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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by kmac9119, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. kmac9119

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    Im currently on my first Scrog grow, and have a few questions.

    Do i trim all the fan leaves above the screen ??

    When do i cut off the lower bud sites that will not reach the top??

    Really ... Any Advice or Tips/Hints would be great , Thanks everyone
  2. GaGrown

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    Just keep spreading them around under your screen.. I would pluck some of the light blocking leaves,but not alot. Photosynthesis has to be able to happen. The fan leaves are big part of photosynthesis.Larger leaf,has more stomata surface on the underside.Therefore your plants are getting the co2 that is available to them.

    Those small bud sites under the screen... You could get some of those that will never make it to the top of your screen.. Kinda lollipop the stalks below the screen..
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  3. kmac9119

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    Thanks alot for the reply , im going to trim off a few of the larger leaves from the top of the canopy to allow a little more light to the bottom buds sites. Also you said to make the lower buds under the canopy like a lollipop , do you mean trim all but the little bud site on that stem ??

    Thanks alot for the help too !
  4. kmac9119

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    Also , how many inch's should my tops be above my screen ?? After the flowering stretch , its my understanding that i no loner need to pull under and stretch it more. So after the stretch , how tall should my tops be above my screen?
  5. CanGroIt

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    Their really isn't a height above the screen that you want to shoot for. The plant itself, because of genetics and environment, will decide how it needs to grow. As long as you have filled as many openings as you can and the plant stopped stretching, you'll be ok.
  6. kmac9119

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    oh okay , so after its done with the stretch .. Just leave them be and let them grow up from there?
    Also any other tips to help me with my SCROG would be great ..

    Thanks everyone
  7. Max Blast

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    CanGroIt is spot-on about waiting for the "stretch" to be over before you stop training to fill out the screen as much as possible. I usually wait until I no longer get enough "stretch" growth to allow me to train back under the screen. The plant itself decides when that is. Usually between week 3 and 4 of the "flower stage" (meaning 12/12 and change in nutes to bloom or flower type). That is why it is important to wait for the screen to be at least 1/2 to maximum 3/4 full before switching to flowering stage. This is how you get the most productive results from the space you have. (more buds)

    As far as "haircuts" I prefer to basically eliminate any leaves or buds that are more than 1" lower than the screen at the end of the flowering stretch. This does a couple of things (IMO). First it will definately make more room for air circulation to help prevent problems like mold and mildew. Also I believe it forces the plant to concentrate on the remaining plant above the screen. The benefits gained above the screen will far outweigh the little bit of loss from the trimming.

    Remember "you can observe a lot just by watching" are very important words to live by particularly when learning SCROG.

    Max Blast
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