Secrets to best Mother plants, clones, cuttings?

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by vince4750, Apr 11, 2011.

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    I am fairly new. Just had my 1st harvest which turned out pretty good. But now I'd like to master the Mother plant, cuttings and clones.

    What do you use, how much do you feed, etc...

    I also heard that before taking cuttings from a mother plant you need to leach it from Nitrogen for a few days, is this true?

    Any tips, ideas, secrets would be GREATLY appreciated.
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    Well this has many facets. Myself I don't keep a "mother" per se, but I clone as the plant gets close to being ready to flower. Once I have roots the "mother" can go to the flower room. I have a plant count I have to stay in and this works for me, because I don't have to keep a designated "mother" that sits there and takes up space, time, money, soil, nutes, etc. I have many different species and it is the only way with the plant count that I could even begin to do that.
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