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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by kmac9119, Feb 20, 2011.

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    Well , i have two different rooms i grow. One for flower and one for veg. I just transfer them once the veg is done ... that way to keep constant flowering. Im just switching to Scrog , the problem i have is since they are veg'd and flowered in different rooms ... i cannot grow Scrog during veg ( Cannot carry 12 plants and a screen to a new room :\ ) . But i did just put a screen in my flowering room , am i able to do this if i put my vegging plants right into the screen the same time i switch them to 12/12 ?? Will it hurt my girls ?? If so ... any ideas for me ?? I only have one HPS , so cant flower and veg in both rooms so thats out of the question. (Using CFLS n T5's for veg)

    Any advice/Help would be great, THanks ! :jointsmile:
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    I have more than five years of scrog experience so here goes.

    It is most common to start training through the screen during the veg stage. Then during the initial 2 to 4 weeks of the flower stage training continues in what is known as the growth spurt. Training becomes unnecessary after the growth spurt.

    In your circumstances I suggest the following. Move the plants from the veg area to the flower area 1 to 2 weeks earlier than you normally would do. However do not switch to 12/12 at this time. Continue with the 18/6 or 24/0 light schedule and the veg nutes program you would normally use. Even though you will now be under the HPS light the veg period will continue just fine. Start training through the screen right away and continue training until the screen is 50% to 75% filled (depending on strain and observation) and only then make the switch to 12/12 and continue training as the plant fills the remainder of the screen. The growth spurt during the first 2 to 4 weeks of the 12/12 flower period will stop and the training will be discontinued at that time. The first couple of grows you try you are better off switching to 12/12 a little early (based on screen fill) rather than a little late. An overfilled screen can lead to problems so you want to get a few good grows with scrog before you try to maximize screen fill techniques. During the growth spurt remove any growth that is below the screen as it will not be productive due to lack of light and you want all of the plants productive energy available to the part of the plant above the screen.

    In my current grows I just change the light rather than moving the plants but if you must move the plants the methods I have described above will be very helpful. Don't worry that part of your veg period will be under HPS lighting despite others insisting that you must use different lighting for veg than for flower. I have personal knowledge of some very successful growers who use HPS for both veg and flower. I personally use 6400K for veg and 3000k for flower and just switch the lights when I switch to 12/12 and change nutes.

    Max Blast
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    @ Max Blast - I think kmac9119 is trying to keep his HPS for flowering to achieve a rotational grow. Do you think if kmac was to place the screen over the plants on the first day in the flower room, he would be ok?

    I'm asking because I too am about to do a scrog and was thinking that they would be fine if I trained them into the screen only during the growth spurt of 12/12.

    @ kmac9119 - I'm doing something similar with the rotational grow. My plants are about 3 weeks from going into flower. Can you post a couple pics of how yours are doing now that you placed the screen over?

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    Here is my plan based on what I have learned in my first grow. I plan on doing a rotational grow using my two tents and get a harvest every 9 weeks.
    For me it looks to be just a matter of timing and good training in the veg room to get this to happen. I am starting my new beans and clones right about the time the last grow goes to flower. This gives me 9 weeks. In that 9 weeks the new veggies will get FIM'ed at the 4th node and then when they get up to 12 inches I will start pulling the tops back down using LST techniques to further induce branching out the lower growth. When the time comes to move them to the flowering tent they will be no more than 12 inches tall and no problem to place under the scrog screen that is 10" above the soil.
    All of this works because of my close lighting and a minimum amount of stretching while in veg. If I was coming out of the veg tent with 4 foot skinny things I can see that this plan would not work, but I really don't plan to stretch my plants that much in their first 9 weeks.
    If you would like to see this plan in action, please visit my grow log where you can see the SCRog at the 1 week point of flowering and stretching nicely to fill the screen. This plant was put in the flowering tent at 9 weeks, and is going to be a monster filling up about 1/3 of a 3sq. meter screen. Once you get them in there and flip the switch to 12/12 you can expect to see a 40-50% stretch, depending of course on strain and conditions.

  5. Max Blast

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    CanGroit, yes I do realize that the rotation concept was intended but not all things are suitable all the time. Usually the rotation is easiest to use with the Sea Of Green method not Scrog.

    You may notice that in my post I mentioned that it is most useful to fill 50% to 70% of the screen during veg and only the remaining 30% to 50% of screen fill will occur during flower stage growth spurt. If you do not start the screen fill until you start the 2 to 4 week growth spurt during flower stage you will only get the 30% to 50% screen fill and not the full screen fill. All of this is of course dependant on the total area of screen per plant. The net result is that you will get less total bud production using what you are suggesting (start screen and 12/12 at the same time). Scrog can be used in a rotational method but usually is best if you are moving the lights and not the plants.

    Using your suggested method you will get the benefit of all the buds receiving equal benefit of the lighting but you will get much less production per plant. You will however still be able to take advantage of the lower overall total hieght of the grow space (maybe) if that is helpful to you. If plant population count is not a problem you can try using 12"x12" of screen per plant rather than the 24"x24" that I use. I am consticted by a total plant count of 6 mature plants so I like to get as much quality bud production per plant as I can within reasonable limits.

    Hope some of this helps but I think you will benefit most by arranging your grow op to allow for moving the lights rather than the plants if you can.

    Max Blast
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    I am currently doing a grow where I am pre-training to a smaller screen that is removable.
    Once the flower room is ready, I will remove the screen and move her into the flower room. Then I will place the larger screen over her and start 12/12 right away.
    Here's a link to this grow if you're interested.
  7. Max Blast

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    Major props to emilya for that post. I forgot all about using LST to keep the plants short while vegging. This will indeed make it more practical to start the screen when switching to 12/12. This of course will depend on using the LST in such a way that you can indeed easily move the plants without damaging them. I too have found that having the lights slammed as close as possible to the plants during veg will shorten overall hieght by reducing internodal stretching. This assumes you can deal with any heat issues.

    CanGroit, I forgot to mention that you will get fewer and less productive bud sites due to the lesser effect of the light on the lower sites during the unrestricted veg period. LST during the veg will help overcome this tendancy however.

    Max Blast
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    Now that I think about it, I'm not doing scrog. I'm doing an sog and and was thinkin of using a screen as support for the main trunks to lean on. Going for single colas with enough small plants to fill my space. My bad..

    Kmac9119 - hope all the info replied has helped you:D

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