Seed Banks, Good and Bad

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Shovelhandle, May 14, 2008.

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    I don't get the part about "not ...appropriate for a newbie....".??
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    Well Shovel, I can't get a straight answer out of the US Senate. They didn't answer my question, so, it is still unknown if that statement is true or not. All my Senater said is that he was against legalization and nothing else. I then repeated the question again, and hadn't receive an answer in over a week. That was awful rude of him, I thought. Good luck, and happy growing.
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    I have a question about bean sales from within the borders of the US. Now that Colorado allows recreational (not just medicinal) useage; are there places in Colorado (or other states) where they can legally sell beans? I live in Illinois...arguably one of the most corrupt and draconian states in the US...and fear repercussions of getting even a small delivery of beans being sent from over seas. I can however...easily drive to Colorado for a weekend excursion!!! :)
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    I vote for Nirvana for cheap seeds that are still high quality, but honestly if your looking for straight up quality and want to get some freebies with your mix then purchase from The Attitude Seedbank, they have the widest selection and they use other seedbanks as well - they basically take all the reputable seedbanks and combine the search in to one big page for you so you don't have to look around for good seed sources, and they ship worldwide in discreet packing.. They are responsive to customers, and they refund you if your package is "lost" in the mail coming from the Netherlands.

    I would say go for Attitude Seedbank ALL THE WAY!!!

    I did however get my White Widow feminized seeds from Nirvana and they were equally as great, but Attitude has way more to choose from, and they have customer feedback on each strain that is sold, thy accept coupon codes, etc. and they have a great reputation and have been around for YEARS now.... I trust them with my checking account info because they have always been straight up professional with me.

    Attitude Seedbank is where I got all the freebies in the pictures on my second grow log.

    I purchased

    5 x G-13 Haze (feminized) -Attitude Seedbank supplied but it came from BARNEYS FARM
    4 x AK-47 (feminized) Attitude Seedbank supplied but came from Serious Seeds

    For FREEBIES I got:

    1 x Critical Jack Herer (feminized) - "UFO deal" (Came from Attitude Seedbank)
    1 x Northern Lights Blue (feminized) - "UFO deal" (Came from Delicious Seeds)
    1 x Afghan Kush x Yumbolt (feminized) - "UFO deal" (Came from World of Seeds)
    1 x Cotton Candy (feminized) - "UFO deal" (Came from Delicious Seeds)
    5 x Kali Mist x Bubblegum (regular) "UFO deal" - (Came from Serious Seeds)

    That's why I recommend Attitude above everyone else, you get TONS of freebies!
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    I bought from ILGM ( and I'm down $90. They promised to resend the seeds, but once again did not come through.

    I now believe all the positive feedback from them, is fake. Do not waste your money on them.

    Herbies have always come through for me.
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    Thanks for posting that, seedie.

    I haven't bought from anyone but Mr Nice Seeds, MNS Auction and their two or three listed vendors in years now but I know that most of the well known seed shops are on the up and up. Herbie, Gorilla, Attitude all have happy repeat customers. Some of the HT advertisers (BC Bud Depot is notorious) have poor customer ratings. I bought some seed from marijuana-seeds.NL and another small internet supplier from the UK a few years ago and was pretty happy. The seeds were not in breeder packs and the Neville's Haze wasn't even close to being that strain but the others (Blueberry, Mazar-i-Sharif, AK-47...) grew out really nice. The seeds were discount price and there were some freebies. It was a good deal to experiment with receiving seeds in the mail. But then I decided to only purchase from shops that sell in the packs or in the case of the MNS Auction they sell them loose but more than the advertised number of seeds. I think it's worth the price to get what you order. Neville's Haze is never cheap but there is no substitute for the real deal.
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    I ordered,just before Christmas some beans from Sensible seeds :
    10 reg. wild thai from world of seeds
    15 Mr Nice - NL5 x Afghan Regular-actually there are 18 seeds..
    3 Delicious Seeds Marmalate Feminized
    3 Medical Seeds 1024 Feminized
    2 Medical Seeds Channel + fem.
    3 Seedsman Seeds Blueberry Feminized and some freebies...
    I am very disappointed by world of seeds i was so happy to get these seeds because my climate is exactely the same as where these seeds are supposed to come from.But out of ten only 3 germinated and out of these 3 only one survived a few days .I must say that now I had doubt on what they say about this plant that came from Koh Chang in Thailand,I know this island very very well ,there have never been any land race in there,for sure there is a lot of weed because many tourists, but it all comes from Cambodia or Laos.Thailand doesn't produce weed since very long time and the only Thai land race that I have known is the Thai sticks that was grown in the northern mountains.Nowaday you can still find the same weed but only in Laos.Excellent plant that give golden weed,with a potent and lovely smoke but it does not grow in Cambodia I tried myself several times without success...

