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    I rarely look at, mainly due to the hopelessness of searching that sort of everything-but-the-kitchen-sink type of database. I would think for anybody doing serious research, it's pretty useful.

    That being said, one thing I do find useful is the total number of strains it has on hand to look up. It's over 12,900 now. If I recall, It's nearly double of what it was a few years ago.

    They list variations of strains, so common strains like cheese or hash plant, etc. will have many strains listed, with the company listed.

    For example:
    Hash Plant (Sensi seeds)
    Hash Plant (Crop King Seeds)

    This post is more about the speed in which new strains are hitting the market. Which is pretty amazing.

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    I just noticed something: When looking up specific seeds, some have a section for "User-Generated Strain-Profile" which is very useful if you wanting to know how well it grows inside or outside.

    Some strains are best grown inside, some outside, and some will do well either way.
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    Neat site. Love looking at all the crosses but yeah, anything crossed with x y or z and kicks ass gets it's own strain name. I think we need MORE! :S5:

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