seedling stopped growing under cfl

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by gravila, Jul 8, 2010.

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    i planted 1 seed out of a 5 pack i got from nirvana.

    germination went great, and popped the soil about 2 days ago.

    it had an issue opening up because part of the husk was holding the "mouth"(sorry dont know what else to call it. im a noob lol) shut. i removed it with a clean pair of tweezers and it opened up very well.

    now the first set of true leaves started coming in but for the past day and a half havent havent grown at all.

    Could it be that the plant is trying to establish a solid root system before any futher growth?

    BTW i planted the seeds in Fafards seedling and clone starter mix and once it breaks ground i put it under a 26w CFL along with a 30w cfl with a "Y" socket adapter at night and during the day i take it outside where it gets plenty of sunshine.

    any help is greatly appreciated. I want to get my other seeds started soon and figured i would experiment with the first....good thing i did
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  2. Horsemanrocks

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    Most likely

    Could it be that the plant is trying to establish a solid root system before any futher growth?

    Most likely didn't mention what size pot. I subscribe to the graduated pot idea. Starting in say a 3" pot and then repotting up as necessary. Some of the guys who plant in the final pot size wait even longer for the roots establish a base to grow from.

    I hope to have been of help,
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    Pick a growspot, and leave it there. Mixing the sunlight and CFL light can stress a plant, and you risk bringing-in roaches, spiders, mites, ants...and introducing assorted plant bacteria, molds and viruses into your home. Proper CFL's work fine on their own.

    Scuffing the seed with fine sandpaper along the seeds suture (seam) helps with stubborn seeds. Just a light scuffing, not a heavy sanding. Helps the water find an entry point, swelling the embryo and starting the germination process.

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