Seed Bank in Manitoba?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by shluppy, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. shluppy

    shluppy Registered+

    Hey dudes! Anyone know of a reputable seedbank store in Manitoba or even Saskatchewan? Thanks! :smokin:
  2. fishman3811

    fishman3811 Registered+

    the hydro store on regent sells seeds
  3. fishman3811

    fishman3811 Registered+

    in winnipeg that is
  4. michaelpeg

    michaelpeg Registered+

    anyone know if this is really true?
  5. Colt122

    Colt122 Registered

    This guy is local......
    Seeds and spore archive, the website is new, there old one the host pulled out.
    Ive oredred from them more than a few times, ask them about a strain list and they will send you one threw email.
  6. bosnianblazer

    bosnianblazer Registered

    Could you be more specific? i am trying to start growing and live close to regent. I would like to go to the store so i don thave to buy online. thanks loads.
  7. Maxor420

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    I am very interested in knowing as well. I live in Manitoba, and would love to start learning about the medical community here. I have a pretty bad scoliosis, and sever muscle spasms. Because of that, and also for the fact the 4-7 T3's I take a day don't do much other then dehydrate me, and make my stomach, and intestines gassy..... sorry for that detail.

    Either way, I have a back specialist that I am going to see soon, I'm going to present him with the appropriate forms to sign, as well as one I found to alleviate his legal responsibility for the decision. (It's approved by some Canadian health organization or something)

    He is a young doctor who is always looking for new ways to help his patients with sever chronic pain, and muscle spasms... I just hope he is receptive to the idea. Should prove to be interesting at least.

    Please get back with that location of the store on regent:Rasta:

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