    Marmalate seeds all germinated ,all died slowly too weak,no vigor, no power ,retarded seeds.This is no delicious to me not AT ALL !
    Medical seeds ? better luck with 1024 ,two are growing beautiful same with one channel +,.....thanks God .
    Blueberry seedsman,one was cracked smashed,one died,and one is growing beautiful.
    Mr Nice seeds are ok very good germination rate good strong plants as afghan are always. Bud I made a mistake with these seeds,I had some died until I realized that I had to help the seedling get rid of the shell and also scratch the tiny skin that keeps the 2 cotyledons together otherwise it won't open and will die.This is a delicate operation that helped me to save the rest of Mr. Nice seeds !
    I can't say nothing against sensible seeds except that they keep some of their seeds may be a bit too long.They seem correct and reply quickly to all mails.They gave me as free seeds 10 kera nlx diamond auto that grow well and easy but of which I have no interest...
    1 mega power plant seed from spliff seeds
    1 starbud seed from hortilab
    1 lemon aid
    1 cherry x amnesia
    1 jack plant from advanced seeds.They all died except the jack plant that seems to enjoy strong sun a lot.
    So the morality is that we customers are faced with people who are ready to lie and say a lot of B.S. in order to sell their products,we can rely only on ourselves this is why we should fully participate with this kind of forums where we can express our real experiences and share our knowledge
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    Oops ,i made a mistake about the Laos plant not growing in Cambodia,in fact it grows very well : 2 or 3 m. high very large broad leaves compared to local sativa,the seeds are very big beautiful uniform light brown that always look the same.To me the genes of this plant are very stable.The problem is that I can't get it to flower wait ages and nothing happens, no female ....nothing happens.I can't explain why ,Laos is very near but it is a very mountainous country with much cooler nights ,that might explain.But still I find it to be very strange and frustrating !And also I don't want wait half a year to start to see some bud formation.TOO BAD for me suuuch a nice smoke much better than the local stuff...We still can get it once in a while but only coming from Laos...
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    Different strokes.... I can't see the value of starting a single seed of a strain. I guess because I typically grow out a dozen or more plants at a time and need to select the best and remove any duds/runts and males.
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    Any person that is thinking of buying seeds from provision seeds don't he just takes ya money and runs and then makes up every story he can to say you got the seeds or customs will send ya a letter about ya seeds if you tell him the got seized and if the do ill refund you and all the bullshit to make him self look good.

    So one sunny morning on 3rd may I placed a order with provision rip of seeds I waited a good 4 weeks to give the seeds time to come and by the 27 may I sent him a message about I never got the seeds and he just blew me of he never replied to that email so I sent a nother 3 emails to him over a few days after the first one and no replyies again.

    So I start a thread up here and about a week after I did that he replies here and say I have problems with the cops and all this shit and the trashed everything I mean I coulden care less I still want what I pay for I know it bad luck if ya have problems but don't use that as a story to get out of paying up or sending seeds.

    so then he dribbles all the bullshit if ya get a customs letter I will give you a refund and send ya seeds he talk him self up a lot about this shit I tried to work it out with him I was very nice at the start but he just tells that many lies how can ya talk to a true rip of person nice when he refuses to give ya your money and seeds back witch ever you are intilted to.
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    Amsterdam marijuana seed co. Without fail i recieve them in 9 days. Very discreet. Kind of expensive. 100% germ rate.
  12. helpman

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    :doublethumbs:I went with bonza got some freebies to this months special is great.:doublethumbs:
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    I've ordered through the attitude usually, but had lots of problems on my last order processing payment so not trying them again.
  14. EvilCartman

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    The 'Bay and 'Boutique are now doing bank transfers via Western Union. (just noticed a couple weeks ago)
    They were a bit of a pain in the ass to deal with before, payment-wise. Now it's a breeze to go through them.

    WU transfers was one of the things I loved about dealing with Mr. Nice. Quick and easy... :doublethumbs:
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    Gorilla , Herbies , and HempDepot.Never a problem!:doublethumbs:
  16. cannabis-seeds

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    thanks for the kind words about Gorilla.
  17. matt kitski

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    Received my orders from Provision no problem.

    This man is a liar.

    Has been banned on multiple forums for spam and threats. Good luck!
  18. pyeyed1

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    Sea of seeds werkd fer pye...
    half way round the world.. seven days..
    there were a few... free seeds of which had the rite genetics..
    happy that...
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    I've bought from the Attitude with no problems. The last time I went with Herbie's and the seeds got lost. Waited the requested time and contacted them, 5 days later I had the order that was reshipped! Way to go Herbie's! I'll definitely be ordering again.
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    Ok, I just placed an order from Buy Dutch Seeds today. Anyone ordered from them?

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