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  1. Asiadazing

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    I have been living in SE Asia and picked up a few seeds. Since I have a great open patio with no possible views from neighbors, I decided to grow a plant. I read a bit on the forum and sprouted a seedling on Dec 3. I had it in house on a grow light for the first 20 days. The plant was only 4 to 5inches tall after 20 days. I went away for 10 days and left it outside with the grow light on it and exposed to daylight sun as well. I returned and could not believe my eyes. The plant is now 10 to 12 inches tall and leafy as well.

    I’m having difficulty embedding the 1st picture and have provided a link.

    12 days old 16.48.20.jpg?dl=0

    1 month old

    I hope to get more knowledge here and make this plant a really good one.

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  2. AndyNoob1234

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    You're plant looks good, Asiadazing.

    In the second photo, it looks over-ready to be transplanted into a bigger pot (the leaves are wider than the pot, and the pot only looks half full of media) as it looks like it could be already root-bound.

    Additionally, it looks like there is more than one plant in that pot, with another little one appearling to the left of the larger plant.

    Good luck!
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  3. emilya

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    I would like to suggest that you physically lift this plant up and fill the rest of the container with good soil. Give her a couple more weeks in there, and then transplant her into a container twice as big as this one, and you will end up with a monster plant. Good luck!
  4. Asiadazing

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    48CF3569-D891-4DCD-BAE2-0BBFB31DF8DF.jpeg Thanks Andy and Emilya. I went and transplanted the big plant and the new seedling that was in the same pot. Here is an updated picture. Thanks for the advice and comments.
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  5. AndyNoob1234

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    Hi @emilya,

    Looking good. Give it 2-3 days and your large plant will have got over the shock of transplanting and will commence having a root party (which will then turn into a veg party)!

    My only other observation is that those pots look like pots that don't have holes in for drainage (just a guess on my part), if so, be careful not to over/under water. I weigh my pots (with plant in it) before I water, so I know what the dry weight is, then water 25% of the media volume (so if the pot hold 4l of growing medium, I water 1l in a pot with no holes in it). The important thing is to water little and to make sure the weight gets to dry weight so you can tell you're not overwatering. Less is more with growing cannabis I've found (less rather than too much water; less rather than to much nutes; less heat rather than too much, etc etc).

    Another thought is that as you have only one plant and a large unseen patio, how about growing a very large plant? For this you need a very large pot. Many growers seem to use small (to me pots), ie, 11 - 15 litres. I do, but they're just my middle pot size. 46l is my final pot.

    Here's a grow diary I'm doing atm with my pot weights, run off measuring, etc, which I hope will help:
  6. emilya

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    if there are no drainage holes, drill some or start over with a proper container. Later in flower there is no way to water aggressively without drainage.
  7. Asiadazing

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    I have drain holes and here is an update. At 75 days or 2 1/2 months it looks like this attached picture. I now have it on a 12/12 and am trying to induce flowering. My question is this; is this plant a female? I know I should have checked this much earlier but I have been out of town many weeks and am back now.

  8. AndyNoob1234

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    Hi Asiadazing,

    That second photo looks like pre-flowers (two little pistels), so I'm leaning towards it being a female. Fingers crossed it is! Plant looks great btw.

    Question: Is the plant outside all the time, or just for photo's? Just wondering how you're doing 12/12 if it's outside (although the second photo looks under LED).

    Happy Growing!
  9. Asiadazing

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    Thanks ! I also agree it’s a female as I used a picture guide to determine the sex after I posted this.

    I was forced stop the 18/6 mixed LED sunlight lighting to leave them outside for the past 3 weeks while out of town. The night and day is 12 sun 12 night but the background lighting where I live has caused them not to flower (I think). They have turned a bit yellow but now have them on 12/12 LED indoors for 1day.
  10. AndyNoob1234

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    This always makes me laugh :)

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