Second thoughts after the test

Discussion in 'Experiences' started by Kaylah, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Kaylah

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    So I took a drug test for work using synthetic urine. I have used this many times in the past. But.... In the midst of everything.. I forgot to put a little bit of toilet paper in the toilet. Will I still pass? Or will that be questioned?
  2. Pupp

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    I tell people not to sweat too much. Lab technicians are over worked, under paid, and if it's anything like working in a factory shoveling parts down a line, after the umpteenth lab test of the day, they're in auto mode and probably thinking of anything other than work, let alone giving a crap you if you cleaned off your Johnson after pissing in a cup.
  3. GuzBuzzy

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    Pupp got a point. It's been months what happened to your test? also what synthetic urine did you used? Just curious

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