will not help it grow any faster. All that sunlight would not make youre plant grow faster.... to me it just doesn't seem right.

    But Ill let the facts speak for themselves I will definitely post my findings. I am taking pictures of the drug test samples for proof... with dates and time.
    Infrared sauna sessions are thirty minutes including warm up. I expect to see an increased positive result after each sauna trip. I may also begin a food fast starting with only juice and transferring to water after the first day. I already feel better from my weekend bender.

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