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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Mary Jane x3, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Mary Jane x3

    Mary Jane x3 Registered

    Can second hand smoke show up on a drug test, and how long would it take for second hand smoke to exit the system.

    I need some excuses if i fail my test:D
  2. PointDuce

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    homie if u told ur po u got 2nd hand smoke the motherfucker would ask u y ur around weed wen ur not suppose 2 ingest any substances etc, or do u hav like a different set up for probation? my po lets me off in 2 months n ive been doin blow n heroin for the past month n a half
  3. Mary Jane x3

    Mary Jane x3 Registered

    naaah its not me its my buddy, and its his pyscho nazi dad
  4. Well if his dads stupid it might work.But to reach the 50 ng/ml cut off points you have to be in a car with the windows rolled up and 4 joints burning to test + for second hand smoke.
    It takes alot of second hand smoke to test +
    This excuse will not work for any employer or testing facility.

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