Seed Banks, Good and Bad

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Shovelhandle, May 14, 2008.

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    I dunno. The only seed bank I've heard much about is Herbie's Seeds. Reviews are mixed. Technically, Herbie's Seeds is a clearing house or middle man for other seed banks. The mixed reviews mostly concern the germination rate of Herbie's Seeds. Best to get lower cost seeds and just try and germinate 2 or 3 times your intended number of plants.

    One thing I've read about, although it's one person's opinion, it's best to get marijuana seeds in the fall, after harvest, then let the seeds sit around for a few months. Like maybe put them in the garage. Letting them sit though winter might help them germinate better, since it would somewhat follow nature, in that seeds would normally drop in the fall, then sit around for several months of winter and then germinate when the soil got warm enough in the spring.
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    That's called stratifying, and some types of plants actually won't germinate at all unless you chill them for over a month in the fridge or something similar. Marijuana isn't one of them to my knowledge but it doesn't mean that method wouldn't help or at the very least not change anything.
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    Got my seeds from Buy Dutch Seeds in about 10 days. Not bad at all for my first time. Packaging was stellar.
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    I would prefer to drive or fly to Denver or Boulder, Colorado and go to a seed store in person. But if ordering online, SeedsHereNow is in Washington is amazing!!
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    If you are USA and looking to avoid the "Customs induced worry", do a search for Cannabis Great Lakes. All USA and legit as it gets. Killer freebies on Bodhi gear, too.
    Limited selection of mainly US breeders.

    The BEST source for Bodhi gear, imnsho. :cool: HA, anybody that names a seed "More Cowbell" is my hero. :doublethumbs:
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