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Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by NEWMEXICO420, Mar 18, 2010.


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    Hello CO!

    I Was Wondeing If Anyone knows of a good seed bank to order from? I heard that the uk seed banks are good too anyone know?

    Thank you CO!
  2. davo420

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  3. ThaiBuddhaMan

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    I also recommend Attitude. Always ship fast. Always receive product (but I also pay for stealth shipping). Price are reasonable. They seem to always have some nice freebies too!
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    Never heard much complaints about Mr. Nice Seeds, good prices and genetics, and they should be restocking their collection soon, could be worth the wait. (although this has been said for a while now, seems to keep getting pushed back) He sells through as well as the Attitude, Seedbay, Seed Boutique, and others.

    Whatever you decide on, do your research before you buy. Even if no one on this site has grown those seeds, there is probably someone out there who has.
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    Hemp Depot in Canada!

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