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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by newgroweroldsmoker, Mar 4, 2005.

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    yesterday i paid my usual visit at my secret garden....all my ladies look good....i was looking at them, was checking how their buds have started forming....(day 19 today into 12/12) i said times over again, i had 4 big ones and 4 small ones....all females....BUT...i said, HAD.....i discovered that one of the small ones (i refer to a lady as a small one, the one which is about a ft tall with underdeveloped branches and with the possibility to get one bud to the only one top that exists) had started developing some strange balls close to the area where the female pistils be honest i panicked....did not know what to do....i thought i was a hermie or something.....i checked the rest of the ladies but could not find anything similar within the rest of them.....i paid a visit to the chatroom over here and the end the bottom line was that the balls i found are seed pods....i cut it down....did i do good?
    i did not want to take any chances in case it was a hermie and pollinate the rest of the garden.....what was the cause that made my small lady produce seed pods? why the rest do not show any signs of them? should i worry?
    i am really anxious to see the two-three days max i will post the pics of them as i will have completed week 3 of flowering.....the new lighting unit i put inside the garden seems to be doing miracles.....when the lights go on i see a white colour from the HPS grolux and an orange one from the HPS for 800watt for space 6x3.....enough?

    thanx ppl for your help and advice!
  2. anyhandle

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    can always have more light,but sounds sufficient, to me sounds the plant in question sounds like a hermie, i would have done the same
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    uh.... isn't the bud the seed pod? it only turns to seed once it's pollenated.. :\ probably didn't need to cut her down.. but on the other hand.. if you can't tell. don't chance it... if they were BALLS and there was more than one.. than ya.. i would've done the same
  4. newgroweroldsmoker

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    well that's the strange thing......i would expect to find a hermie or something.....nothing found yet, unless, these two plants were from seeds that were produced by hermies....anyway no other seed pods were found in my garden.....for the record, i found them right next to the bud plant was cut off by root and on the other one i just removed all the seed pods.....i got a's actually budding now with the rest of the team and doing good actually..... :)
  5. Zandor

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    those were seeds sacks, you were right to cut it down.


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