Seed vs Clone (Potency & Yield)

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by alwayssleepdeprived, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. alwayssleepdeprived

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    The 2 basic questions are...

    Do seeds or clones produce the same potency or is one generally more potent than the other?

    Do seeds or clones produce the same yield or does one generally result in more than the other?

    I've read several claims on this site that one is better than the other although no rea facts were offered in support of these claims...

    I've read several things for example...seeds offer more yield and potency but take longer...clones are weaker after each generation...clones stay the same potency for many many generations...clones veg quicker

    The one thing that seems to make sense is that clones would take less time cause there is no germination...

    If someone can answer this definitively I'd really appreciate it :thumbsup:
  2. Lamperus

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    Well, clones eventually go evil and kill you ...
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  3. alwayssleepdeprived

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    Interesting take on the clones lamperus I'll keep that in mind

    Anyone else?
  4. socialistpete

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    I cloned the same plants for 2 years. When you clone off of a plant make sure to mark the plant and the clone it came from this way when you have flowered you will know what your best plants are and then only keep those clones. I had to chill for awhile and I'm actully growing from seed now and I hate it. It does take much longer, and a seedling is more fragile than a clone in my experience.
  5. Tokudai

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    I'll give it a shot, though I'm no pro

  6. Primus

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    Maybe it's just cause I'm toasted, but I found this comment really funny.
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  7. alwayssleepdeprived

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    I laughed my ass off and I'm sober but I just really wanted an answer cause I've heard from some people that clones are weak and all that...

    Thanks for the laugh lamp

    And thanks pete and tokudai for the information on the was very helpfull...I currently have a clone of a plant that I know to be female it's the best of the bunch so I'm planning on making that clone a mother for more clones and seeing how a grow will work with the same plants cause they should get taller at about the same rate and like the same nutes etc....diff seeds probably like all different stuff cause well different people have different needs too

    I was thinking most of the same stuff on the debate I just wanted to hear some other people say it...I'm definately gonna keep females to clone from and only start new seeds to introduce new strains etc...

    Thanks for clearing that up guys it's great to know this tough little plant can withstand bein duplicated indefinately especially if you get a great genetics like node spacing stem thickness etc I have one now that looks like a female but it falls under it's own weight so it's not really worth growing again in my opinion when the other female has 7 skyward pointing colas naturally...
  8. Weedhound

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    I've never heard that one produces more or better yield etc than the other...I have heard that seeds tend to be more hardy when young than clones but I've never done the cloning thing so can't really say. :)
  9. stinkyattic

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    Tokudai's post is excellent info and I would like to add one thing, which is that in the case of a from-seed plant, and this is very noticeable in F1 hybrids, you will see unusually vigorous growth.
    I have heard it suggested that the most desirable mother plants are actually from-seed plants, but no one has yet given me a solid reason why that is the case; I mean, yeah, if you clone a mother shoddily and stress her, it's not good, but an experienced grower shouldnb't have that problem... hmm...

    Weedhound- hey you just hit 1000 posts, cool! Once clones are rooted, they are just as hardy as a seedling with the same mass of roots... but before they get roots, yeah, they are pretty delicate.
  10. Lamperus

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    Stinky's generally the one to ask about ...

    ... ...anything. Damn Stinky, you're intelligent.
  11. alwayssleepdeprived

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    thanks for the updates guys...of all the seeds I started only 3 are left...1 is def a girl and the other 2 are iffy...the 1 girl is very fast growing and looks nice just have to see about yield...1 of the other 2 is short and stout with really tight node spacing so I'm prayin it's a would be great to get 2 successful mothers goin...this way I could work on introducing a new plant or 2 into the clone mix each cycle just keep the top 2 fems and replace out as contenders show promise
  12. StickyFingas

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    seeds Vs Clones - - - - Yield
    Hi Guys, from my experience this is what i have come across.
    A plant grown from seed and thereafter cloned = both clone and mother plant being exactly the same yielding the same quantities if grown the same. If a clone is then taken of the first clone the yield still remains the same but potency is then lost. The first clone we took was a 1st Gen Clone off a 1st gen mother, the 2nd clone was taken from the original first clone thus making the 2nd clone a 2nd Gen clone. If you have a mother from seed and the yields and potency are to standard, then i would say that is a good first gen mother and if you only take clones off this mother and NOT from clone to clone are then 100% Guaranteed the exact same bud every time.

    NB!! Use C02....its the mother of all foods
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