Seedling development issue (maybe)

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by bosgrower, Feb 17, 2017.

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    Hi all. First grow ... Dinafem Blue Widow

    They list this as a slow starter and I have to agree ... but that's not the problem.

    Soil 3 parts FF Happy Frog 1 part Coast of Maine Stonigton Blend
    Ph'd (more about that later) RO water with 1/4 tsp/gal seaweed extract to 6.8
    Original Lights ... 4 100w 6500K cfl and 1 60w 2700K led bulbs (basic home depot bulbs) with the lens removed and maintained a 24/0 schedule. 38% humidity and ( I thought) 73 degrees)
    Around day 8 went to 2 90w 5000K floods (removed the lenses) and 2 6500K cfls

    Seeds went into a glass of RO water with sea weed extract 12/30 ... all 5 seeds germinated fine

    Day 02 Seeds.jpg

    put them in soil and they sprouted

    Day 04HeadsUp.jpg Day 06a.jpg Day 08a.jpg

    Then I noticed the leaves starting to turn down a bit

    Day 14a.jpg Day 15a.jpg Day 15c.jpg

    I've been letting the soil dry pretty well between waterings, and with the low ambient humidity in the room and the composition of the soil they dry out pretty quickly. After checking for things that might be causing it, I found they wee getting too close to the lights and the ph in the RO water jug had dropped to 4.8.

    2/16 I moved the seedlings to a new space under a 4 COB cxb3590 4000K fixture (no reflectors or lenses) @ 1400ma with a dimmer at about 60% 14" above them and changed the schedule to 20/4. I flushed them with ph 7 water to attempt to equalize the ph problem and now I'm letting them dry out again before watering with ph 6.5 RO water with the seaweed extract.

    Here are some pictures of what they look like this morning 2/17.

    Day 17a.jpg Day 17b.jpg Day 17c.jpg

    Am I just being a nervous nellie or is there something else I should be considering? Present environment is 38% humidity @ 72 degrees when the lights are on and 66 degrees when they're off.

    If it looks like this is due to the ph problem, would is make sense to repot now to 1 gal air pots instead of waiting for roots to show?

    Like a said, this is my first grow and for all I know the plants are perfectly healthy and I'm overthinking the whole thing. I just wish the horticulture piece of this equation was as easy as building the technology!!

    Thanks in advance for anything you can suggest
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    Welcome to the forum, Bosgrower.:)

    Just for clarity here...... how old are these plants?
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    Nervous Nellie? No.
    Helicopter parent? Big time! :D

    No judging, we all did it. :)

    Those look just fine.
    They are squat because the lights are too close, but that's not a bad thing.

    I would not up them to 1 gallon pots.
    It's not a good idea to transplant to anything bigger than twice the present volume if you want a solid root ball.
    And trust me, you do!

    I would also not wait to see roots.
    Just gently pop one out and look at it.
    Done right, they do not notice.
    Sometimes the roots circle without exiting.

    Generally, when they are as tall as your container is deep, and the crown is as wide as the soil surface they are ready for bigger shoes.

    You are off to a great start. Try not to love them to death. :)

    Wee 'zard
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    Cannabis plants grow like a weed. (that's why they call it Weed) :D

    You'll be fine.
    Just let them do their thing while you control the light, water and nutes with a touch of TLC.
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  5. bosgrower

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    Thanks everyone. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. There are lots of discussions about curling leaves but no pictures of ailing seedlings, only much more developed plants. Like I said ... the DIY stuff for lights and controls is easyier.

    As for the lights, are there any guidelines for how much light they should get and how to tell if it's too strong or too weak?
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  6. Weezard

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    Generally, yes.
    If they look spindly, and stretched, they need more light.
    If they look short n squat with thick leaves they could use less
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