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  1. nwodreciffo

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    how can you tell if weed is schwag or not?
  2. RamblerGambler

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    Listen to the Bone Thugz song "Bad Weed Blues". This will give you a good idea of what schwag or dirtweed is. Otherwise, look for seeds, stems, and brown that resembles a brick that appears to be cruelly pissed on, shoved in a warehouse for 3 presidential elections or more, then exported out of mexico to some poor sap to the good old US of A.
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  4. Sandm4n

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    Schwag is light to very dark brown, contains many seeds, has a shitload of stems has no crystals and generally smells like spices/ wet hay/ shit.... when you smoke schwag you dont get very high at all and usually end up with a headache:thumbsup: good chronic/dank/ kind bud what ever you want to call it is dark green to very light green and on some strains their are even pinks purples and blues :jointsmile: their are also no seeds and a minimal amount of stems also many trichomes usually coat the bud it is also usually very sticky. The high from headie weed is different depending on the plants genetics and where it originates from. but over all though their are two main types of high the indica couch lock high and the sativa floating/ soaring head high ... my personal favorite is a hybridization of each.

    hope this helps
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  5. nwodreciffo

    nwodreciffo Registered+

    Thanks I bought some weed a couple of days ago I'll post pics later and tell me what you think
  6. nwodreciffo

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  7. Breukelen advocaat

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    Stuff looks like OK weed to me, but I doubt it's "bubble kush", or anything else very high end. Could weigh 2 or 3 grams. I'd recommend getting a small scale, they're cheap enough.
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  8. GoldenGraham84

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    yeah, not schwag, and definitely not bubble kush. probably mids, hope you didn't pay more than $20. the bag looks a little light, but it might make the 3.5g mark.
  9. nwodreciffo

    nwodreciffo Registered+

    well it was my first time buying, i payed $70 for it and i know i probably got ripped.
    i already rolled 2 joints with it and thats what i have left.

    it as little orange spiky hairs on it.

    next time i buy what should i look for, and how do i know how much to pay?

  10. Breukelen advocaat

    Breukelen advocaat Registered+

    Can't tell you what to look for, there's all kinds of stuff going around. As far as prices, 70 bucks for an eigth may be very high in some areas, even for very good weed, and a bargain in other areas. Most people in New York, where it's expensive, probably pay at least as much as you did for whatever they're getting
  11. purplekush989

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    ? I live in NY and weed is cheap here. good weed is easy to find.
  12. nwodreciffo

    nwodreciffo Registered+

    thanks for all the fast responds. All I know what to look for is the thc crystals.
  13. RamblerGambler

    RamblerGambler Registered+

    Nug shape, stickyness, to an extent smell. Good pot is the whole package and then some. Quite frankly you should be able to tell good green just by looking at it. To steal a line from Beerfest, when you look at it you should have a train of logic like "I want to put my dick in it!" or "I want it to put its dick in me!"
  14. KingKronic420

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    sorry just a couple touch ups to the paragraph of misinformation:Rasta:
  15. seattlesmoke247

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    It depends on your state, density of the bud.. It's hard to tell, buying a scale is your best bet seeing as it takes me years and I still can have trouble guessing weight if it's hella dense. I just know by the amount of waterfall hits I get out of it if it was legit or not.

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