Seed Banks, Good and Bad

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Shovelhandle, May 14, 2008.

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    Herbies Seeds is by far my favorite. Huge selection from virtually every breeder, pictures, descriptions, specs are also provided. The occasional description that may be lacking some specs like THC content can easily be cross referenced with other sites.

    Optional breeder packs or can be removed, stealth is fine, super stealth available but not necessary in my opinion. Fast shipping and tracking so you know when to expect delivery, a letter of confiscation or silver bracelets. Did I mention Free Seeds? They really give some nice freebies although I've haven't attempted to germinate, I assume the seeds are viable souvenirs.

    Single seeds is good too but you have to sign for delivery. Attitude is good also but shipping is a little more. I recommend Attitude for the paranoid first timer. Get the stealth shipping and a nice T-shirt for an extra $20. Good quality T-shirt and worth the extra peace of mind for the first timer.
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  2. BlackWidowBuds

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    I like Castle Seeds.
    I have had a 100% germination rate so far, I've bought about 100 seeds and have started them for other people and now myself, so far 58 out 58 seeds have germinated. It took about 2 1/2 weeks to get my seeds but that's only because I live in the USA and our customs are very tight. They also provide a guarantee, if you don't get your seeds they will replace them, as long as you choose their tracked shipping option. Very nice stealth shipping, they also shipped in plain padded packaging and the seeds are in the original packaging from their main seed suppliers, no "bagseeds" there.
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    Have to take a seed banks word that what you paid for is what you get. Naming of seeds & all that crap is prob the BIGGEST scam on earth. What, did mom & dad name their children "hot pants" or "trainwreck ".... Pafk'nleeze. The only proof positive thing "known" is if its an indica or sativa. Branding a seed with a name is a scam IMHO. Would love to believe in them but I'm a skeptical mf. Personally like red heads, (to be sure have a peek @ the bottom half) & if yea it's a beautiful thing. Prob the craziest ride (physically/emotional & visually {of course}) of all time & ya know its true lmao. I have a bridge to sell ya.... cheap!

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    I am curious how Sannie's is? their prices are great and I have heard good things about them elsewhere. I recently ordered from Attitude (30 seeds) and had 100% germination, shipping was fast, plus freebies that all germinated.
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    Holy crap. This is going to be fun. Where do I learn about the difference in "highs/euphoric" feelings? I have browsed a few of the seed shops y'all have listed and I need to get more education.

  6. Hotshot123

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    My favorit is anyone that can get me the goods. So far, I have only lost one small shipment. Do you always get all yours?
  7. Hotshot123

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    No, you are wrong there, Marijuana Seeds are not illegal, in the USA. There only illegal to Cultaviate.
  8. Burnt Toast

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    Dont think for a second that you cannot be busted anywhere in the US for seeds. Some states can slap a Conspiracy to Cultivate charge on you AND make it stick.

    And in my neck of the woods, we have some counties that have adopted "Zero Drug Tolerance". In those counties, if you get caught for as much as a seeds' hide, its a mandatory minimum of 3 years in the big house. Draconian, yes. But it is what it is.
  9. Hotshot123

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    (Legal and medical status of cannabis) "Representatives of the United States Government have Claimed that....There is no Law against Possesion or sale of cannabis seeds."
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    Fucking government
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  11. Shovelhandle

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    I would really like to see the source you are quoting here.
  12. budbro28

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    yea straight up, the great state on NC doesnt think they are legal....
  13. Hotshot123

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    Google: Legal and medical status of cannabis seeds.
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  14. Shovelhandle

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    That's no source, Bub. Where did read this quote? "Representatives of the United States Government have Claimed that....There is no Law against Possesion or sale of cannabis seeds."
  15. cannabis-seeds

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    They're not legal on a federal level - otherwise, you wouldn't have American breeders selling through the European market and customs wouldn't seize inbound seeds when they're detected.

    Paypal and US credit card processors will not work with seed companies because of federal law even if they're sold in a country or state where they are legal.

    And, last but not least, if they were legal, every head shop from Canada to Mexico would sell them as "souvenirs" or "collectibles" like we do in the UK where it is quasi-legal to own seeds but not to grow.
  16. Hotshot123

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    Yes, I know there is an awful lot of Controuversy about the subject. That is where I got that quote, but when looking the second time, it was stated a little different, something about June 8, 2013, and not the first statement that I found. The Government of the people by the people and for the people is just a joke to our courts systems. In my marijuana case that I just ended there was no Victim, so there was no crime. But the courts make up there own laws concerning Marijuana, and charge me with a crime anyway. I have some questions in to the website, and will let you know what the real scope is when I get some answers. Good luck, and happy growing. If there is a Lawyer on this site, maybe you can clear this up for us. Good luck, and happy growing.
  17. CannaEnthusiast420

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    I used attitude seeds, I bought four og kush, 4 lemon kush, 2 liberty haze, a blue cheese and one other, got 5 free seeds just from order over $220 worth of seeds, as well as an aditiional 8 seeds from different seed compnays I shoped thru, all femonized.
  18. Hotshot123

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    Ok, I found it shovelhandle. Google: where can I find this statement? "Representatives of the United States Government have claimed that....There is no Law against possession or sale of cannabis seeds." You have to put it in the forum of a question. I am still wating on some answer from the Federal Gov site. I hope this will clear things, up, until I find out more. I talk with a Lawyer site, and they want $36.00 to answer this question.
  19. Shovelhandle

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    I don't see that quote in the google search, sorry. Google found a wiki article with some of the sentence but not as a quote. It's a long article. I didn't find the reference so I can't tell you if I think it's accurate or not.

    I will tell you that I was arrested and convicted of having seeds in my wallet. As kids we were riding around in a VW bug smoking up. But, there were no seeds, the police lied and planted the evidence after they confiscated my personal possessions. When I went to court my supposedly packet of seeds was now in a large evidence envelope with lab tests and other documentation. It looked more like a bag of weed rather than some seeds out of a wallet.
  20. Hotshot123

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    Yes, that is where I got that statement, Wiki. I didn't see it as a quote, I just quoted it from there. I am sorry to here that the Cu-Stop-O got you. They got me last February, and took every thing except the seeds. They even tore up a $1,000.00 safe my Father left me after his death. They found two Car titles in it. You would think they would have the curisty to ask for the commantions.

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