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    Hi everyone, this is my first post on this website, So i apologize if this question has been asked a 100 times already!

    Im a long time smoker and have tryed my hand at growing before with variable success. I'm preparing a personal use grow op, I have 6 400w HPS, and I would like to use the SOG technique. Im thinking of using a 'cheese' plant as i have bought it and love it :Rasta: but where i live it sells at £10 per gram. My question(s) are:

    1: 6 x 400w HPS with lots of space but limited height, how many plants would be reccomended under these lights? or how many M2 and how many plants per M2?

    2: The seeds im looking to buy say they produce 700grams per m2 and a height of 40-80cm, this doesnt seem possible to me. Does anyone know how these seed companys produce this amount or even if its possible?

    Thanks for reading and hi everyone :thumbsup:
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    well, a good rule is 50w per square if you have 6 400w lights, you can cover about 48 square feet....that is a lot of space! depending on what type of growing you are doing, you can get alot of plants in that space. You can get at least 1 plant per square ft.

    700 grams per plant is really high expectations....that breaks down to 1 lb, 10oz....that's alot of weed! Maybe if it's grown outdoors, but you are not going to get that per plant on an indoor grow. :jointsmile:
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    :thumbsup: thanks for the prompt reply .. It did seem very high but i thought there must be some truth behind it. So if i had 48 plants in 48 square feet using the SoG tech under 4 x 600w hps what is a realistic dry weight? I know it depends on ALOT of variables but as a ballpark figure.
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    no problem.....i absolutely think you can get 48 plants in a 48sq foot space. The only thing to really consider with that is that's going to be alot of maintenance. That's 48 plants to feed, trim, check ph, etc.....but yeah, if you are up for it, i say do it! :jointsmile:
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    Just think about what the buds from 48 plants would look like in one pile. That thought alone would get me through every second of work. :Rasta:
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    A breeders marketing description of yield and characteristics is usually based on the equipment and experience of the breeder. Usually 1000 watters, fully automated hydro, and an experience with the strain that's unlikley to be equaled by the part-time gardener. (your results may vary)

    A growroom that crammed is difficult to maintain. Unless you have access from all sides, you'll be moving those ladies around every day.

    For most, it would look like a felony. :jointsmile:
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    I have to agree with Rusty. I've read a LOT over the last few months and one plant per square foot is really packing them in. Most books, threads and articles say each plant should get 2.5 square feet.

    So 48 square feet should be more like 19.2 plants, NOT counting space used for other equipment like fans, or a place to walk through.

    Also I've never read the space/wattage calculation stated above before. What I have seen is,.. Optimum light is 5000 lumens per square foot. With 6 400w lights, that works out to 70.2 cubic feet! NOT 48!:wtf:
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    i would put 6 400w HPS's over a 6' x 9' area,fill the area with 136 clones in3/4 gal pots and expect to yield at least 900 grams off of plants that are no more than 24 inches tall.Iwould expect to increse yield 25% to 50% on the next run as i tweak it out . inexperienced growers may yield 100 grams or less in the same area.i would need a 4'x4' mother room/area , a 2'x4' clone chamber and room to move around all this stuff .it is A LOT of work to keep this many plants happy and you need to ask yourself "do i need this much pot at one time?"if your grow is for personal use than may i suggest that you answer NO?Grow for quality not yield. one 400w could yield as much as 200 grams ever 8 weeks and provide one person with meds, two 400w HPS's 3 to 4 people. Remember, as your garden grows in size so does the chance that someone will want to take it away from you while at the same time it becomes harder and harder to hide.Be careful, start small .
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    look up "limbo grow videos" in youtube. (anyone that reads this should) His grows are so good. I think it would give you an idea of what you want to do. His SOG style is crazy. He packs plants in this room and floods the entire room. He can't even get to the plants in the back. Go check it out.
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    sea of green, explaination

    All thru this thread there seems to be a misconception of what SOG is or does. SOG is a technique to grow many small single cola plants, usually less then 18" high when finished, in as short a time as possible (meaning little or no veg).

    1 plant per sqft is not what I'd consider SOG. A minimum of 4 plants per sqft to a maximum of 9 plants per sqft is where it's at.
    And lighting should be greater then some have suggested here, 600w per sqM if using HPS, I would consider more appropriate.

    IMHO, SOG is the most efficent method of growing the most BUD, regardless of the type of light or grow medium used. When you start growing bushes and trees, you wind up throwing away stalks, branches and alot of leaves....all of which you put money (read electric) to grow. Why grow it if you are going to throw it away?

    But there is a down side, to do this effectivly you need to run 1 strain with the clones comming from 1 common mother plant at a time. Trying to grow muli strains in the same batch, with the enhierent differences in growth rates and hieghts, will cost you effiency.

    The other down side, as Rusty pointed out, in the good ole USA it probably is a felony. Actually 99+ plants and your're looking at a federal crime. The answer to that is live in an area where MMJ is legal and they base how much you can legally grow on canopy size rather then plant count. Or switch to SCROG, and shoot for a bud density of 4-9 buds per sqft.

    -Oldmac :twocents:
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    The way I used to grow a SOG is 6 inch rockwool cubes right next to each other. 4 plants per square foot. The grow I am doing now is in 5 1/2 inch pots filled with rockwool spaced a few inches apart. 8 inches if you measure from stem to stem. My SOG grow is lollipoped like crazy. Each plant has only one cola. You can check out my grow in my signature. It is the purple diesel medical grow. I do not know if my grow is considered a SOG but it looks like a sea. Anyway check out that video I left in a previous post. If I had 6 400watt lights that is how I would set it up. Unless I was limited on the number of plants I am allowed.

    edit: Oldmac, is my grow a SOG in your opinion?
    "purple diesel medical grow"
    or should I not call it that.
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  13. seventhchild

    seventhchild Registered+ more math while medicated.....12 x 18 =216 clones to fill the space in my post.but wannabe123 only needs one 400watter for his personal grow.unless he's a very heavy smoker [or a very bad grower].How much do you smoke wannabe123?
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    Yea that guy really knows what he is doing but the last video he put out he said that he wasnt goin to put up anymore videos and that he would prob remove some of the videos he had posted.
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    "I have to agree with Rusty. I've read a LOT over the last few months and one plant per square foot is really packing them in."

    Shit, man. I do FIVE per square foot.

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