Say Hello to my Little Friends! 3 ladies join the pack.

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by Racerx, Aug 10, 2006.

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    <puerto rican accent> Say hello to my little friend! :D

    You can check my growlog in Indoor Growing for more info, but I just became the proud new daddy of 3 new plants. I wanted to show off and ask some quick questions. Due to circumstance, someone had to get rid of these quick. In exchange for a small donation and a good home, they were mine. Unfortunetly Im a little crowded for space as I already have 5 ladies in soil that are flowering right now, but that is being addressed this week with another light (400 watt HPS).

    The first 2 plants are in a homemade Rubbermaid DWC setup. Its got a 4 tube pump and pretty new airstones. There are 3 sites, only 2 are in use. The sativa is a Trainwreck, the smaller indica is a G13 crossed with unknown. Then there is a mini-DWC with an Afghani Kush clone that has some nice roots starting. It was nute burned before I took over, but is being nursed back. Its running on a seperate single air pump.

    Water is around 24 C (77F). I think itll get hotter during the worst part of the day. Im looking into ways to cool it.

    Question: The airpump is adjustable. What setting should I run it at? Do i want like super knarly bubbling or like medium pretty good bubbling? Or just enough to keep it poppin in there. It goes pretty strong and I figure more oxygen is its on 3/4 right now.

    Other Question: I was a little confused when reading about where the nutrient level sits. Do I ever want the roots sitting in any liquid? I would assume they would eventually get in there and thats long as the root ball stays in the aeroponic mist and not underwater?

    Last Question: All I have available right now for the larger DWC is a 12/12 schedule. So I was going to take a few cuttings and just bud them at the size they are (by neccessity of space not choice). However, could a plant survive a few days of 12/12 without going into flowering, and then move back to an 18/6? It will be a few days before I can get a new light and build a new chamber in the closet so I am unsure of what to do. I have some small CFLs 15 watt for the Afghani Kush clone.

    Im excited though. I played with e&f last time and it didnt quite work out the way I wanted (had some root rot problems and high water temps) but this is a much smaller scale and easier to manage. Soon as I get some get more light (and before they start to really flower) Ill take maybe 2 cuttings of the Trainwreck and 1 or 2 off the G13. Id like to have a mother of these for my next larger scale grow. The Afghani Kush will be a mother, and next week I should be getting a few Sensi Star clones as well. A 2 month growth on the 4 mothers and I should be able to take well over 100 clones. w00t. Its all coming together. Now if I only had space to setup the 1000s I already have. Patience my dear man, patience. :thumbsup:

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    Nice man.....:thumbsup:
    When ya gonna flower them?
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    Well heres the problem Bliss. At my current place (only here for a few more weeks ahhhhhh!) I only have 1 light, a 250 watt HPS. And I already starting flowering my soil babies a couple weeks ago. So the only light and space I have on 12/12. So the Trainwreck and G13 already have started flowering. The Afghani Kush clone has had a low wattage CFL on it for a few more hours in the day to make it 18/6.

    Current plan: Trainwreck and G13 have started flowering. In a day or 2 I am going to take 2-3 clones from each of the 2 plants, and put them into the aerocloner Im finishing today (god they are cheap and easy to build). Then, next week I get 2-3 rooted Sensi-Star clones, and I am going to try to get a clone of AK-47 and SKunk #1 from an aquaintence. So I will have 10-12 new clones to bring up; these will be my mothers. A month of veg growth, I think I can take my first set of clones. I am going for around 30 plants per light so id like to get 90 or 120 clones first time around. All those clones will go into soil.

    This first time around, and since i am doing waves, I want to try a few different strains and just go with the one I really really like. And then I will phase out the other mothers and just devote their light space to a new clone of the final strain. That way, I can keep growth as uniform as possible and really maximize the light and nutrients.

    If I can get the water tempature under 72 pretty easily, then I think I will consider keeping the mothers on a hydro system. I am a tinkerer so hydro is fun. Im about to change my res right now. Doing like 200-300ppm of H202 and then about 600ppm of GH Flora Nova Grow. I figure ill switch to bloom in a week or so depending on how soon they start to preflower.

    Honestly Id really like to keep the 2 DWC plants in veg and give them their own light, but its been 2 days of 12/12 so I am hesitant to get to switched back to 18/6 (although a new light today or tomorrow, 400hps, they are only $100.)
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    Yes 400watt HPS are around $99-$199.
    Depends on where you live,
    anyway sounds like you are all set mate.......Goodluck.
    Peace Out,
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    Well I switched out the rez today. wow, I am not looking forward to doing that every week. I think Id much rather have some individual 5 gallon buckets instead of 18 or 20 gallons. Also got a TDS meter. Its cheap, and its random, but if I dip enough times it works well enough. I did not realize my water was so high, it was like 200?! Ive got the nutes at about 600 and H202 at about 30ppm, because I got some algae growth (probably from the transport). I cleaned all the airstones today. Didnt have a wire brush but a plastic wire brush worked alright.

    The Afghani Kush clone has some really nice roots coming along. Im curious how long I can keep it in the 2 gallon jug. Ill take some pictures tomorrow.

    With just water change I was able to drop the temp down to around 74 F in the middle of the hot day, but I was climbing. I started dropping in an ice bottle every few hours and it effectively is lowering the temp to 71 or 72 and keeping it there for awhile. Thats within limits for me, if barely. My local shop was out of the nice auto-temp adjust pH pen so Im hoping I got it around 5.8.

    The fun part is, I get to transport all of these things in a few weeks when i move into my new place! Thats going to be an awesome hour long drive.

    That is the pump I am using. 7 airstones, 4 output. The clone is on a single 5" airstone with a single output pump.

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    nice man...keep up the good work...because theys are lookin healthy! :thumbsup:
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    Well, 4 NEW ladies joined the pack today, along with 400 extra watts of HPS and another 18 gallon DWC setup; this one with 4 sites. They arent in the best of health, but I believe I can nurse them back. Ive been impressed with hydro's ability to bring a plant back to life.

    Cindy 99, Alaskan Thunderfuck, and 2 MK Ultras are my new children.

    The Alaskan has a substantial root system and is fairly grown, all the others are fairly undeveloped but rooted. All are suffering from your generic red algae. No time tonight to give it a peroxide solution cause it was lights out in the flower room, but considering how well my other 2 DWC are recovering from the red algae, it should be easy. There are new white roots popping out as well so as long as the stems perk up tomorrow, Ill shall be ok.

    I did run into one very large problem. The guy forgot the airstones with the pump and the DWC bucket. I was able to borrow 2 stones from my other DWC setup but they are hardly sufficient. Need atleast a few other airstones in there to really get it bubbling. Gave them a mild 300ppm nute solution to help recover. Will post pictures tomorrow.

    I am up to 650 watts of HID with 5 soil females 3 weeks into flowering, and 6 DWC clones just now going into flowering. Plus the 75 watts of CFLs taking care of my clones. Its looking swell.
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    Hydro Update. The 4 new clones are in water and bubbling. Here are some pictures. The Cindy 99 has some great roots going. The rest are still recovering. The Alaskan Thunderfuck is the largest and its current root structure just cant support the canopy. I am hoping it recovers soon. Everything is poking white roots so it should be ok.

    The 2 site DWC setup is booming. Lots of roots coming out. However its the Afghani Kush clone in its own DWC setup that is really busting out. Its got 7-8" long roots, looking great. Pics included.

    Pic shows the new 400 watt. Was $75. It helps fill in the void that the 250 couldn't cover. I finally had to raise the 250 as well. The sativas in bloom were touching just about ( but still not burning ).

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