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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by OldStoner, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. OldStoner

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    Sometimes the pot I get has a lot of white seeds.
    Does the color of the seeds indicate if the product was
    Harvested too soon? :

  2. phytokind

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    Different strains have different colored seeds. I think that seed size is probably a better indication of seed maturity, the bigger the seed the more mature I do believe, since it has had longer to grow.
  3. the image reaper

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    seed size means nothing ... some strains have tiny seeds (some awesome Columbian Gold I had in the 70's had real tiny seeds), others are large ... you go by the coloration to determine viability ... white and pale seeds are immature, and no good ... good seeds will be dark-green, to dark-brown, and may or may not, have spots or stripes ... IF you can squeeze the seed between your fingers, and it crushes, no loss ... it was no good, anyway ... soak your seeds overnite in tepid water, with a couple drops of bleach, to prevent fungus from getting a start ... the 'floaters' should absorb water after a few hours, and sink to the bottom ... if they still float, they're no good ... after the initial soaking, do your germination process ... I use the old-fashioned 'wet paper towel in the opened Baggie' style ... :smokin:
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  4. stinkyattic

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    White or greenish seeds aren't ripe.
    You can get unripe seeds in ripe bud if there was a hermie late in the crop.
    On the flip side, you can get big, fully-ripe seeds in unripe bud if the pollination occurred very early in flowering.

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