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    So I've been doing lots of research lately on both of these techniques. From what I have read scrog is easier to do and maintain but doing a grow sog style the plant will be a decent amount more potentcy due to the plant not trying to flower everywhere. So I was wondering if anyone has done both technques and what they thought and what everyone else thinks about the two.
    Thanks :stoned:
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    well u need to ask ur self do u think u can clone? its a simple process but easy to mess it up the plant is the most fragile in this state... do u have the space for a sog? u would need an area for a mother and for clones with a scrog you need just one area...

    i have never done either but i have though about scrog becuase for a nooby grower with limited space i have read that it is a pretty good choice

    but your not me you could be a expert grower..
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    as twitch said its down to space and experiance realy
    where did you read loss of potency in a scrog?:wtf:
    because im doing one now n i dnt want shit bud:(
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    No dont get me wrong not shit at all... Still excellent but say a strain is said to have 14% THC doing scrog the most you can get would be like 12% or somethin like that in perfect conditions. Im tryin to find the article. Neways got enough room for sog... And clonin is sometimes easy lol. But I prefer seeds.
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    i don't believe there is any difference in potency. in a scrog, you should yield more. if you're gonna do a scrog, you need to use clones. once the plants reach the screen, you don't wanna be trying to pull males out of there. with seeds, you will have males in there. use female clones.
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    no your bud will be just as good if u let it grow 5 feet tall

    scooba i would say use the scrog

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